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Oprah Loves Surface,but likes iPad more!

Oprah Winfrey is well known for her show all over the world.Recently she prised the new Surface Tablet saying that it is One of her Favorite Things of 2012.


Image Credits[Zagg]

Quite recently She expressed the Surface love over her twitter profile,tweeting “Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts.” but incidently the tweet wasn’t sent from her one of the favorite things this year,but it was sent from iPad’s Twitter app.

Zagg.com spotted this from the iPhone’s TweetBot app,which was able to Pull the source of the tweet.It might also be the case because there isn’t an official app for Twitter available over the Windows Store(not counting the third party apps) so you have to give Her the benefit of doubt.

Source [Zagg]

Splashtop Releases Windows 8 Testbed Program For Android

A couple of months ago we reported about Splashtop Windows 8 testbed program for iPad which allows the developers who own an ipad to use their iPad’s as a testbed for their Windows 8 applications.

Now the company has released the Win8 Metro Testbed app for the android platform,so now the developers who own an android based tablet can try out their Metro based apps right onto their devices,without the need of a Windows 8 tablet.Though this app would also require a streamer program just like its iOS counterpart to be run on a Windows 8 Release Preview  based machine.

With this application you can try out the Windows 8 Metro gestures lik,

- Swipe from the right for the Charms menu
- Swipe from the left to switch apps
- Pull down from the top to close the app
- Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side
- Pinch to do Semantic Zoom
- And many more gestures for you to explore!

The actual price of the app is 49.99$,but the introductory offer allows a 50% discount for this app.So if you don’t want to invest a huge amount in a Windows tablet as of now you can try this app From the Play Store.

Now Test Your Windows 8 Metro Apps on iPad !

Windows 8 Tablets are expected to be released later this year with various architectures like the usual x86 based processors as well as the ARM based processors.The Competition is against the number one  tablet iPad  and various flavors of android based tablets.

One of the touted features of the upcoming Windows 8 Tablets is the Metro based apps from their Windows Store,where developers will submit their Metro apps for Windows 8.So one would need a better hardware to test their Metro based apps on a touch screen.Though Microsoft gave away some of the Developer Devices at the Build conference last year,many of the developers who are busy creating their Metro apps still haven’t got a Tablet which would be a Testbed for their apps.

But if you’ve got a hold of an Apple iPad,you can test your Metro apps on their iOS based iPads Courtesy a company named Splashtop,which recently released an iOS app on App Store  named Win8 Metro Testbed program.It basically  combines an iPad app and a small “streamer” component which  runs on a Windows 8 system.

Some of the Features of this app include Windows 8 Metro touch gestures like:
- Swipe from the right for the Charms menu
- Swipe from the left to switch apps
- Pull down from the top to close the app
- Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side
- Pinch to do Semantic Zoom
- And many more gestures for you to explore!

So you just need to buy and download the app on your iPad and install the Streamer file on your target Windows 8 System and a network connection between the iPad and the target system,that is pretty much what is required to stream the  Metro app from your iPad.

Download the Win8 Metro Testbed From App Store(Currently priced at 50 % discounted cost at $24.99,official cost is $49.99),You would also require a PC equipped with Windows 8 Consumer Preview where you will install the streamer program.


Windows 8 Tablets To Hit The Market Soon [Rumor]

With the announcement of the fourth quarter earnings on Thursday, during the  company’s financial conference call with analysts, Intel CEO Paul Otellini mentioned about Android and how Android-based tablets don’t have what it takes to compete against the iPad,yet.

He said,

“Tablets are a little bit about hardware and an awful lot about software,” he said. “Until you get to Ice Cream Sandwich, the offering isn’t as powerful as with what’s out there with Apple. As Ice Cream Sandwich tablets start shipping, you’ll begin to see a little bit better receptivity…everything got a little bit better with ICS,” he said, referring to Android 4.0.

Then he made an interesting comment about Windows 8 tablets and production schedules. “The other part of that test [of competing with iPad] of course is the Windows 8 tablets that are being queued up for production”.

Intel  believes that it will be in a solid position to finally penetrate the tablet market as the world’s premier chip manufacturer. “With the silicon integration capability we have; to be able to drive the bill of materials cost down and integration up in the tablet space which I think is going to be a sweet spot for Intel,” he said.

Otellini also reiterated that the goal is to exit the year with 40 percent of consumer notebooks being ultrabooks.

Source: news.cnet

Acer and Lenovo to Join the League of Windows 8 Tablet in Q3 2012

It’s been a while since we last posted about upcoming Windows 8 tablets slated for launch in the second half of this year.Earlier we reported about Dell,Asus and even HP for that matter planning on bringing the Windows 8 tablet along with Samsung.

According to recent reports from Digitimes two more biggies from the computer industry will be joining the league for the Windows 8 tablet in Q3 2012,Lenovo and Acer would probably bring the Intel’s Clover Trail platform based Windows 8 tablet in the later half of this year,if their upstream Supply Chain sources are to be believed.

According to the sources,

Intel is set to unveil its Medfield processor, designed specifically for Android-based smartphones and tablet PCs, in the first half of 2012. But as Medfield is eclipsed by ARM-based processors in terms of performance and power saving, PC players are putting more hope on Intel’s Clover Trail platform.

So it’s believed that the PC makers would bank on the Clover Trail platform to bring the Windows 8 tablets into the market which is currently held by Apple’s iPad in terms of tablet marketshare.So the launch of Windows 8 with multiple biggies like Dell,Acer,Lenovo,Samsung war of the Tablets is on the Horizon.

[Survey]Windows 8 Tablets Pricing Should be Lower than iPad to be Successful

The Big Question when the Windows 8 Tablet launch next year would be what price tag would it get for the launch keeping in mind that it would be coming from different manufacturers like Samsung,Dell,HP and others who see the Windows 8 Tablet on their roadmap.


ZDNet conducted a survey actually a poll of a sorts to see what price point the end users are expecting and willing to shell out money from their pockets.According to the survey the highest price range which got maximum percentage of votes 38% is the 300-399$ price range,while 27% people think that the Windows 8 tablet should be priced at 400-599$ price range.Some highly optimistic 19% users voted in for less than 199$ price tag,while some crazy fanboys  are ready to shell out over 800-900$ for the Windows 8 tablet.

If we take a look the current tablet pricing from various platforms like Android and iOS,Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet which is selling like hot cakes these days costs 199$ while the market is filled with many entry level as well as high end android tablets the market is still pretty much tilted towards the iPad Tablet which costs over 499 $ all the way to the over 800$ for the costliest one from Apple.

ZDNet feels that the sweet spot for the Windows 8 tablet would be around the 499$ mark and we couldn’t agree more,the 499$ mark would be the starting price tag for the lower end Windows 8 (entry level) tablets if they have to make any impact on the market which is currently under Apple’s Shadow.Well for that to happen,we have to wait and watch !