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Mango Rolling out as Early as Tomorrow

Well we already reported about the official Mango date announcement by Microsoft that the Windows Phone 7.5 update will be rolling out “in a week or two” so it was about time for the carriers to respond to this announcement.

As we speak some of the carriers like AT&T and Verizon readying up for the Mango rollout on  the 27th September for Mango on their network,but who’s going to be the first one?Well Deutsche Telekom might well be the first one to rollout Mango as early as 26th September that is tomorrow.The Rollout will start off with the Mango update on the HTC based Windows Phones.

Windows Phone Mango(WP 7.5) is the first major Windows Phone update after the phone release,bringing 500+ features to Windows Phone,including 3rd party multitasking,Internet Explorer 9 with HTML5 support,Front Facing Camera support,Twitter people hub integration,a new Revamped Xbox Live services and lots of other stuff making way to the Windows Phone Platform with an ever growing Marketplace with over 30,000 apps.



Microsoft to bring in Modular phones in near future

Image Credits[Microsoft]

Will it be cool  if you were able to get rid of or swap some of the components of your smartphones? Well this could all be true with the realization of  Microsoft’s new patent labeled “Mobile Communication Device Having Multiple, Interchangeable Second Devices” which will allow you to customize your device by swapping interchangeable parts as per your needs.

The patent, filed back in March 2010 but published this week by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, describes a future phone that would have a detachable slider. Such a phone could have a feature that would allow it to accept one of several different accessories. Microsoft suggests that those secondary parts could include a battery, a virtual keyboard, one or more game controllers and one or more devices that can operate as mobile phone handsets. The first device can remotely communicate with more than one  device simultaneously.

Microsoft offers some other alternatives for future smartphone designs. One of them could allow for two displays to connect two separate devices. The separate devices can be attached and the two displays can be used as an integrated display or the devices can be detached and the devices can communicate remotely with each other.

However, Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to release a mobile device of their own, and so we expect they will use their new patent to lure OEM’s such as HTC to create such Windows Phone handsets.


Windows 8 Faster Boot Speed than Windows Phone 7

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 both are the hot topics these days as far as the Enthusiasts goes and we are seeing many leaks floating around the web for the new builds of Windows 8 every now and then.

Windows Phone 7 too is almost ready with the major update release of mango,so this is about time for yet another video of Windows 8.This time around it comes from a fellow MVP Manan Kakkar.Manan Demonstrated simple Booting video of  his Windows Phone 7 i.e The Samsung Focus (running on the Mango Beta Build) which he compared it with the Windows  8 and shockingly Windows 8 booted faster than the Windows Phone 7 OS on the Focus.

Checkout the Video:


Nsquared shows of WP7+Surface2.0+Windows 7 Tablet+Kinect+Wall Seamless Integration

NSquared who is a big name in User Experience industry.This time around they have created an application for integrating various Microsoft devices to work with seamless integration with each other.So this application integrates Windows Phone7 ,Windows 7 Based Tablet ,Surface 2.0 and the Kinect unit to work together which is of great use for the architects for showing up the 3D structure.

See the video in action :-

Walshed Phone Support Tool Released

A while ago we reported about a tool is in the works for bringing back the "Walshed" Windows Phones to  life(that is bring the phones back to the official update  path) so that the users who have used the Chevron Updater tool to force the NoDo update can bring their devices back on track.

Thankfully,the guy himself  Chris Walsh of Chevron Team is back with a fix to the Walshed Phones.So using this Walshed Phone Support Tool one can successfully revive his/her Windows Phone 7.The tool has been approved officially from Brandon Watson himself and readily available over Walshie’s Blog.

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Microsoft to Preview “Mango” in an VIP Event on 24th May

There were a lot of leaks floating around the web for the next big release of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 update codenamed Mango.Some of the leaked features like Beta/Private Marketplace Application Access,Windows Live Messenger Integration,Bing Video and Audio Search coming to the Mango update.

Image Credits[ZDNet]

So by 24th May some of the lucky VIP’s who’ve already got the Invites for an Exclusive event to be held by Microsoft for showcasing the Mango Update will get to know officially about what’s coming to the Mango update which is expected to be released by the holiday season of 2011.The event will be held in New York and London on 24th May 2011,3PM onwards.

For the Developers, well they might get  to see the  Free Mango Developer Tools in the Event or at least some official word on  the same.We might get to see some more features coming our way.We are keeping the Fingers Crossed .Mark the Date and Time,it’s May 24th 3PM.

Source: ZDNet



Windows Phone marketplace crosses 15,000 apps

The astounding growth for the Windows Phone Marketplace is still continuing this month,just like the last month.More and more developers migrating to the Windows Phone platform ,which is a good sign for the future of the Microsoft’s counterpart of the App Store and the Android market the other two biggies in the business.

Just under 6 months in to the game with their new phone platform and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has now reached yet another milestone with 15,000 apps (currently 15,009 apps according to WP7applist) with a great pace with almost over 1k apps added in just the last week or so.With that we also saw a growth in terms of number of Free apps in the marketplace,currently there are 40% free apps available in theWindows Phone marketplace with an average price of paid apps is $1.72,with the average of 155 apps are updated each day which is keeping the over 3,ooo apps per month trend from past month.

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LG E700 might Feature IE9 with Mango

All of us know that Mango is due to release later this year ,which will eventually bring Multitasking and lots of other features like Internet Explorer 9 and much more(unless we see a IE9 update in the intermediate ones before the Mango updates).

Now we are hearing from unwiredview that LG’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 device E700 might come built in with the Mango featuring Internet Explorer 9,if the XML file on the LG’s site is any indication of that.The Mango update which is expected to be released in the second half of 2011 in the month of August or September,so the device can very well be released with the new breed of Windows Phone 7 devices from other manufacturers.

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Windows Phone 7 New Chasis Revealed @ MIX 2011

There were talks about this story for quite a while now and keeping all the speculations aside, Microsoft has finally revealed the official announcement on the new updated Chasis for the upcoming version of Windows Phone 7 devices.


At the MIX 2011 event,microsoft revealed the new updated Chasis requirements for Windows Phone 7.According to the new requirements,now the hardware specifications are quite flexible with a minimum limit of 800Mhz or better processor Qualcomm MSM7X30 and MSM8X55 are now in the certified list of processors,both are powered by the Adreno 205 GPU for optimized graphics performance for the Windows Phone 7 devices apart from these changes there’s now also an optional Gyroscope Sensor.The rest of the requirements are similar to those with the Chasis 1 of Windows Phone 7, like minimum 5 megapixel camera with flash ,capacitive touch screen ,256MB RAM(minimum) and minimum 8GB flash memory remains the same.


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WP7 V/s iPhone 4 V/s Nexus S in HTML 5 test.WP7 Wins!

In the ongoing MIX 2011 event,yesterday was the day for some Windows Phone 7 fun with a bunch of events were held ranging from the Future updates and upcoming features of the Windows Phone 7.

One of the much awaited features coming to Windows Phone 7 is Internet Explorer 9 Mobile which is expected with Mango update later this year.So it was the perfect occasion to show off the power of the Hardware Acceleration of Windows Phone 7 using the IE 9 mobile browser to render HTML 5 up against the latest competitors the iPhone 4 and the Nexus S.

Video Courtesy :Microsoft

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