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Windows 8 to have restore to factory setting option and other features

Chinese site Win7China had an exclusive talk with their tipster in Microsoft and according to them Windows 8 would have restore to Factory settings option which would allow users to fully restore your windows to ‘factory’ state within 2 minutes and also it wouldn’t utilize much of the disk space. In Windows 7 and previous Windows we can create a ghost copy of Windows after it has been installed and can recover using it whenever required, but with the addition of this new feature in Windows 8 it would be much easier to restore your windows to factory state.

Another thing they talked about it is that the installation of Windows 8 Milestone 3 took 8 minutes compared to the 23-25 minutes taken by Windows 7 on same configuration. This means that Windows 8 would install around 2.5 times faster then Windows 7. In addition to the installation time, the time taken to update Windows and the time taken to wake up from sleep has been improved significantly.

We have already mentioned some of the new features including multi touch interface, built in App Store and Login using Windows Live ID in this post, Win7China has also published some of the images confirming these features.


This image shows the taskbar in Windows 8  and belongs to Build 7910. We can see the small image on the right which is indeed User account image of Live account. We can also change the user account image via Windows and can even add videos to it. Here is the screenshot to confirm it-

Windows 8 live

Another feature that has been added in Windows 8 is that the taskbar now shows the progress of driver installation-

Windows 8 driver installation

Lastly they have published 2 Windows 8 internal wallpapers which reads as shhh… let’s not leak our hard work

Windows 8 wallpaper1Windows 8 wallpaper2

Update: The configuration on which Windows 8 took 8 min to install and Windows 7 took 23-25 min to install is 24G RAM, 2TB hard drive (certainly not the SSD) and 8-core processors, so it’s a comparison and Windows 8 would take much more time to install on a normal configuration.