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Windows 8 build 7959 x64 server edition leaked

It has hardly been a week since Windows 8 build 7955 has been leaked, today BetaArchive has again leaked another build and this time it’s Windows 8 build 7959 Server Edition. This is the first 64 bit build to be leaked.

Here are the details of the build-

Microsoft Windows 8 (”Windows 8” 6.2.7959.0) (Enterprise) (m3)
ISO Size: 2.87GB (3,229,550,592 bytes)
ISO MD5: 99375D7782027CBF2E70F5D0F8648406

The build is currently available on BetaArchive FTP but would hit the torrent and file sharing sites soon.

Also there has been rumors that Windows 8 build 7971 may leak soon. We would keep you updated on the same

Windows 8 build 7959

Windows 8 build 7959_1

Windows 8 Latest Build,build 7959

Zukona has once again posted the screenshot of setup.exe file of Windows 8 build 7959. The complete build string of this build is currently unknown though it has been compiled within past 1 week.

Windows 8 build 7959

As these builds as compiled we are getting closer to Windows 8 Beta whose build series would start from 8000. According to our sources Windows 8 Beta is scheduled be available in July 2011 and may probably leak in June. Further we are expecting that Microsoft would release two beta and one RC version of Windows 8.

Windows 7 Post-RTM: 6.1.76xx.x.winmain.xxxxxx-xxxx
Windows 7 Post-RTM: 6.1.77xx.x.winmain.xxxxxx-xxxx
Windows 8 Milestone 1: 6.1.785x.x.winmain_win8m1.xxxxxx-xxxx
Windows 8 Milestone 2: 6.2.7853.x.winmain_win8m2.xxxxxx-xxxx
Windows 8 Milestone 2: 6.2.79xx.x.winmain_win8m2.xxxxxx-xxxx
Windows 8 Milestone 3: 6.2.795x.x.winmain_win8m3.xxxxxx-xxxx

The latest build being- 6.2.7959.0.winmain_win8m3.11030x-xxxx

Update: Another build has surfaced with build string as 6.2.7961.0.winmain_win8m3.110308-1712

[ via MDL Forums ]