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Get Windows 8 build 7989 boot screen in Windows 7

We have seen a new boot screen in latest leaked Windows 8 build 7989. The folks at Deviantart has now created a similar boot screen for Windows 7. The boot screen has three variants- Variant1 without ugly fish, Variant1 with ugly fish and Variant 2 without ugly fish.

Here is how you can install the boot screen in Windows 7-

  • Download latest Boot Updater
  • Unpack files from archive
  • Open this program > Click File > Load boot skin…
  • Navigate to .bs7 file
  • Select one what You like
  • Click Apply


You can download the Windows 7 Boot Screen from here.

Windows 8 build 7989 leaked on private FTP

We have yesterday reported that Windows 8 build 7989 may leak soon, today according to meouna it has been uploaded on private FTP on Win7Vista.com and is available for download to VIP members.

Here are the details of the file:

File : 6.2.7989.0.amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825.iso
Size : 3.54 GB
MD5 : 4480F94C 0E11CE58 DC9B7330 678F07DD
SHA1 : C09CDCEC 2540D93E EBE650B5 21B2F7AE 477A300A

Here is the new wallpaper which has been found in this build-


According to our sources, this build is currently being uploaded on various file sharing and torrent sites. We would be posting more information when available.

Update: We know that Windows 8 build 7989 is now available on various torrent sites, but please don’t post the links to torrents in comments, we don’t support piracy and the comments won’t be approved.

Windows 8 build 7989 screenshots leaked, betta fish bootscreen emerges

It has been long since any screenshots has been leaked, today members at BA forums has posted some of the screenshots of Windows 8 build 7989. The complete build of this build is 7989.winmain.110421-1825 and it also belongs to Milestone 3 branch. These screenshots shows the return of Betta Fish in Windows 8. The new wallpaper has also been shown in these leaked screenshots. Here are the set of screenshots-



Canouna at MDL forums mentioned some of the new features which is found in this build-

  • New bootscreen
  • New Aero
  • AeroLite Glass
  • Few change in Ribbon
  • New mode in Account User called Touch Logon

According to the information available this build would be leaked soon.We would keep you updated once leaked..