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Microsoft Could Push Surface RT Through Non-Microsoft Retailers to Increase its Reach

Over the past few days,we have been hearing about low Surface Sales due to the Distribution strategy  of Microsoft.

But now it seems according to recent reports  from Paul Thurrott suggests that according to his most trusted sources,that Microsoft could push the Surface RT devices through Non-Microsoft Retail channels sooner rather than later in countries other than the United States,Canada and Puerto Rico,but no specific mention of the countries.

In the second phase of the rollout which starts off with the Surface Pro devices running Windows 8 which would start in January 2013,the software giant will include retailers like Staples,BestBuy.Though there is no official word on the rollout strategy as the company doesn’t comment or rumors and speculations,so we would have to wait for an official word on that front.


[Rumor]Windows Blue Update To Introduce New Update Model!

Windows. Blue has been the talk of the town even before the launch of  Windows 8, with few reports caliming that this would be the next update to Windows 8 slated for release next year.

Recent findings from TheVerge suggests that Windows Blue would introduce a new standardize approach with more regular updates for Windows and Windows Phone ecosystem.The Update is said to be having some UI changes In the platform and also the pricing of this update will be lower(or possibly even free of cost) in order to ensure that everyone install this update on their Systems.

Soon After this update release Microsoft will update the Wndows SDK Supporting the new release and will stop accepting apps Specifically built for Windows 8 and pushing the developers to move to the blue platform for apps development.However the Windows 8 apps will run on this update despite of the changes in the SDK.For upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows Blue users will need to have a genuine Windows license or the pirated Version if detected while upgrading will not allow the built in apps and Windows Store to function after the upgrade.

This is still an unconfirmed report,as none of the representatives from the company were ready to talk about this update.

Source[The Verge]


Windows Store Apps Numbers Shows Astounding Growth,Reaches 3,600Apps

Windows Store for the Windows 8 based apps has been growing steadily after the Windows 8 RTM launch and as we inch closer to the public release of Windows 8  there is a surge in the Windows Store with The store reaching 3,610 apps with 3weeks for the release.

We were expecting  around 3,000 apps for the launch,but courtesy the growing number of apps in the store we might see over 5000 apps in the store before the launch.

Image Credits[WinAppUpdate]

Windows Store app tracking site WinappUpdate, recently reported that the store is growing at a rate of  118 apps per day and during the 3 days of last week the store saw an average of 240 apps submissions per day.

The store is dominated by free apps with as many as  88% of the apps available for free in the Windows Store. Gaming still holds the number one spot in the app categories with 18% of total apps,followed by entertainment with 13% of total apps and tools with 10% of the total number of apps in the store.

By the looks of it,it seems to be going good as far as the Windows Store goes and we can expect a good quantity and quality of apps in the store by the time Windows 8 hits General Availability.

Rumored Windows 8 beta Road Map Leaked

With the release of Windows 8 beta version of OS nearing its release date, speculations of a leaked road map of its release are churning in the rumor mills. With Windows 8 still in its pre-beta phase of development there is constant growth in curiosity amongst developers and users likewise. A couple of days back, Winunleaked.tk claimed that the current version number for Windows 8 has reached to 8176.But now the very same web site claims to have acquired Microsoft’s current development road map for Windows 8. It claims that from now until January 23, Windows 8 will be considered to be in pre-beta form at Microsoft. On January 23, Windows 8 will go into what is known as Beta Escrow.

The article also has the knowledge that,  Microsoft testers will then vote on which of the Windows 8 builds will in fact be the final beta build with the decision being made on January 28. Finally, the article claims that the beta build will be shown at an internal Microsoft preview on January 30. The target build number for the final beta will be 8200.winmain_win8b1.

However, Microsoft has still remained quite on this issue and continues to maintain a certain level of secrecy about its timeline of the beta release, but if true, the timeline certainly tracks with what Microsoft has already said about the Windows 8 beta being released to the public in February. Microsoft’s CES 2012 keynote address, to be held later today in Las Vegas, will give some indication as to what to expect from the software giant with respect to its Windows 8 release plans.


Windows 8 Desktop App Compatibility For ARM Might Still Be Possible

ARM-Microprocessor Graphic Representation
Officially As Of Now, ARM Devices Will Only Run Metro Side Of Windows 8

Veteran Microsoft analyst Mary Jo-Foley has recently stated that she thinks Microsoft will release Windows 8 on ARM with support for ARM devices. Since her predictions on Windows 8 have been quite accurate so far, it has reopened the debate on whether ARM devices running Windows 8 will be able to run the so-called Desktop Apps. And some are siding with Mary saying that it might be possible.

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Windows 8 tablet would be launched in 2012

With Apple iPad 2 is going to hit the stores by next week, it seems Microsoft has to wait for another year to launch a real iPad competitor in the Market. According to the report published by Morgan Stanley, Microsoft would be launching Windows 8 for tablets in the first half of 2012.

Michael Gartenberg, an analyst for research firm Gartner said“If 2011 is the year of the tablet wars, Microsoft will be awfully late suiting up for that battle. It’s not a good position to be in. [....] Battle lines are being drawn, land is being grabbed, users are being evangelized and spending money” , so Microsoft has to rely on HP Slate and Asus Eee Slate which runs on Windows 7 until Windows 8 for tablets is released.

We have earlier reported a leaked  roadmap from Dell stating that they would be launching Windows 8 Tablet in the first quarter of 2012, which matches with the report be Morgan Stanley. So we could definitely expect the Windows 8 tablet launch at CES 2012.

Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft may demo Windows 8 tablet in June

According to the reports by Business Insider, Microsoft may show Windows 8 tablet demo in June this year. A source who spoke to the Business Insider says that Microsoft is following a more Apple like approach and will be using the concepts of ‘metro’ interface which was developed for Windows Phone 7.

We have already posted that Microsoft has finished with the Windows 8 Milestone 2 with the last build known as 6.2.7950.0.winmain_win8m2_escrow.110223-1820 and may have even started working on Windows 8 Milestone 3. Further according to our sources the beta version of Windows 8 is expected in late June or July which coincides with the timeline posted by Business Insider related to Windows 8 tablet.


Why next version of windows will be called Windows 8

Microsoft has been silent about the name of the next version of windows,even in the CES 2011 it was just referred as next version of Windows, but recently another MSDN blog referred to it as Windows 8. Christian Kirchesch,  the person responsible for the design and orientation of Microsoft’s online presence in Germany with respect to Windows operating systems (www.windows.de and windows.microsoft.com) has posted a blog post naming next version of windows to be windows 8.

Microsoft was indeed quick to remove the post and wasn’t even cached by Google but MS own search engine Bing have cached the page.


The translated version of the page reads as-

Windows 8 will be familiar x86 architecture first time, ARM processors support both. That gave Steve Ballmer this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is known for. Therefore supports the next generation of Microsoft Windows so-called system-on-a-Chip (SoC) architectures from Intel and AMD, but also ARM-based systems including NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. The special feature: the conventional one. While x86 chips (from Intel and AMD) PCs and laptops are used in most ARM chips are mainly used in smart phones and tablet PCs. Windows 8 will therefore not only on conventional PCs, but also specifically in the mobile can use to develop its full potential.

Endeavors to make future Windows is available in its full scope of services on as many devices. In particular, mobile devices now have to give up features of a modern operating system. Microsoft presented during the press conference already examples of SoC devices: hardware acceleration for graphics and web browsing with Internet Explorer 9, support of USB interfaces, or printing from mobile devices – the power of the PC as well as future mobile devices. As another example, Microsoft showed ARM-based devices that make the office suite in the full scope of services available.

Windows 8 to have innovative network security feature

There is yet another job post on Microsoft career site about Windows 8 stating that the next operating system would have an innovative network security feature and the NAP team is already working on it.

Here is what the job post reads-

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: Israel, Haifa
Job ID: 731522 25043
Division: Server & Tools Business

We are looking for high potential individual with strong technical skills, drive for result, ability to quickly pick up on new technologies, customer focus who is a team player.
The team, called NAP, is currently developing an innovative network security feature for Windows 8. You will be part of a small and highly competent team developing a technologically challenging and innovative system that will part of Windows 8 both on the client side and on the server side.
BSC or MSC in Software Eng. or Computer Eng.
High potential to grow and evolve
Great people skills, team player, confident and enthusiastic

Windows 8 -Sensor Scenario Leaked

After the huge success of Windows 7 , expectations from Windows 8 are much much higher than anything.Though nothing is out officially out but some Microsoft Partner internal information information has been leaked on the web few days back.

Windows 8 is expected to make some changes in hardware of new generation laptops or PC’s.We are open to this conclusion since Windows 8 “Sensor Scenario” is out.With this feature with the help of proximity sensors authentication and validation can be done. Here are some previews for the design :

1. He walks into his room

2. Sensor recognizes it and starts Autoresume process

3.Face Detection for login process

4.Logging in

5.Again proximity sensor sensing that amish is out of the room

6.Logging out and sleeping

Credit for the information goes to Win7vista.com