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Windows 8 Worldwide Marketshare Reaches 3.17% in 5 Months

Windows 8 was launched on 26th October along with the public launch of Windows RT.Last month the Operating System reached 2.67% of Worldwide PC Marketshare.

Windows 8 market share 3.17
Today after a month it stands at 3.17% of Worldwide PC Marketshare as per the recent updates from NetApplications which keeps a close watch for market share of PC Operating Systems,Browser and some other internet technologies regularly.

Though it is not a brisk growth,It is good to see the growth of nee operating system from Microsoft at a cost of Windows XP which is down from 38.99% last month to 38.73% and Windows Vista which is down from 5.17% last month to 4.99% this month(March end).But Windows 7 is still keeping up with its popularity growing from 44.55% last month to 44.77% this month.

So it’s only a matter of time till we see Windows 8 in the Top 3 surpassing Windows Vista’s PC market share in a month or two.


[Net Applications]Windows 8 Marketshare Surpasses Mac OSX,Runs on 2.67% of PC’s Worldwide

Its been 4 month since the launch of Windows 8 operating system and Within that span Windows 8 has been successful  in surpassing the Worldwide marketshare of Mac OSX(including 10.8,10.7 and 10.5 version).

windows 8 marketshare



As per the recent findings from Net Applications,Windows 8 now counts around 2.67%(up from 2.26% last month) of total worldwide PC’s market share as of today.Which brings it to the Number 4 spot with the Top 3 spots held by Windows 7,Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system.While doing so the latest operating system crossed the marketshare of Mac OSX 10.8 which stands at 2.61% .

While Windows 7 holds the top spot with 44.55% (up from 44.48% last month)marketshare with XP at 38.99%(down from39.51% last month) and Windows Vista at 5.17% (down from 5.24% last month)market share.So the new operating system from Microsoft is gaining   is gaining upon its predecessors marketshare.

We can  expect Windows 8 to surpass Windows Vista in coming months and reach into the top 3 spot of the Operating System marketshare.

Source[Net Applications]

Over 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold Within a Month!

Windows 8 was launched at a mega event last month(26th October) along with the Surface RT and other Windows 8 hardware.Within 4 days of the launch 4 Million Windows 8 Upgrades were sold to public,giving an indication of a good start.

Now Microsoft has officially announced on their Windows blog that just after a month of the public release Microsoft has sold as many as 40 Million Windows 8 licenses worldwide.

Windows business head Tami Reller shared this news at the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference.Not just that,but according to Microsoft Windows 8 is outpacing the sales of Windows 7 in comparison with it’s launch,though they didn’t specifically mention the numbers,but i guess this 40 million do speak for itself.

Source[Blogging Windows ]

Workaround for Windows 8 Pro $14.99 Upgrade for Existing Windows 7 Users

Microsoft recently launched their latest and greatest operating system Windows 8 and with the launch Microsoft also made sure that everyone upgrades to their latest operating system by brining down the upgrade prices drastically.

Currently there are two upgrade offers running for the consumers,one is $39.99 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for those who have Wndows XP,Windows Vista and Windows 7 licensed PC which was bought before June 2nd 2012. The cheaper upgrade allows users who have bought a Windows 7 PC in period of June 2nd through January 31st 2013,those users can avail an upgrade to Windows 8 for a price of $14.99?But there is a workaround to trick the $39.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade to $14.99.

Amit Bhawani from WindowsTotal has found out a workaround which allows the existing Windows 7 users who have bought the PC before June 2nd to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with the $14.99 upgrade offer.

All it requires is that the  user has to visit WindowsUpgradeOffer site And While Registering for the offer,in the details form users have to fill in a recent date.After entering the details You would receive an email to the registered Email ID,which contains the Promo Code,which can be used for upgrading the O.S using the Windows 8 upgrade Assistant.

Even the illegal Windows users who are running  a pirated copy of Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7 can now upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $ 39.99.

If this is an intentional move by the Software Giant,it is indeed a great move to encourage users to buy Original Products rather than opting for a Pirated Copy of the same.Upgrade your Windows PC Today,to enjoy the New and innovative Windows 8 experience.

Source[ WindowsTotal]

Underwhelming PreRelease Response Raise Concerns ahead of Windows 8 Launch!

We are about four weeks away from the official public release of Windows 8 and for the various devices slated for release for the launch.But there’s no indication about how big(or  small) will be the response from the consumers who will be upgrading to or buying a fresh copy of Windows 8.Microsoft Has already made some good efforts to make sure that the launch live up to the expectations with lower upgrade prices for Wndows 8.

ComputerWorld, Recently reported about the prerelease version installs  as compared to the Windows 7′s prerelease Installs a month before the launch of the operating system and  as it turns out the numbers are not in favor of Windows 8,at the time of Windows 7 almost 1.64% users installed  pre release version a month before the release,while for Windows 8 the number marks at  about 0.33%  which is 5 times lesser than the predecessor.

Again this is just a pure pre release comparison and with the release of Windows 8 we can expect a better conversion rate with two different versions from Microsoft with Windows RT and Windows 8 and the fact that the operating system is being optimized for the touch screens,might just make the users wait a bit for the hardware release than actually trying out the operating system on non touch based PCs.

 So we would have to wait and watch if Windows 8 turns out to be yet another Vista or as good as Windows 7 if not better than the current operating system.

Windows 8 Pro Upgrades At 39.99$ For Windows XP and above!

There is  a Great news for all the Windows XP and the Windows Vista users out there.Microsoft has just announced the Windows 8 Pro upgrade program for all the versions of Windows from Windows XP and above.

So from the general availability of Windows 8 (read October) everyone with a licensed version of Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7 can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for a price of 39.99$ ranging over 131 markets worldwide and that’s not all you can avail yourself Windows Media Center for Free with the “add features” option that is available in Windows 8 Pro after the upgrade.

For helping out with your Windows 8 Pro upgrades there is a Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant program which makes the upgrade process simpler courtesy the Step by Step walk through right from the moment of purchase till you complete the download and installation of the copy to your PC.

The upgrade assistant will first of all check for your PC’s compatibility with Windows 8 to make sure that your PC can run the upcoming operating system without any hassle,providing you with the compatibility report of the same.It will also notify the users about the compatibility issues with the existing hardware devices or applications running on the PC if any.After you finish up with your purchase the assistant will automatically start the download in the in built download manager with resume support.

After the  download is completed, you can either proceed with the upgrade (“Install now”) or you can install it at a later stage from your desktop or by creating your own media. If you choose the later option, you can create your own bootable USB or .ISO file which can be burned onto a DVD for upgrade and backup purposes and if you want a backup DVD along with it you can purchase it for $15 plus shipping and handling.

If you are upgrading your PC from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro you will be able to retain all your Windows settings, personal files, and apps.If  you are currently on a Windows Vista system you can retain Windows settings and personal files and if you are running a Windows XP version then you can only retain all your personal files while upgrading your system to Windows 8 Pro.

If you prefer to buy a physical copy of the upgrade from a store near you,you will have to Shred some extra bucks for the Packaged DVD version which will cost you 69.99$ during this promotion period.

This promotional offer will run through the public release of Windows 8 till the 31st January 2013.

Source:[Windows Team Blog]

Microsoft Reveals More Information On Windows 8 Upgrade Plans

Yesterday we reported about the Windows 8 Upgrade offer which starts from today.As per the offer whoever buy the Windows 7 PC starting from today i.e from June 2nd 2012 to  31st Jan 2013,can avail the 14.99$ upgrade offer for Windows 8 Pro.

After the Release Preview release yesterday,microsoft has revealed some more details on the upgrade offers.The offer is available for those who buy Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate versions of Windows 7,but those who buy the Windows 7 Starter Edition will not get this offer for Windows 8 Pro upgrade.Moreover those who want to use the Windows Media Center would have to buy it separately along with the Windows 8 Pro.

The upgrade comes with 90 days of no-charge support from Microsoft.It will primarily be available as a digital format(downloadable copy)and those who would like to own a physical copy of it would have to pay an additional cost.Some other limitations of the upgrade includes a limit of 5 upgrade offers per person,which includes student,enthusiasts and home users.

As we have already mentioned Microsoft will reveal more details on the upgrade offers for the users who already have a Windows 7 PC i.e.before the start of this offer.Stay tune for more information on that and other Windows 8 scoop.

For more FAQ’s on Windows 8 Upgrade offer checkout the official page.

Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for Just 14.99$

Last week Mary Jo Foley From CNET Reported about the Windows 7 to Windows 8 upgrade plans,reporting that the Software Giant is planning a low cost upgrade solution for all the current Windows 7 users running various editions of Windows 7,which would encourage them to upgrade to the latest offering from Microsoft.

What that report didn’t include is the price tag of what actually the users would have to pay in order to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.A new report from Paul Thurott Suggests that the cost for upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 would be around 14.99$.

So come June 2 when the official Promotional Campaign Kicks off,people who will buy a copy of Windows 7 operating systems can avail this low cost upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.This offer price is valid for US Only buyers,so the local price may vary according to locations.

So no matter what version of Windows 7 you buy you can get the Windows 8 Pro edition for 14.99$ as an upgrade to your Windows 7 version.The article also talks about Windows 8 Pro upgrades from the lower version of Windows 8,the “Upgrade Packs”for those kinds of upgrade which will bring features like Windows Media Center would also be there,but at the moment the pricing details for those packs are not available.Stay tuned for more Windows 8 Scoop.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Beats Windows 7 in Benchmarking Tests

All of us got a glimpse of Windows 8′s performance with the launch of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.It’s Fast and Fluid with a refreshingly new Metro UI and for what we all know its Faster than its predecessor Windows 7,thanks to improved memory management and other new improved features like Hardware Acceleration etc.

Recently PCWorld Tested the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7 through the WorldBench 7 Tests.In all the tests performed comparing both the operating systems Windows 8 outperformed its predecessor by a good margin.In the worldbench 7 test Windows 8 fared 14% better than Windows 7 which is a huge margin.

The second test was for the Startup Time,the results are quite evident that Windows 8 is much more lighter and faster than Windows 7 when it comes to Starting up the system.The average start up time for Windows 8 consumer preview was around 37 seconds,while that of Windows 7 was around 56 seconds,while the actual startup time to reach the Start Screen of Windows 8 was around 24 seconds.These were the results for a normal Hard Disk Drive,so if you are going to use a Solid State Drive the startup time would improve drastically.

The next Test was the Web Performance Test, this test measures the system rendering performance for the  dynamic Web content, which includes JavaScript and HTML 5. Browsers used were  Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8, and IE 9 in Windows 7.The results clearly indicates the performance gain of Windows 8 courtesy hardware acceleration,with the Frame rate almost 40-50% better than Windows 7′s browser.

The only Test which Fared better for the Windows 7 operating system was the Office Productivity test,this time getting better of Windows 8,the test included tasks such as editing text, launching applications, and scanning for viruses. In this test Windows 8′s score was approximately 8% lower than its predecessor.

Image Credits[PCWorld]

So far so good for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview baring the lone Office Productivity test in which it was inferior to Windows 7,but considering that it’s not the final release of the upcoming operating system we can give that a benefit of the doubt and surely the performance would only get better in the final release.

Windows 8 is expected to hit the shores by the final quarter of the year with x86 as well as ARM architecture with devices slated to be released by multiple manufacturers in the holiday season.

Facebook Messenger App For Windows Officially Released

The Facebook Chat app for Windows was leaked a couple of months ago over the internet,allowing many people to try out the unofficial version of Facebook App.

Now Facebook Finally decided to make an official release of the Facebook App for Windows.The app officially supports only Windows 7 as of now,though the support for the other version of Windows is right around the corner.It will also get a Mac version sooner as they are also worming on the Facebook Chat app for the Mac version.

The Facebook app not just allow the users to chat to their facebook friends as well as send a message to them through the app ,it also sports in the Ticker above the Chat for the notifications over facebook,whenever you get tagged or comments on the posts,just like the web interface.Though there’s no support for Group chat or Video chat from the desktop app as of now,but we can expect that to be made available in the future updates.

With many of the apps coming to Windows Store,it remains to be seen if Facebook prepares to make an early appearance with their Facebook Metro app for Windows 8.

Download Now [Facebook App For Windows]