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Exclusive: Windows 8 SKU revealed in Consumer preview

We have posted couple of days back that Windows 8 would have only 3 SKU, but the Windows 8 consumer release says something else. According to the registry files in Windows 8 consumer preview, Windows 8 won’t have just the SKU available in Windows 7 but some more as well. The complete lit of SKU available in Windows 8 according to the registry file is-

  • Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8 Enterprise Eval edition
  • Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
  • Windows 8 Home Premium edition
  • Windows 8 ARM edition
  • Windows 8 Professional edition
  • Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
  • Windows 8 Starter edition
  • Windows 8 Ultimate edition

Here is the screenshot of registry file from Windows 8 consumer preview-

And here is the image of same registry key from Windows 7-

We already knew that Windows 8 ARM would be released, but seeing Windows 8 professional plus in the list was definitely a surprise.


Windows 8 build 7955 leaked

Today Windows 8 build 7955 has been leaked and is available for download on FTP at BetaArchive. The complete build string of this build is 6.2.7955.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930 and the build was compiled on 28th Feb much later then the Build 7850 which has been leaked earlier.According to the information available the Ultimate version of Windows 8 has been leaked this time.

Here are the details of the build-

Microsoft Windows 8 (”Windows 8” 6.2.7955.0) (Ultimate) (m2)
File: 6.2.7955.0.fbl_sev_wdacxml.110228-1930_x86fre_client-ultimate.iso
ISO Size: 2.47GB (2,657,079,296 bytes)
ISO MD5: 40861A02CB14B0D2D7930910DB6CC6E4

Windows 8 build 7955 is expected to hit torrent and file sharing sites soon.We would be posting more information about it once available.

Windows 7 ultimate giveaway winners

It has been one month since we started the forums,so we are here going to announce the first giveaway winners.

As promised by us, we are giving away Licensed Windows 7 ultimate key to the top contributor at the forums.

We have also partnered with ESET and are giving away 1 year of ESET Smart Security license to other contributors at the forum.


So the winner for Windows 7 ultimate key is WindowsNet and we are giving away ESET keys to Samson and ha14.


Congrats to all the winners,the second giveaway has already been started, so start contributing at the forums

Windows 8 Beta forums launched,win Windows 7 Ultimate keys

Today we are launching Windows 8 Beta forums,where you can share your thoughts, creations related to the upcoming Windows Operating system or simply hang out and share news articles or ask doubts about other technology related stuff.

We would be giving away a Windows 7 Ultimate key each month (till we are out of keys,don’t worry we have lots of them) to the top contributor of the month and other stuffs (may be softwares, tshirts, DVD’s) to other contributors .So go ahead and start posting.

Here is the link- http://windows8beta.com/forums

Update: The keys given in this giveaway are genuine keys and not from Technet and MSDN accounts.Top contributor of the month doesn’t means the person with highest number of posts, winners would be solely chosen based on the quality of posts.

Part 2: Unofficial Windows 8 Wallpapers

We have collected the second set of unofficial Windows 8 wallpaper 8 from the net and would like to share with you.

Here are the wallpapers, just click on whichever you like and customize as you wish.

Windows_8_wallpaper_1 Windows_8_wallpaper_2

Windows_8_wallpaper_3 Windows_8_wallpaper_4

Windows_8_wallpaper_5 Windows_8_wallpaper_6

Windows_8_wallpaper _8 Windows_8_wallpaper_7

 The credit  definitely goes to the creators of these wallpapers

Unofficial Windows 8 wallpapers

As already some news have started coming regarding Windows 8,so today we thought of publishing some of the unofficial wallpapers available on net,and collecting them at one place..

To download the wallpapers just click on each of the thumbnails

Windows_8_Wallpaper_3 Windows_8_wallpaper_2Windows_8_Wallpaper_6 Windows_8_Wallpaper_4Windows_8_wallpaper_1  Windows_8_wallpaper_5  

The credit goes to the creators of these wallpapers