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Windows 8 consumer preview build 8250 leaked ?

Windows 8 consumer preview is scheduled to be released on February 29. As we know that Microsoft has recently provided Windows 8 build 8250 to OEM partners. Now we are getting reports from our various sources that Windows 8 consumer preview build 8250 has been leaked and is available for download via torrent.

Here are the details of the torrent-

File Name :windows.8.beta-build.8250.x86.d.iso
SIZE : 3,439,132,672 bytes 
MD5: D2FC8211F4AD1E7BC06A8B4AD78759F3 
SHA1: 429C1643B522FB9ED2F8B4B5BDE029C9021F8BEF 

Further this screenshot has been posted -

We have yet to confirm whether this leak is legit or not and definitely we won’t be posting the link to torrent here.

Fake Windows 8 Build 8030 torrent floating on net

We have again got reports from our readers that couple of fake Windows 8 build 8030 torrents is available on net. Earlier WinBeta posted about Windows 8 build 8030 which we aren’t able to confirm whether it’s genuine or not. As soon as the information about Windows 8 build 8030 was posted, fake torrents started to appear on many torrent sites. One of our readers has sent us a mail stating that the torrent file contains the following information-

Hey, since torrents become more and more plagiated I archived the OS with a password to ensure protection.
I certainly do not want anyone to just copy this torrent to upload it somewhere, since this has become so popular these days. To get the password just follow this link (I’ll explain what to do after  that)

Okay after this you will have to click ‘regular download’. Some survey-options will come up and what you will have to do is choose one.You don’t need to put real information, this would be dumb, just put in some  fake data.
After that your download will automatically unlock and you will be able to download the password for the .rar file.why don’t I upload this on a more simple upload site? because, I told you, i do not want anyone to just copy this torrent. If you fill in a survey it means you really want the OS.
If you have time visit us at: http://windows8beta.com/ !

We would again like to say that we haven’t uploaded any torrent and is 100% fake and may contain malware and stole your information so don’t download it. We would post here when any new Windows 8 build leaks..

Windows 8 latest build, build 8006

We have earlier reported that the latest build compiled is build 8005, today twitter user MSFTtm has tweeted that the latest build compiled is build 8006. The build string of this build is 6.2.8006.0.winmain.110513-1855 which states that the build was compiled on May 13.It’s quite obvious that a new build is compiled each day except the holidays.

We have been also receiving mails stating that Windows 8 build 8005 has been leaked on torrent sites, but we would like to say that no such build has been leaked and it’s fake. The latest build leaked is build 7959. We would keep you updated whenever any build leaks.

Early (Codename) Windows 8 build compiled

According to wzor,the early Windows 8 builds has been compiled.Though at present, besides build strings no more information is available,

Here are the builds that has been compiled the latest being build 7705-


We would be posting more information whenever available..