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[Leaked] Windows 8 RTM Build 8518 Screenshots Reveals Some Changes

We are just a couple of weeks away from the Windows 8 RTM which is scheduled for First week of August.Its about time for some leaks and features to come up over the web.

Recently leaked screenshots of the Windows 8 RTM build 8518 courtesy Winunleaked reveals some last minute changes being made to the operating system.Some of the notable changes in this build is the Color option which was separately available in the previous versions for different color for Taskbar and the Windows.As you can see from the screenshots below there will be a single color for windows border and taskbar.

The new Internet Explorer 10 now matches to the Windows 8 theme which you have chosen.You can also note that the Tabs and the buttons of IE10 have been redesigned.

There are also 3 default themes for Windows 8,namely Windows,Earth and Flowers.

Last but not the least there’s the new Boot Screen logo with the new Windows 8 logo in Blue Color.

Image Credits[Winunleaked]



Windows 8 theme: Nightfall and Starlight panoramic theme

Microsoft has been continuously releasing themes for Windows 7, today Microsoft has released a theme for Windows 8 as well. This theme can work on both Windows 8 developer preview and on Windows 8 consumer preview. The theme is named as Nightfall and Starlight panoramic theme and consists of 9 very beautiful wallpapers. Being Panoramic images these images would extend on both the screens if you are using dual monitors of same resolution. If you are using a single monitor, the central part of the wallpaper is shown.

Here are the details of the theme-

“Designed to extend seamlessly across dual monitors with identical resolution settings, this dramatic free theme for your Windows 8 Consumer Preview desktop also shifts your glass color to match each stunning, wide-angle image. Explore distant galaxies, verdant meadows, steep mountains, and serene seas without ever leaving your chair”

You can download this wonderful theme from here


Windows 8 consumer preview wallpapers leaked

We have earlier seen some new wallpapers in Windows 8 consumer preview from build 8220, finally these wallpapers has been leaked and is available for download on various sites. Without further writing about it here are the set of wallpapers-

You can check all the other wallpapers here, further a Windows 8 theme from build 8220 has been leaked and is available for download. For more information about Windows 8 consumer preview visit this page.

Download Windows 8 theme for Google Chrome

There has been lot of news about Windows 8 and we have seen couple of leaks as well. The folks are busy creating wallpapers, themes and many other graphical stuffs for Windows 8. Our friends at Compixels has found a Windows 8 based theme for Google Chrome. The theme uses the Windows 8 Betta fish wallpaper giving a bluish look to the browser. Here is how the browser looks with Windows 8 theme-

chrome for Windows 8

You can download the Windows 8 theme for Chrome from here

Download Windows 8 Glimpse theme for Windows 7

After the release of Windows 8 based theme for Windows 7, our friends at Windows Valley has released another Windows 8 related theme for Windows 7. This theme contains 8 high-resolution (1920×1200) shhh… let’s not leak our hard work wallpapers in different colors.

Windows 8 theme

The theme also has the in built sound and 3D Text screensaver with the tag line Be What’s Next.

You can download the theme from here.

Windows 8 to have a metro style theme named ‘Aero Lite’

As Windows 8 Milestone 3 is being compiled lot of information regarding the next operating system is being leaked. Recently we have seen leaked screenshots of Windows 8 taskbar, the integration of Windows Live in the Windows OS, today another screenshot has been leaked giving info about ‘Aero Lite’ the new theme coming in Windows 8.

Aero lite


According to our friend AngelWZR the new Aero Lite theme is Metro inspired. Here is what he posted-

Generally, Windows 8 Aerolight theme looks a lot like Metro UI in some parts. It’s very flat, as I can say looking to resources from it.

Download Windows 8 based theme for Windows 7

As more information about Windows 8 is being leaked, guys have started creating concept wallpapers, themes for the next version of Windows. Even our friends at Windows Valley have created a wonderful Windows 8 based theme for Windows 7. The theme has 4 wallpapers displaying the leaked Windows logo with Microsoft tag line “Be what’s next.”

Windows 8 theme

You can download the theme from here