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[Report]Around 200 million Workers Would Choose Windows 8 as their Next Tablet!

Microsoft launched the Windows 8 platform eyeing the Tablet market which is currently lead by apple iPad and though its still early days to talk about the impact of Windows 8 tablets in the worldwide market share,but according to some new reports from Forrester Windows 8 tablet future looks bright.

According to their latest reports,over 32% of their surveyed workers favoured Windows 8 as their next Tablet operating system choice as compared to 26% who chose iPad as their next tablet,with around 12% choosing the third alternative Android tablets as their choice.

Only thing which could question the legitimacy of this report is the number of workers polled for this survey.In this survey Forrester polled around 9766 workers,so to project these numbers to a larger scale like a country or even bigger population is always a factor to be taken into consideration.So with these less numbers we can’t predict that around 200million people would go on to buy the Windows 8 tablet.

If this is really a trend in the Workers then we would see it reflect upon the upcoming Surface Pro devices which are slated for launch in a couple of days time.


Windows 8 Market Share Grows up to 2.26% as Windows 7 Slips for the First Time!

Its been over 3 months since the official Launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT platform and thou we don’t have any official word on No. Of devices sold,what we do know it is doing exceedingly well with the licenses selling.

Last time we checked Windows 8 had already over 60 million licenses sold in a little over 2 months of time.Now as per the NetApplications MarketShare numbers,Windows 8 has now 2.26% marketshare just behind the latest version of Mac OSX operating system (10.8) which is at 2.44% of worldwide marketshare.

Last month we saw the drop in Windows XP operating system while Windows 7 was still the number 1 operating system with continuous growth ever since its launch.But for last months trends the Windows 7 dropped to 44.48% from 45.11% but still leads the marketshare.The second spot still held by Windows XP with 39.51%(39.08% last month),while the Windows Vista continues to see a drop which is down to 5.24% marketshare which was around 5.67% last month.

Overall Windows Operating System still leads the Worldwide PC marketshare with over 91% of PCs still running Windows operating systems.
Ever since its launch Windows 7 has been gaining the marketshare,but this was for the first time that we saw a drop in the marketshare,so it might be an indication that Wndows 7 has reached its peak value and that we will soon see Windows 8 on the number one spot with array of devices slated for launch,but its still early days.


[Rumor]Surface Pro to be Launched on 29th January?

Microsoft launched the Surface RT devices along with the Windows 8 Public Launch on 26th October last year.There were initial distribution issues and shipping delays for the Surface RT’s ,but after the change in distribution strategy by the software giant helped the tablet to extend its reach.

The big brother of Surface RT i.e the Surface Pro powered by Intel based processor running Wndows 8 Pro version of the operating system was announced with $899 starting price in late November,but there was no announcement about a specific release date of Surface Pro.

But now according to recent reports by Softpedia the tablet would eventually launch on 29th of January,if their source close to redmond campus is to be believed.

The Surface Pro would be available in 2 versions,cheaper one with 64GB of SSD would cost $899,while the highesr end version would cost $999 with 128GB of SSD storage.Both the versions do not include the Touch/Type Cover,so those who want to buy a keyboard for the Surface Pro would have to buy the Tuch/Type Cover separately (around $120).

Though there is no official announcement about the release date,we can expect that to be announced in coming days ,as we already knew that it would be coming in the month of January.

Rumors Suggest that Windows Blue Could Bring Smaller Windows Tablets in Picture

Things are heating up with the rumors floating around Windows Blue which is supposedly the next Windows update after Windows 8.

Latest one was spotted in a big article  from TheVerge which talks about  dropping the Windows Brandname spotted earlier by Neowin.The article suggests that Windows Blue would be optimized to run on a smaller form factor tablets which would add 7 and 8 inch Windows tablets in picture and that would eventually mean that the hardware partners are readying themselves for the same.

All the existing Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices are of 10 inch or above screen size and if this is true then we would see a wide range of Windows tablets (Surface 7″ anyone!)with smaller screens and cheaper alternatives to their bigger brothers and would give a tough competition to the likes of Nexus 7 and the new iPad Mini.


Dropbox Modern UI Windows 8 app Ready for Release

Dropbox is one of the most popular File hosting service,cloud storage and other features.Tough there is a desktop app for Dropbox for Windows which can be used in the desktop mode of Windows 8,the Modern UI app was missing from the Windows Store.

Now the wait is over!As reported earlier by TNW,Dropbox is all set for the Windows 8 Modern UI app release and has submitted the app for review.We can expect it to release this weekend or early next week on the Windows Store after the approval process.

This app will work with both Wndows 8 and Windows RT platforms For their Photo,file and other storage features.So that users with their Windows RT based tablets like Microsoft Surface RT and other Windows RT offerings can use Dropbox on their devices.



Add the Good O’l Widgets to Your Windows 8 Lock Screen with TuneUp IncrediLock

Windows 8 was launched almost a month ago with many innovative and new features like The Start Screen,Modern UI apps,Windows Store etc.

But one of the features which was missing from the list was the Windows  Desktop widgets and Just days after the public release we have an app which not only boosts your Wallpaper library with hundreads of beautiful wallpapers,but it also adds the aility to add up Widgets to your Lock Screen.

Currently there is a Sticky Note widget available for lock screen with weather,picture frames and many more widgets to be added soon via updates.Moreover the app is available absolutely free of cost over Windows Store!

So if you miss those Desktop widgets days for your Windows 7 or Vista you can head over to the store and download the app.The app works fine for both Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices.


Download Now[TuneUp IncrediLock], via [Microsoft-News]

Lenovo announces ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Notebook Running Windows 8

Lenovo who is one of the prime hardware partners for Windows 8 hardware has already launched a few devices for Windows 8 launch.

Image Credits [Lenovo]

Recently Lenovo announced yet another Windows 8 device which would join its family of devices.The ThinkPad X1 Carbon will be a touch based notebook.The notebook would feature an HD+ display(supposedly 1600×900) with as many as 10 finger multitouch input.The keyboards touchpad will have support for Windows 8 gestures and it would be made of Carbon-Fiber.Apart from these details no other details have been revealed.

The device is slated for release next month,so in coming days we can expect the detailed specification and pricing details for this touch based notebook from Lenovo.The pricing of its non touch version counterpart is around $1,124, so the addition of touch support would eventually make it an high end affair.

Source[Lenovo],Via [Neowin]

Rogue AntiVirus Program For Windows 8 Spreads Over the Web!

Windows 8 is less than a week old,but we already have reports of a Rogue Anti Virus Program(Malware) for Windows 8 Operating System.

As reported earlier by TNW,security software  maker Trend Micro has detected a Fake AntiVirus program with the name TROJ_FAKEAV.EHM.

This malware is encountered when users visit a malicious site ,it displays a fake scanning result and encourage them to purchase the fake antivirus program,this program is packaged as a security program made for Windows 8. Trend Micro also detected another threat to Windows 8 ,a phishing email which pretends to give the users a free download of Windows 8 operating system,but the users end up giving his personal information to the site. So next time you encounter such program over a website or an email in your inbox be alert!

Source:[Trend Micro]

Acer Will Not Release Windows RT Tablets Until Q2 2013

Acer is one of the hardware partners of Microsoft with their Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system.But ever since the Surface announcement from Microsoft and their entry in the hardware business Acer is unhappy about the Software giants entry in the hardware market.

Surface RT was launched last week along with the public release of Windows 8 and Windows RT  and the tablet has had a mix bag as far as the reviews are concerned and because of that Acer is still reluctant about releasing their Windows RT based devices.

In an interview with  ReutersAcer’s President Jim Wong said,

“Originally we had a very aggressive plan to come out very early next year but because of Surface, our R&D development doesn’t stop, but we are much more cautious,” he further added, “Originally our plan was Q1, but now I don’t think it will be earlier than Q2″.

So basicallly Acer’s playing the waiting game and wants to observe how the Surface RT fares at the market and then decide about their own Windows RT tablet plans accordingly.So if you are waiting for a Windows RT device from Acer you miht have to wait a few months more before they decide to launch their RT products.

Acer has already announced the iconia w510 and W700 Windows 8 based tablets,with the w510 being the cheapest Windows 8 tablet priced at $499.


Windows Store Crosses 5000+ Apps !

As we inch closer to the Windows 8 Public Release,the Windows Store is also growing at an alarming rate.

A couple of weeks ago we reported that the Windows Store has crossed 3600 apps and we also speculated that the app count could hit 5000 apps before the public release.As reported earlier by WinAppUpdate on their twitter page the store has already crossed 5000 apps,with current app count of 5,562 apps(Modern UI based apps),of which 87% apps are free.

From the total number of apps on the store 94% of the x86/x64 apps are compatible with Windows RT platform.So it’s definitely an indication that developers are serious not just about Windows 8 but also about the Windows RT platform.

With this rate we can now expect around 7,000 apps by the launch which is almost a week from now on October 26th,when we will see the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT along with the launch of Surface RT tablets and the Wndows8 and RT based tablets from various manufacturers like Dell,Lenovo,Acer,Asus,Samsung.