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Surface RT Coming to 13 more Countries on 14th February

As we all know Microsoft is releasing the Surface Pro version starting today in the Microsoft’s Retail Stores,Online Microsoft Store,Staples and Best Buy across United States and Canada.

surface tablet

Along with that Microsoft announced in their press release that the Surface RT version will also see a major rollout on14th February,with Surface RT launching in as many as 13 countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

They also recalled the new available offers with new accessories,while the 64GB Standalone version of the Surface RT will be available for $599 giving users the choice to select the touch/type cover of their liking with new limited available Touch Covers in Red,Cyan and Magenta available for $129.99.There’s also a Wedge Mouse Surface Edition which costs around $69.95.

Checkout the Official Press Release for more details.

[Rumor] Windows Blue will put many Microsoft Products on Yearly Update Cycle

Its been a while since we last reported about Microsoft’s much anticipated Windows Blue update.The update is expected to put the Microsoft Operating System on yearly upgrade cycle.
windows 8 RTM
According to recent reports from ZDNet,Operating System is just one of the products which Windows Blue intends to put on yearly upgrade cycle,which includes products like SkyDrive,Hotmail,Windows Server and some other Microsoft products.These updates are expected to be launched this summer or fall.

The update could bring a new version of Internet Explorer,Bing and other apps and some Driver updates to improve the battery life of the portable devices and performance improvements and these updates could be released through the Windows Store.If this is really the way Microsoft going to update their products this will help them to compete against Apple and Google who follow the yearly upgrades for their products themselves.


Surface Pro AMA Session Answers Hints at Battery Packs Add-on

Surface Pro is all set for the release on February 9.The Big brother of Surface RT will run on an Intel Core i5 processor and will be running on Windows 8 Operating System.


windows 8

A couple of months ago we reported that Surface Pro may have a battery life of around 4 hours(almost half of that of Surface RT) which is disappointing battery life for a Tablet as compared to the likes of iPad which provides 10 hours of battery life.But it seems like Microsoft has plans to improve the battery life of Surface Pro with Battery Pack Add -ons.

In a recent AMA Session on Reddit  a user questioned about the mysterious connectors on the bottom of the surface pro,here’s what the Surface Team had to say,

Wow – I’m pumped you caught that – we haven’t announced what they are for but they aren’t an accident! At launch we talked about the “accessory spine” and hinted at future peripherals that can click in and do more. Those connectors look like can carry more current than the pogo pins, don’t they?

Another user asked a question about the external battery or a keyboard which doubles up as a battery to which the Surface Team Replied,

That would require extending the design of the accessory spine to include some way to transfer higher current between the peripheral and the main battery. Which we did..

So we can expect some exciting accessories for the Surface Pro in coming months,which would further boost the Surface Pro sells.


[ISuppli]Initial Surface RT Sales Around 60 Percent of Shipments

After almost 4 months of the public release we are yet to get any official word about the Surface RT sales from Microsoft for the last quarter.

surface tablet


Though according to ISuppli a Market Research Firm,around 1.25 million Surface RT devices shipped last quarter of which only around 55 to 60 % of the devices were sold,bringing the sales number in the range of 680,000 to 750,000.

Though these are not the official numbers,if we consider the early shipment delay issues and mixed word of mouth with the reviews Surface RT was expected to get a slow start and the early distribution strategy didn’t help the cause,which forced Microsoft to expand their distribution through non Microsoft channels.

It remains to be seen whether the Surface Pro which launches on February 9 which runs on Windows 8 Pro would get a similar respnse from the consumers or would it get a better response due to the legacy apps support.We have to wait and Watch.


Acer W510 Windows 8 Tablet now Available at Croma Retail For 36,499 INR

Acer’s Entry level Windows 8 tablet has finally found its way into Indian markets courtesy Croma Retail Store.

The Acer W510 with 32GB of storage capacity is available for a cost of 36,499 INR(without the keyboard),while the keyboard version of the same is listed at 42,999Rs price but is out of stock as of now.

If we compare this pricing with the international pricing of the W 510 it is almost $150 costlier than the international version which costs $499 without key oard.But considering the other competitors Dell and HP has priced their devices on a higher side in India this is a better price range for a tablet running the full Fledged Windows 8 version rather than the Windows RT version.

The device sports a 10.1″ capacitive display with screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with 5 point multitouch support and Intel Atom processor with 2 GB of RAM for the processing power and to go with it a pair of Cameras with 8 Megapixel rear camera and 2 Megapixel front camera.


Windows Store Crosses 40,000 Apps Mark

It’s been a while since we last updated the Windows Store app count,last time we checked it had over 35,000 apps almost a month ago and we expected that to exceed 50,000 apps by the month end.

But it seems that the app submission has slowed down a bit.According to MetroStore Scanner site which tracks the Windows Store apps stats currently Windows Store has 40,158 apps.So within a span of 30 days the store has managed to add just over 5000 apps to its kitty which is on a lower side if we compare it with the kind of start it had.
Currently there are Over 28,000 apps in the China Windows Store region while the United States Windows Store regional apps count is just over 26,000 apps.Though there seems to be a drop in the number of apps for the month we can expect better number by the next month end eying the launch of the Surface Pro tablet which is slated for February 9 launch.

Source[MetroStore Scanner]

[Rumor] Windows RT Outlook Client in the Works !

Microsoft launched the Windows RT platform along with the Windows 8 public release with the release of Windows RT based devices from Asus,Dell,Lenovo,Samsung and their very own Surface RT Tablet.

office RT

All the existing Windows RT devices include a special Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview version which includes Word,PowerPoint,One Note and Excel tools of Microsoft Office.But according to the latest rumor floating around the web coming from ZDNet who has learnt from 3 unnamed sources that Windows RT version of Outlook Client i.e “Outlook RT” which would run on ARM based devices  is under internal testing.But according to the sources there is a mixed reaction from different teams about whether this “Outlook RT” Would  be commercially made available or not.

Currently there is a Mail Client for Windows 8/RT platform which is not so good as compared to the Outlook Client,there are also talks about the current Mail app being renamed to Outlook app rather than having the RT version of the app,since we already have Office Outlook,Outlook for Windows Phone and the Outlook.com and other members are in favor of bringing the real Outlook RT app to the new and emerging platform.


Microsoft Earns Record $ 21.46 Billion Revenue in Q2 2012!

Microsoft Recently announced their earnings for the last quarter(Q4 2012) with a record number of $21.46 billion with a nett profit of $6.38 billion,a tad bit lesser than the profits for the same quarter last year(Q4 2011) which netted $6.62 billion.


These numbers are courtesy the Windows 8,Windows Phone 8 and the Surface tablet launch last quarter.Though they didn’t share any specific details about how many Windows 8 devices have been sold,they mentioned about the Windows Division earnings for the last quarter reaching $5.9 billion which is up 24% For the same quarter a year ago,might give us an indication of where the things are going for Windows 8 and the devices,as we already know that Windows 8 has sold over 60 million licenses till date courtesy the Lucrative upgrade offer from Microsoft.

With their popular Office suite and Surface Pro nearing the release dates we could see even larger profit numbers by the next quarter earnings announcement.

Checkout the Press Release for More details.

Surface Pro to go on Sale from Feb 9 in US and Canada

Microsoft has now officially revealed the release dates for the Surface Pro,which was supposed to launch in January month,will now be released on 9th February in the United States and Canada.

As announced earlier by the General Manager of Microsoft Surface Panos Panay on The Official Microsoft Blog,the device will go on sale on February 9 through all Microsoft Retail Stores in the United States,Microsoftstore.com,staples and Best Buy,while in Canada it will be available in number of unspecified locations.

The Surface Pro will be available in 64 GB and 128 GB versions with pricing of $899 and $999 respecitively,both the Versions will include Surface Pen,but the users will have to buy the Touch/Type Cver separatly.

Microsoft will also be expanding their Surface RT devices market with 13 additional markets to be added in coming weeks including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Checkout the Details on the Official Microsoft Blog.

Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Announced,Starts at $499

Dell,one of the prime Windows 8 hardware partners,who has already launched a number of Windows 8 devices at launch last year,has announced yet another Windows 8 device.

This is a stripped down version of their Dell Latitude 10,named Latitude 10 Essentials powered by Intel Atom Processor,running Windows 8 operating system.

Here are the differences between the two Latitude tablets,

The 32 GB version of latitude 10 Essentials will go on sale in US in coming months at a starting price of $499 while the 64 GB version has been released at a price tag of $579.
This would be an interesting price bracket for Windows 8 tablets and would eventually force the other competitors to bring their tablet prices down for Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets.

Source[Dell], Via [Microsoft-News]