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60 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold

It’s been a joyride for Windows 8 for the past few months,since its launch on 26th October 2012.We already got where it was headed when we got the news about 4 Million upgrades in 4 days of its launch and then over 40 million license sold within a month of general availability.

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Today as announced At the 11th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech Forum at CES2013 the software giant has managed to sell over 60 million Windows 8 licenses till date.This number includes The sales of Windows 8 OEMs for new devices and the upgrades.

Talking about the Windows Store,as the store inches closer to the 50,000 apps mark,the store has already reached 100 million apps downloads within just two months of General Availability.

Source[Blogging Windows]

Windows RT Jailbroken!Allows Unsigned Desktop apps to run on it!

Microsoft handsomely launched their new Wndows operating system with the release of Windows 8 operating system running on the traditional x86 architecture and the new ARM supported operating system with the introduction of Windows RT on October 26th 2012.

Both the operating systems are Closed operating systems by nature.While the Windows 8 operating system supported the legacy apps along with the new Modern UI based apps from Windows Store the Windows RT version only supported the Modern UI apps with no legacy apps support.

But as reported earlier by Neowin the platform has been Jailbroken.This comes from Surfsec Blog claiming that they were able to run Unsigned Desktop applications on Windows RT.So if the results are indeed true it means that it was rather a marketing decision to limit the desktop apps from Windows RT platform rather than a technical one.

With iOS already popular with its Homebrew development in Cydia Store,is it possible for similar thing to happen with the Windows RT platform? We will have to wait and watch.


Windows Store Crosses 35,000 Apps Mark

A few days ago we reported that the Windows Store crossed 30,000 apps.

Now as reported by MetroStoreScanner site,which tracks the apps over Windows Store,the Store crossed 35,000 apps worldwide,inching closer to the 50,000 apps mark.

With the US Store having over 22,000 apps in their region,while the China store still leads with over 24,000 apps in their region for Windows Store.

The Store is growing rapidly with quantity as well as quality apps coming to the platform.Of the 35,000 apps almost over 95% apps are ARM compatible and all of them compatible with x86 and 64x platform(Intel based processors).
As we predicted,with this rate we can expect the 50,000 apps mark by the end of January or even before that,as the apps approval process gets faster after the holiday season.


Windows Store Crosses 30,000 Apps mark

It was almost a couple of weeks ago that we reported about the windows store crossing 25,000 apps.

Now according to the third Party site Metro Store Scanner which scans all the apps from the Windows Store,tHe store has crossed 30,000 apps mark,with currently 31,717 apps in the Windows Store as of Monday 17th December.

If we categorise the apps,there are as many as 30,945 apps supported by Windows RT platform which is almost over 90% of the Store apps.Talking about the reginal app count,the China Store still leads with over 21,000 apps with the close second United States featuring close to 20,000 apps in their Windows Store.

With this rate we can expect the store to reach the 50,000 apps mark by the end of January or even earlier than that,as we inch closer to the Surface Pro launch.
Source[MetroStore Scanner]

Microsoft Expands Retail Distribution of Surface RT

Last week we reported that Microsoft is thinking about expanding their distribution strategy and yesterday they officially announced the Increased Production and Expanded Distribution of the Surface RT tablets to cater the demand for the tablets.

surface tablet

In the official Press Release,Panos Panay, general manager, Microsoft Surface said,

“The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see. We’ve increased production and are expanding the ways in which customers can interact with, experience and purchase Surface,”


Surface will continue to be available for purchase at all Microsoft retail stores in the United States and Canada and the online stores in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company will also extend the holiday stores based on their recent success all of these locations into the new year. These stores will transition into either permanent brick-and-mortar retail outlets or specialty store locations.

This is definitely a good news considering the early reports of poor distribution of the Surface RT,so now the tablet could reach out to more people.

Checkout the Press Release for More details.

Microsoft Starts Giving Away Surface RT’s to Their Employees

A few months Ago,we reported that all the Full time Microsoft Employees will get the Surface RT tablets for free along with the Windows Phone 8 devices and new Work PCs.

It seems like they have started Giving away the Surface RT to the Employees,as reported earlier by ZDNet as few of the Employees started posting pictures of their Free Surface RT tablets on Twitter.According to ZDNet initial rollout Will be in 12 countries including United States, Canada,UK, Germany, France, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Austria, Ireland, Puerto Rico and New Zealand while the rest of the Offices would get their devices in the second phase of the rollout.
So it s early Christmas gift to the Employees from Microsoft.Earlier this fall the free Windows Phone 8 devices were distributed amongst the full time employees.


Surface RT to go on Sell at JB Hi Fi in Australia

A couple of days ago we reported that,Microsoft could push the Surface Tablets through Non-Microsoft channels in order to change their current distribution strategy,though there wasn’t any official announcement about the same.

Now as reported earlier by Smarthhouse.com.au (via Microsoft-News),an Australian Retailer JB Hi Fi will start selling the Surface RT tablets from their stores Before the Christmas Holidays.

Here’s what Scott Browning Marketing Director of JB Hi Fi said,

“We have been talking to Microsoft for some time about selling their Surface tablet. It’s now a question of stock levels and whether we can get the device into stores prior to Christmas.”

He added, “This is a product that needs to be exposed to a consumer; they need to touch and feel it and only retail stores can do this. Online is a commodity sell and if a consumer does not know the product or has not seen it in store it is always going to be harder to sell online”.

As per the site,this move by Microsoft is not welcomed by the other Windows 8 partners and they feel that this would affect their own Android and Windows 8 tablet sells.

Let’s  hope that this strategy works for Microsoft and would give a tough competition to the other Android and iOS based devices in the market.


Facebook MAU Data Indicates a 10 Million Windows Phone Devies for Q42012!

We have been hearing a lot of  numbers these days,first we got the news about over 4 million licences for Windows 8 and then over a month of launch of Windows 8 we got the 40 million licenses sold update for Windows 8.

But all this time the one Microsoft product that was missing was their Windows Phone.Though Steve Ballmer indicated earlier that Windows Phones are selling 4 times faster than last year’s fourth quarter,there wasn’t any number sharing for the same.

Image Credits[WMPU]

Now according to the recent Facebook’s Monthly Active Users data gathered by WMPU,indicates that this might very well be the record breaking quarter for Windows Phones.According to the stats,there are over 627,000 monthly active users after October 1,2012,which is coincidently 4 times greater than last years figure of around 150,000 MAU.

According to last years Gartner Survey,Actually sold devices(not including shipments) were around 2.759 Million for the Q4 2011.This data suggests that there are already over 7 Million Windows Phones being sold as of now and by the end of the quarter the figures may reach 10 million count.

If these numbers do translate into reality,then this would be a record breaking quarter for Windows Phones and a sign of things to come.


Tomorrow’s Patch Tuesday to Bring Important Updates for Surface RT?

Surface RT was released over a month ago along with the public launch of Windows 8 and has been selling moderately all over the world.So it’s about time for some patches for the device.


According to Ms_Nerd  this Patch Tuesday would bring some of the important updates to the newly launched Surface RT.As per his tweet about the same,this update is important for getting the Surface ready for the Next Step! But has detailed any of the updates.

We can expect some important security updates for the device and updates for some of the services running on the device along with the performance improvements for the Surface RT.


Microsoft Could Push Surface RT Through Non-Microsoft Retailers to Increase its Reach

Over the past few days,we have been hearing about low Surface Sales due to the Distribution strategy  of Microsoft.

But now it seems according to recent reports  from Paul Thurrott suggests that according to his most trusted sources,that Microsoft could push the Surface RT devices through Non-Microsoft Retail channels sooner rather than later in countries other than the United States,Canada and Puerto Rico,but no specific mention of the countries.

In the second phase of the rollout which starts off with the Surface Pro devices running Windows 8 which would start in January 2013,the software giant will include retailers like Staples,BestBuy.Though there is no official word on the rollout strategy as the company doesn’t comment or rumors and speculations,so we would have to wait for an official word on that front.