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Windows 8 consumer preview wallpapers leaked

We have earlier seen some new wallpapers in Windows 8 consumer preview from build 8220, finally these wallpapers has been leaked and is available for download on various sites. Without further writing about it here are the set of wallpapers-

You can check all the other wallpapers here, further a Windows 8 theme from build 8220 has been leaked and is available for download. For more information about Windows 8 consumer preview visit this page.

Part 4: Unofficial Windows 8 Wallpapers

As promised,we are again posting a set of wallpapers created exclusively for Windows8Beta by our friends at The Customize Windows. All the wallpapers are of very high quality and would fit on most of the screens.

Here are the wallpapers-

Windows_8_wallpaper_1 Windows_8_wallpaper_4

 Windows_8_wallpaper_5 Windows_8_wallpaper_6

Windows_8_wallpaper_2 Windows_8_wallpaper_3

We would be coming with more Windows 8 wallpapers soon Smile

Part 3: Unofficial Windows 8 Wallpapers

It has been long since we have posted about the Windows 8 wallpapers, but now we are again continuing with our Windows 8 wallpapers series and this time our friends at The Customize Windows have created some exclusive HD wallpapers exclusively for Windows 8 Beta.

Just check this wallpapers-





We would be soon coming up with some new Windows 8 wallpapers,Windows 8 themes for Windows 7 so stay tuned Smile

Part 2: Unofficial Windows 8 Wallpapers

We have collected the second set of unofficial Windows 8 wallpaper 8 from the net and would like to share with you.

Here are the wallpapers, just click on whichever you like and customize as you wish.

Windows_8_wallpaper_1 Windows_8_wallpaper_2

Windows_8_wallpaper_3 Windows_8_wallpaper_4

Windows_8_wallpaper_5 Windows_8_wallpaper_6

Windows_8_wallpaper _8 Windows_8_wallpaper_7

 The credit  definitely goes to the creators of these wallpapers

Unofficial Windows 8 wallpapers

As already some news have started coming regarding Windows 8,so today we thought of publishing some of the unofficial wallpapers available on net,and collecting them at one place..

To download the wallpapers just click on each of the thumbnails

Windows_8_Wallpaper_3 Windows_8_wallpaper_2Windows_8_Wallpaper_6 Windows_8_Wallpaper_4Windows_8_wallpaper_1  Windows_8_wallpaper_5  

The credit goes to the creators of these wallpapers