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Internet Explorer 9 RTW Build 9.00.8112.16421.110308-0330 compiled

Microsoft has already confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 would be released on March 14 at SWSX in Austin. Well we have got some more info about it, according to our couple of sources the Internet Explorer 9 RTW build isĀ  9.00.8112.16421.110308-0330 which according to the build string was compiled on March 8. Our friend sp3ciali5t has even posted the image of this build on Twitter


Microsoft confirms Internet Explorer 9 RTW to be available on March 14

There was confusion on the RTW date of Internet Explorer 9,earlier MSDN India has tweeted that Internet Explorer 9 would be launched on March 24th but the tweet was immediately deleted.Today Microsoft has officially announced on the Exploring IE Blog that Microsoft would release Internet Explorer 9 on March 14. Here is what the team blog reads-

I mentioned last month that we would be down in Austin, TX for SXSW. Since then there has been plenty of speculation and interest as to what might be happening. Exactly twelve months from the first Platform Preview of IE9, on Monday March 14th we will celebrate the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us.  We will release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 for download beginning at 9 p.m. Pacific.

Internet Explorer 9 RTM to be launched on March 24

Internet Explorer 9 RC was released on February 10 and then according to the rumors the final version of Internet Explorer 9 was scheduled to be released on March 14 but MSDN India team has just tweeted that the final version of Internet Explorer 9 would be launched on March 24 at Tech.Ed in India.Microsoft Tech.Ed would commence from March 23 till March 25.


We have already seen that there has been increase in the Internet Explorer share for the month of February and IE 9 has already been downloaded 36 Million times.

Internet Explorer 9 RC Escrow leaked

According to the information available the Internet Explorer 9 RC escrow build 8073 has been leaked and the x86 version is available on various torrents and file sharing websites. The complete build string is 9.00.8073.6018 (WIN7_IE9_Partner.110121-2300 ) .

Here is the screenshot of the latest Build-

ie9 rc 1

and here is the screenshot of digital signature-

IE 9 digital signature

This version of Internet Explorer includes some minor UI enhancements and the download manager has also been updated.Further adding to it, Microsoft would release the RC version of Internet Explorer 9 publically soon and Internet Explorer 9 RTM is expected in March 2011.