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Rumors Suggest that Windows Blue Could Bring Smaller Windows Tablets in Picture

Things are heating up with the rumors floating around Windows Blue which is supposedly the next Windows update after Windows 8.

Latest one was spotted in a big article  from TheVerge which talks about  dropping the Windows Brandname spotted earlier by Neowin.The article suggests that Windows Blue would be optimized to run on a smaller form factor tablets which would add 7 and 8 inch Windows tablets in picture and that would eventually mean that the hardware partners are readying themselves for the same.

All the existing Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices are of 10 inch or above screen size and if this is true then we would see a wide range of Windows tablets (Surface 7″ anyone!)with smaller screens and cheaper alternatives to their bigger brothers and would give a tough competition to the likes of Nexus 7 and the new iPad Mini.


Oprah Loves Surface,but likes iPad more!

Oprah Winfrey is well known for her show all over the world.Recently she prised the new Surface Tablet saying that it is One of her Favorite Things of 2012.


Image Credits[Zagg]

Quite recently She expressed the Surface love over her twitter profile,tweeting “Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts.” but incidently the tweet wasn’t sent from her one of the favorite things this year,but it was sent from iPad’s Twitter app.

Zagg.com spotted this from the iPhone’s TweetBot app,which was able to Pull the source of the tweet.It might also be the case because there isn’t an official app for Twitter available over the Windows Store(not counting the third party apps) so you have to give Her the benefit of doubt.

Source [Zagg]

Asus Gives VivoTab RT a $50 Price Cut,Throws in a Free Keyboard Dock as Well!

All those who were complaining about the overpriced Windows RT tablet by Asus,there’s a good news for you guys.

Within a few days of the launch Asus has announced a $50 price cut for their VivoTab RT(32GB model),binging the price down to $549! what more ? They are throwing in a free keyboard dock(which costs additional  $200).

Image Credits[Asus]
Consumers can buy the discounted tablet from Amazon and B&H.With this price cut Asus is challenging by far the best selling Microsoft Surface RT tablet which costs at $599 with a bundled touch cover,in addition to that the tablet also has features like NFC and GPS which can’t be seen on the Surface RT.

To claim the free keyboard the consumers will have to join the Asus Membership program,after registering the members will have to upload the pictures of the product serial number and a picture of its purchase label in order to avail this offer.The offer is valid till 31st December 2012.

Checkout the Offer Page for More Details.

Microsoft’s Secret 7″ Weapon is Xbox Surface Tablet!

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet has been the best kept secret.There wasn’t a clue of such a thing is in the works by the software giant until a couple of days before the official reveal a few months ago.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with their next Big(or Small) thing in the tablet market.TheVerge reports from sources familiar to the plan  that the software giant is working on a 7″ gaming tablet under their popular Xbox Division the “Xbox Surface”.


Image Credits [Shifted2U]

The tablet specifications are in accordance with the rumored 7″ tablet which were floating around the web Before the surface event.The tablet would probably feature a custom ARM or an unannounced Intel based SoC and it won’t be running on Windows 8 but a custom Windows Kernel since the prime focus of the device is gaming.So don’t expect much on the apps Front other than basic tablet functions and messaging.


Microsoft Accidentally Reveal Surface RT Pricing,Pulls Off the Page Within a Few Hours!

All the tech enthusiasts and Microsoft Fanboys have been speculating the Surface Tablet pricing which is slated for release on 26th October.

But it seems that,Microsoft has accidently revealed the pricing for the Surface RT tablets on their official Microsoft Store,with the 32GB version of Surface costing $499 without the Touch Cover,while the same version with the touch cover priced at $599.The higher storage version with 64GB of storage is priced at $699 which included the touch cover.

If you plan to buy the cover separately it would cost you $119.99 for the Touch Cover and $119.99 for the Type Cover. The touch covers seems to be available in various colour choices like black,white,red,blue and pink while the Type Cover in a single Black colour choice.

Though the page has been pulled offline now,might be because it was accidentally published prematurely before the actual date or there might be a slight chance of a PR stunt with giving the users a glimpse of the price range and later on modifying the pricing at a lower price point.We never know!

Anyways,we will definitely see the official pricing in coming days as we are less than 10 days away from the official release of the devices.


Windows 8 and Surface Wins Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Product Award

We are 3 weeks away from the Windows 8 public release and the Surface RT tablet release,but These two products from the Software Giant have already joined the awards lists.

As reported earlier by Neowin Popular Mechanics Recently announced the breakthrough performers of the year 2012 for various categories including products,Innovations etc.Windows 8 along with Surface Tablet has already made to the list of breakthrough product of the year 2012 just weeks before the  official release.

The new Windows 8 operating system reinvents the operating system erasing the distinction between desktops and the touch screen based  tablets,giving the users the choice of using touch input as well as the conventional keyboard and mouse input and the choice to switch between the Modern Ui and the desktop mode,while for the Surface the keyboard doubles up as a protective cover,while the tablet gets a PC functionality courtesy the powerful Intel based processors(for Windows 8 Pro based Surface).

Though the selection of these devices and operating system before the release might feel a bit odd,since Popular Mechanics couldn’t have got ample of time with the device to play before giving this verdict,so it’s unsure on what basis have they awarded these products for this years list.
Nevertheless its’s a good sign of things to come for Microsofts products as we inch closer to the mega launch on 26th October where we will see Surface RT release along with an array of devices from manufacturers like Dell,Samsung,Acer,Asus and HP.


Microsoft Employees Will Get a Free SurfaceTablet,Windows Phone 8 and New Work PCs

Microsoft will be launching a bunch of products this holiday season,with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch and of course the much awaited Windows RT based Surface Tablet launch.

Though the pricing details for Windows Phones and the Surface tablets are not out yet,People working at Microsoft will not have to worry aout buying those fancy products!In an internal meeting at KeyArena,Seattle Microsoft Announced a surprise package for its employees.

To start off with Free Windows RT based Surface tablets for all the full time employees for home and work use,not just that all the employees will get a Widows Phone 8 device for home and work use.Moreover all the employees work machines will be Moved to Windows 8  based machines Manufactured by their hardware partners,as reported earlier by GeekWire.

At this moment there are over 94,000 people working worldwide for the Software Giant.The company did a similar thing when they launched the Windows Phone 7 a couple of years ago,giving away the devices to all its employees.

Lenovo Not Afraid Of The Surface Tablet,Claims To Provide Better Hardware !

After Microsoft’s announcement of Surface Tablet earlier this year,it was expected that the other manufacturers won’t be in favor of the Software Giant trying to get into the PC Hardware market.

There were some like Acer who thought that it would have a negative impact on the tablet market and then there are some companies like Lenovo who are quite ok with it and ready to turn on the heat for competing with the Software Giant when the devices releases alongside the Windows 8 public release on October 26th.

Though like Acer,Lenovo who is the prime hardware partner for Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices don’t like the idea of surface tablets,but according to the Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing,it just adds up a competitor in the market.He added,”[They're] just one of our many competitors. We are still confident that we are providing much better hardware than our competitors including Microsoft,”.

According to Lenovo’s CEO,there is no doubt that Microsoft is strong in the Software business,but he thinks that when it comes to the hardware business they can’t provide a better hardware but Lenovo can.

So this makes it clear that like Acer who is also committed to bring Windows RT and Windows 8 hardware despite of the concerns over Surface tablet competition,Lenovo is also not afraid of Surface and will be trying their best to bring out a better product from their side.


Office 2013 and Windows Phone 8 Release Dates Supposedly Leaked

A couple of days ago Microsoft officially announced the release dates for the Windows 8 public release on 26th of October,but that is not the only product scheduled to be released by the software giant.

Windows Phone 8 and the next version of Microsoft office i.e Office 2013 is also expected to be released in the coming months,with the Preview release of Office 2013 which was released a few days ago,its about time for the rumors for the launch dates for both the products.

Apparently ZDNet has got some inside news from an unnamed sources about the supposed release dates for both Windows Phone 8 and Office 2013.According to their sources the Windows Phone 8 will hit RTM by the month of September while the devices will be available by the month of November.While the Office 2013 is said to be ready for RTM by November while the final release will be in the month of February 2013.

They also reported about the release dates of other Microsoft products like Visual Studio 2012 with RTM coming in August and General Availability by September and Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTM by September and general availability by October.

So it seems that there is a packed scheduled coming up as far as the product launch goes for the Software Giant.


Microsoft Announces Office 2013 Customer Preview, Windows XP and Vista Not Supported

Yesterday at the press conference held in San Francisco the Software Giant announced the much awaited Office 2013,next version of company’s popular productivity suite.

The rumors about a supposed beta release of Office 2013 were floating around at the start of the month,but now as confirmed yesterday by Microsoft,the Customer Preview version of Office 2013 is now available for download over web.The suite contains all the good old popular tools like Word,PowerPoint,One Note,OutLook and Excel with a touch of Metro interface,with intuitive design which works well with touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard inputs across Windows-based devices, including tablets.along with the other features like Cloud support and social service support like Yammer and Skype.

This version of Office will support Windows 7 as well as the upcoming Windows 8 operating system,however Microsoft has decided to close the doors for the older operating systems,so all those who own a Windows XP or Vista operating system wont be able to use this version of office suite.To use it with the Windows 8 version,you would have to at least update to Windows 8 Release Preview till the final release goes public in October.

This is quite a clever move by Microsoft,to lure the consumers to upgrade to the latest and greatest operating system.With the newly announced upgrade plans for the users it won’t  burn their pockets to shed  39.99$ for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade which is the cheapest of all the version.This version will support both the Wind0ws 8 version as well as the newly launched Windows RT version of devices including Microsoft Surface Tablet.

You can download the Office 2013  Customer Preview Now