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Windows Store Crosses 60,000 Apps !

Windows Store Crosses 60,000 Apps !

Last month we reported that Windows Store has crossed 50,000 apps over the store for Windows 8 and Windows RT Platform.Less than a month after that the store has crossed another 10,000 apps.

Windows Store crosses 60,000 apps

According to the latest stats from MetrostoreScanner,the Windows 8 and Windows RT store now accounts for 61,313 apps for the new emerging platform from Microsoft.The United States regional Windows Store now accounts for 42,084 apps in their regional store while the China regional Windows Store has 40,102 apps in the store.

If we take a look at the Store apps category wise the Entertainment category still leads with over 8200 apps closely followed by Books and Reference category with over 8,000 apps and Games category with over 7,800 apps in the Windows Store.

Microsoft recently had opened up a lot of initiatives for the developers and for enthusiasts to help them bring their apps to the store with programs like Ideapress which converts the WordPress blog into a full fledged Windows Store app.

With Windows Blue rumors floating around the web and some reports suggesting that the company is planning to unify both Phone and PC Operating Systems,we can expect a flood of apps making their way to both the Windows Phone and Windows Store platform in coming months.



Turn your WordPress Blog into a Windows 8 App!

If you are one of the million bloggers who use WordPress platform (like we do) for blogging and thinking about creating an app for your blog,Microsoft and IdeaNotion might just got what you were looking for!

IdeaNotion has released a tool named IdeaPress which converts the content of a WordPress blog to a full blown Windows 8 based app which can be published over the Windows Store and if you are among the first 200 people to register for this program,you would get a 50$ visa gift card from IdeaNotion as a reimbursement for publishing app over the Windows Store using the developer account.

ideapress for windows 8 apps

All you have to do is publish an app using the IdeaPress tool or a template on Github which allows you to quickly turn your WordPress blog into a Windows 8 app.You can send an Email to mwnwcan@microsoft.com with your blog URL to secure your Visa Gift Card.

This is a smart move by Microsoft,which will encourage the blogger community to create an app for their WordPress blog,which will in turn allow the Windows Store to grow big.So we can expect a flood of Blog based apps over the Windows Store in near future.

Source[Technet Canadian Team Blog]

jQuery Adds Support for Windows 8 Apps!

jQuery Adds Support for Windows 8 Apps!

As reported earlier on the Microsoft’s Interoperability Blog, popular open source JavaScript web framework jQuery is going to add support for Windows 8 apps with launch of their jQuery 2.0 release,courtesy the recent contribution from appendTo with technical support from Microsoft’s Open Source Technology department.

jQuery adds support for Windows 8 apps

Dave Methvin, president, jQuery Foundation said,

“The jQuery team is excited about the new environments where jQuery 2.0 can be used. HTML and JavaScript developers want to take their jQuery knowledge with them to streamline the development process wherever they work. jQuery 2.0 gives them the ability to do that in Windows 8 Store applications. We appreciate the help from appendTo for both its patches and testing of jQuery 2.0 and MS Open Tech for its technical support.”

This is indeed a great news for the developers who have been developing apps on the JavaScript platform,allowing them to introduce some new JavaScript based apps for the Windows Store based Windows 8/RT applications.Here’s hoping for  some great jQuery and HTML5 based apps over the Windows Store in near future.

Source[Interoperability Blog]

Updates for Windows 8 Mail,Calendar and People app now Available

As promised earlier,Microsoft has released major updates for their core Windows 8 apps like Windows 8 Mail app,Calendar app and the People App.

Windows 8 core apps update available

So users can now update their Mail,Calender,People and Messaging app via the Windows Store app’s Updates option.These updates are available for Windows 8 as well as Windows RT platform users.The updates brings lots of new features for the apps.Mainly for the Mail app.

The app now adds the Flagging feature to the Mail app,so now users can Flag the important mails,also the app now allows users to modify(create,delete and rename) the Email folders right through the app.The Messaging app now allow users to directly  post messages to their Friends Facebook Wall.The calendar app is now visually improved to allow easy reading with solid blocks gone and the colors are now reflected in a small bar on the left of each appointment.

So head over to the Windows Store and update the Mail Calendar,People and Messaging app to enjoy the latest features and improvements on your Windows 8 and Windows RT device.

Windows Store Crosses 50,000 Apps

It’s been a while since we last updated the Windows Store Statistics for the number of apps available for Windows 8 and Windows RT Platform.Last time we reported almost two months ago when the Windows Store crossed 40,000 apps mark.
windows store crosses 50,000 apps


Now as per the apps tracking site for Windows Store,MetroStore Scanner,the Windows Store has crossed 50,000 apps in the store (current count being 50304)with close to 35000 apps in the regional store of china which if followed by United Stares store which has almost similar number of apps in the store.

The store was growing at an astounding rate right from the launch of the Windows 8/RT last year,but over the past 2 months the growth rate has fallen considerably with the next 10,000 apps taking almost two months of time to be added to the store.Also there are many apps missing from the store.So it remains to be seen if the developers show interest in the platform in coming future or not.


Microsoft Hiring Developers for Unifying Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT Stores?

We all know that Windows Phone 8 and the latest Windows 8 operating system works on the same kernel(NT Kernel) and it was obvious that it was there for the future scope for seamless porting of apps from one platform to the other.

unified ecosystem

As reported earlier by WMPowerUser,it seems that Microsoft is already moving forward with the idea of Unifying Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store.A recent Job post on the Microsoft Careers site hinted at a position(which is now been filled) which goes like,

“Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa?”

So if this is what the Software Giant is planing to do,it would be good for the future of Windows Phone 8 Store and the Windows Store due to the two way compatibility(Windows 8 to Windows Phone and vice versa) and would definitely attract more and more developers to the unified ecosystem of Windows.

Source[Microsoft Careers],Via[WMPU]

Windows Store Crosses 40,000 Apps Mark

It’s been a while since we last updated the Windows Store app count,last time we checked it had over 35,000 apps almost a month ago and we expected that to exceed 50,000 apps by the month end.

But it seems that the app submission has slowed down a bit.According to MetroStore Scanner site which tracks the Windows Store apps stats currently Windows Store has 40,158 apps.So within a span of 30 days the store has managed to add just over 5000 apps to its kitty which is on a lower side if we compare it with the kind of start it had.
Currently there are Over 28,000 apps in the China Windows Store region while the United States Windows Store regional apps count is just over 26,000 apps.Though there seems to be a drop in the number of apps for the month we can expect better number by the next month end eying the launch of the Surface Pro tablet which is slated for February 9 launch.

Source[MetroStore Scanner]

Windows Store Crosses 35,000 Apps Mark

A few days ago we reported that the Windows Store crossed 30,000 apps.

Now as reported by MetroStoreScanner site,which tracks the apps over Windows Store,the Store crossed 35,000 apps worldwide,inching closer to the 50,000 apps mark.

With the US Store having over 22,000 apps in their region,while the China store still leads with over 24,000 apps in their region for Windows Store.

The Store is growing rapidly with quantity as well as quality apps coming to the platform.Of the 35,000 apps almost over 95% apps are ARM compatible and all of them compatible with x86 and 64x platform(Intel based processors).
As we predicted,with this rate we can expect the 50,000 apps mark by the end of January or even before that,as the apps approval process gets faster after the holiday season.


Windows Store Crosses 30,000 Apps mark

It was almost a couple of weeks ago that we reported about the windows store crossing 25,000 apps.

Now according to the third Party site Metro Store Scanner which scans all the apps from the Windows Store,tHe store has crossed 30,000 apps mark,with currently 31,717 apps in the Windows Store as of Monday 17th December.

If we categorise the apps,there are as many as 30,945 apps supported by Windows RT platform which is almost over 90% of the Store apps.Talking about the reginal app count,the China Store still leads with over 21,000 apps with the close second United States featuring close to 20,000 apps in their Windows Store.

With this rate we can expect the store to reach the 50,000 apps mark by the end of January or even earlier than that,as we inch closer to the Surface Pro launch.
Source[MetroStore Scanner]

Dropbox Modern UI Windows 8 app Ready for Release

Dropbox is one of the most popular File hosting service,cloud storage and other features.Tough there is a desktop app for Dropbox for Windows which can be used in the desktop mode of Windows 8,the Modern UI app was missing from the Windows Store.

Now the wait is over!As reported earlier by TNW,Dropbox is all set for the Windows 8 Modern UI app release and has submitted the app for review.We can expect it to release this weekend or early next week on the Windows Store after the approval process.

This app will work with both Wndows 8 and Windows RT platforms For their Photo,file and other storage features.So that users with their Windows RT based tablets like Microsoft Surface RT and other Windows RT offerings can use Dropbox on their devices.