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From “My Computer” to “Computer” to now ” This PC” !

Gone are the days of the Good ol’ My Computer icon on our Windows operating system.Ever since the launch of Windows Vista We saw the changes appearing in the icons list with My Computer being renamed to Computer,which continued with it’s successor Windows 7.

This PC in Windows 8.1

Windows 8 released with the same “Computer” icon with it’s initial release,but now it seems they are tired of the word computer.As per the recent leaks coming from Winforum.eu the “Computer” will be renamed to “This PC” with the upcoming Windows 8.1 i.e Windows Blue update from Microsoft.

While doing so the software giant seem to have removed the Libraries Feature and have introduced the “Folders” in “This PC” which lists the folders like Desktop,Music,Downloads,Documents Pictures and Videos.

This change might be due to the recently rumored Metro based Files app,so the “This PC” will describe the location of files on Local PC and would be easier for networking with other devices.

The Preview version of Windows Blue is expected during the Build 2013 conference which is slated for end of next month while the final version is expected in the second half of this year.


[Rumor] Windows 8.1 to add “Boot to Desktop” Feature!

Most of the Windows 8 users,mostly the early adopters are quite familiar with the Start Screen of Windows 8 which is the default screen after the boot for Windows 8.

Many of the enthusiasts criticized this move by Microsoft,but there were workarounds and apps to skip the Start Screen and directly boot into the Desktop mode of Windows 8.But now it seems like Microsoft will be adding the Boot  to Desktop Feature to Windows 8 with upcoming Windows Blue updated dubbed Windows 8.1.

windows 8.1 boot to desktop feature


According to the latest reports coming from Winbeta.org via MicrosoftPortal,one of the supposed leaked screenshots reveal the code which was found inside important operating system files of Windows 8.1,indicates that the company might be thinking about adding an option to “Boot to Desktop” and skipping the Start Screen altogether with the upcoming update.

Though this feature is no where to be seen on the recently leaked Windows Blue builds which were leaked over the web a few weeks ago,so this might be from the future builds.If true,this would be a good feature and many Start Screen haters would like this one to be added on their existing Windows 8 based systems.

Source[Microsoft Portal],via[Winbeta]


[Report]Microsoft Prepping Windows Blue for Unifying Windows OS and Windows Phone OS

This might not come as a surprise as Microsoft had already began their work of unifying their desktop and mobile operating system when they announced common kernel for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating system.

windows 8 RTM

Now as per recent reports coming from Digitimes,they are moving one step further into unifying Both the platforms with the upcoming release of Windows Blue.As per their sources Windows Blue is being developed by an independent team in an effort to merge Windows Desktop OS and Windows Phone OS to compete against Google Android and Chrome OS.
Tthe industry observers think that Microsoft is greatly concerned about PC Vendors involvement with Google Android based Notebooks due to its confidentiality to avoid pressure from Microsoft.

Though this move by Microsoft and Google would pose a great difficulty for the makers to integrate technologies to make them work together seamlessly.


Windows Blue is Windows 8.1?

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the Windows Blue update which is supposed to be released in the second half of the year.Last month also saw the first leak of Wndoes Blue build leak and many of the blogs tried out that build on their systems.

Windows blue dubbed as Windows 8.1

Recently AngelWZR who closely follows the Windows Blue builds posted a screenshot which suggests that Windows Blue is dubbed as Windows 8.1 update,which is quite similar to the Windows Phone naming conventions which followed similar update numbering conventions.

Though we are yet to hear anything solid about Windows Blue features from Microsoft,we can expect them to shed some light on the same during the upcoming Build conference which is to be held in the month of June.The Windows Blue update is expected to hit RTM in the month of August.

Source[AngelWZR on Twitter]

[Rumor] Windows Blue will put many Microsoft Products on Yearly Update Cycle

Its been a while since we last reported about Microsoft’s much anticipated Windows Blue update.The update is expected to put the Microsoft Operating System on yearly upgrade cycle.
windows 8 RTM
According to recent reports from ZDNet,Operating System is just one of the products which Windows Blue intends to put on yearly upgrade cycle,which includes products like SkyDrive,Hotmail,Windows Server and some other Microsoft products.These updates are expected to be launched this summer or fall.

The update could bring a new version of Internet Explorer,Bing and other apps and some Driver updates to improve the battery life of the portable devices and performance improvements and these updates could be released through the Windows Store.If this is really the way Microsoft going to update their products this will help them to compete against Apple and Google who follow the yearly upgrades for their products themselves.


Rumors Suggest that Windows Blue Could Bring Smaller Windows Tablets in Picture

Things are heating up with the rumors floating around Windows Blue which is supposedly the next Windows update after Windows 8.

Latest one was spotted in a big article  from TheVerge which talks about  dropping the Windows Brandname spotted earlier by Neowin.The article suggests that Windows Blue would be optimized to run on a smaller form factor tablets which would add 7 and 8 inch Windows tablets in picture and that would eventually mean that the hardware partners are readying themselves for the same.

All the existing Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices are of 10 inch or above screen size and if this is true then we would see a wide range of Windows tablets (Surface 7″ anyone!)with smaller screens and cheaper alternatives to their bigger brothers and would give a tough competition to the likes of Nexus 7 and the new iPad Mini.


[Rumor]Windows Blue Update To Introduce New Update Model!

Windows. Blue has been the talk of the town even before the launch of  Windows 8, with few reports caliming that this would be the next update to Windows 8 slated for release next year.

Recent findings from TheVerge suggests that Windows Blue would introduce a new standardize approach with more regular updates for Windows and Windows Phone ecosystem.The Update is said to be having some UI changes In the platform and also the pricing of this update will be lower(or possibly even free of cost) in order to ensure that everyone install this update on their Systems.

Soon After this update release Microsoft will update the Wndows SDK Supporting the new release and will stop accepting apps Specifically built for Windows 8 and pushing the developers to move to the blue platform for apps development.However the Windows 8 apps will run on this update despite of the changes in the SDK.For upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows Blue users will need to have a genuine Windows license or the pirated Version if detected while upgrading will not allow the built in apps and Windows Store to function after the upgrade.

This is still an unconfirmed report,as none of the representatives from the company were ready to talk about this update.

Source[The Verge]