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[Rumor]Nokia May Reveal Windows 8 Tablet As early as Next Week

As we inch closer to the public release of Windows 8 slated for October 26th launch,we are getting more and more  rumors about the upcoming Windows 8 based tablets  every now and then.

Image Credits[WPDang]

The recent one involves a Windows 8 tablet coming from Nokia.Though for a long time it’s been in the rumors.According to recent reports coming from WPDang,Nokia may be working on a windows 8 based tablet as per the supposedly leaked internal slides.The image consists of a Windows Phone device and a Widows 8 based tablet claimed to be running on a x86 based processor,since the picture sports a desktop mode(though WinRT version of Windows also feature a desktop mode).

Another report coming from WPCentral suggests that,Nokia which will be announcing their Windows Phone 8 devices next week on 5th Sept,So it would be an ideal time for their Windows 8 based tablet announcement.Though there is nothing official about the Nokia Windows 8 tablet,we will have to play the waiting game till next week.

Samsung,Dell and Lenovo Windows RT Tablets Coming Soon !

So far we have known two of the Windows RT based tablets coming this year,One from Asus with their Asus tablet 600 and the other one from the Software Giant itself with the release of Surface Win RT based tablet launching with the public release of Windows 8.

Apart from that there weren’t any official word on any other manufacturers playing the Windows RT Card.But there were rumors about some of the leading hardware partners of Microsoft are prepping their version of ARM tablets for Windows 8.

Now,in a recent post at their Building Windows 8 Blog Microsoft has confirmed that Samsung,Dell and Lenovo are all set to bring their version of Windows RT based tablets soon.Though the article didn’t go into detailed specifications or the pricing details of these ARM based devices but these are targeted for a lower price range,while the traditional Intel and AMD based tablets will target the higher price range with the likes of Surface Pro Tablet which will be launched at a later timeline.

 Microsoft has already said that the pricing of  Windows 8/Windows RT based Tablets will be competitive with the existing tablets in the market and with the high end tablets competing with the Ultrabooks with the help of add on Keyboards.

Lenovo Announces ThinkPad Tablet 2 Powered By Windows 8 Pro,October Launch Imminent

It’s been quite a buzzing week as far as the Windows 8 goes,last week we saw the Windows 8 hit RTM along with the ARM version i.e Windows RT being released for the OEM’s.

Image Credits[Lenovo]

As we inch closer to the public release of Windows 8 scheduled for October 26th launch,the hardware partners are also revealing their Windows 8 offerings for the launch.The latest one comes from Lenovo,who recently announced their first Windows 8 based tablet named ThinkPad Tablet 2.

The ThinkPad Tablet 2 features a new generation Intel Atom based processor,sports a 10.1″ display (IPS Panel) with the resolution of 1,366 x 768.The tablet said to have 10 hours of battery life ,it also  sport the connectivity features like optional 3G / 4G, while the standard model would feature WiFi connectivity ,a mini HDMI port,NFC,Finger print reader and digital pen  and a pair of 2MP / 8MP cameras to go with it.The tablet weighs in at a little over 1 pound(1.3 pounds to be precise) and with a thickness of 9.8mm.

The add on optional accessories which will be sold along with the tablet includes a keyboard and a dock with three USB ports, HDMI-out and an Ethernet jack.

The pricing details are not known at this moment,but Lenovo has hinted the launch dates for the ThinkPad Tablet 2 to be on the similar time frame of the Windows 8 general availability in October.


Asus Tablet 810 Windows 8 Tablet Passes Through FCC

Windows 8 is all set to RTM within an hours span now,and the final release is just a couple of months away along with the release of Windows 8 based tablets,ultrabooks and other devices.

Some of the prime hardware partners for the Windows 8 tablet are Dell,Acer,Samsung and Asus,HP who will release their Windows 8 tablets at the launch.Recently Asus’s Tablet 810 which is the upcoming Windows 8 tablet from the company passed through the FCC.Filed as TF810C,the tablet sports a 11.6″ display along with the NFC support,but the device seems to be a WiFi only device.This might be a move to keep the price of the tablets low and as competitive as possible to the other Wind0ws 8 tablets as well as other android based tablets and iPad.

Source [FCC],Via[Engadget]

As Many as 20 Intel Based Windows 8 Tablets Will Debut at Launch

Yesterday Microsoft finally announced the public release dates for Windows 8 operating system.But along with the OS release we will also see the release of hardware devices from various manufacturers like Dell,HP,Acer,Asus,Samsung for the launch.

This time around the main competitor amongst the other Windows 8 based device are the tablets coming from these manufactures.Recently Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini revealed that there are as many as 20 tablets in the making for the release at Windows 8 launch.Intel is going head to head against their ARM based counterparts with not just the iPad but also some competition from the Windows 8 platform as well,courtesy the WinRT platform which is tailor made for ARM based processors.

Intel is been busy of late designing the  Clover Trail based Atom processors with low power consumption for the Windows 8 based tablets from various manufacturers like HP,Acer,Dell and Microsoft itself will bring the Intel based Surface tablet(though 90 days after the ARM tablet release).



Microsoft Surface Tablet Keynote Video Now Available For Download

Yesterday we saw the biggest announcement of the year by Microsoft with the revealing of their own Surface Tablets,which was revealed at an mysterious event in Los Angeles.

At the event  we saw the two versions of Surface Tablet with ARM Processor(Nvidia Tegra processor) running on Windows RT  and the other one with the conventional x86 based Intel Processor running on Windows 8 Pro with loads of other features like Full HD resolution display and other connectivity features and add ons.The availability of Windows RT based surface tablet will be along with the public release of Windows 8 while the Intel based Surface tablet will be available 3 months after the initial Windows 8 release.

If you have missed the Keynote due to some reason,you can now watch or download the video of yesterday’s keynote from the Video Gallery.


Microsoft Planning Big For Next Week:A Microsoft Manufactured Windows 8 Tablet !

The Rumor Mills have already started floating around the web about Microsoft’s Special Event which is to be conducted on coming Monday.Some of the earlier speculations were about Windows Phone 8 announcement and the Windows 8 RTM date announcement.

But  TheWrap  thinks otherwise,according to their insider tipster Microsoft is all set to announce their own version of Windows 8 tablet!You heard it right,a Microsoft manufactured Windows 8 tablet.Microsoft has scheduled a secret event on 18th of June at Los Angeles where they will be announcing something Big !

The tablet is said to be running on the newly introduced WinRT platform that is Windows On ARM ,rather than the usual x86  processor based device.No other specifications or details are known as of now.

So if this rumor turns out to be true,then Microsoft would go head to head with their arch rivals  Apple which is currently the biggest player in the tablet industry with their iPad tablets.It will also mean that there would also be a price war amongst the other Windows 8 partners who are all set to bring their own version of Windows 8 tablets like Asus,Acer,Samsung and Dell.

Will Microsoft announce their own Windows 8 Tablet ? Or Won’t They ? Well for that we have to play the waiting game !


Dell’s Windows 8 Business Tablet More Details Revealed

Dell’s Windows 8 tablet plan is an open secret,a few weeks ago we reported about the Dell Tablet.Now some more details about their new upcoming Windows 8 business tablet has been leaked recently courtesy internal slides.

As reported earlier by Neowin recently leaked slides from another company insider revealed some more of the specifications of Dell’s upcoming Windows 8 Business Tablet.As you can see from the above slide,We can see some specifications like Intel’s Clover Trail 1.5Ghz Dual Core Processor,with upto 128GB Solid State Drive and 2GB of RAM.

A 10.1″ HD display with capacitive touch screen would also feature Gorilla Glass,with option of 2 or 4 cell battery and other connectivity features like Bluetooth,Wifi etc .There is also an optional Dock which would feature 4 USB ports along with Ethernet and HDMI Ports.

The article also notes that this is not the only tablet which Dell would release by the end of the year,there are also talks about a WinRT based tablet which is expected to hit the markets by the end of the year,but there are some issues to be sorted out before they can introduce it to the world.


Samsung Shows Off Its Windows 8 Hybrid at Computex

Computex even is buzzing with the word Windows 8,with an array of devices from Acer,Asus,Lenovo have already been demonstrated,so how can Samsung,one of the prime Windows 8 partners stay behind.

At Computex Samsung showcased their Hybrid  Series 5 Tablet.The tablet will be powered by an Intel based Clover Trail Processor and like the other tablets we saw yesterday it also sports a detachable keyboard,but this one is quite different from the others,since its a magnetic keyboard.Talking about the Display it will sport a 11.1 ” display screen with a possible 1080P resolution support.

Image Credits[Engadget]

The battery life is expected to be 10 hours.Along with two camera’s one 8 megapixel and the other one with 2 megapixel resolution.Talking about the connectivity ports it has USIM Slot,USB Port and a Card Reader.It will also come with a modified version of  S-Pen and S-Memo software which is currently present  in their Galaxy Note.

This is an early build of the device so we can expect some changes to the device.Again no time frame and pricing details were hinted at the demonstration,we can expect the  pricing details and detailed specifications in coming days.


Lenovo’s Windows 8 ThinkPad Shown Off

Its been quite a busy week for the biggies at Computex.we reported about two of the major company’s  Windows 8 Tablets namely Asus Tablet 600 and Acer’s Iconia Range of W700 and W510 tablets and now its time for Lenovo.

Image Credits[Engadget]

Lenovo showcased their version of the Windows 8 tablet the Lenovo Thinkpad.Tablet which runs Windows 8 operating system sports a 10.1″ display screen with a resolution of 1366×768.Talking about the CPU,it runs on an unspecified Intel Clover Trail processor,with a maximum battery life of 10 hours.Also there are two camera’s one with 2 megapixel and the other one with 8 megapixel.

Talking about the connectivity features it has a Micro HDMI and a docking connector suggesting an add on device is on the cards.No pricing details or the specifications are known at the moment.We can expect a word on that soon.

Windows 8 final release is expected in the month of October along with the tablets,laptops and other windows 8 based devices.Stay tuned for more coverage.