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IE9 Mobile Demoed on Windows Phone 7

As of now most of us might be knowing that the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile is due to release on the Windows Phone 7 devices come Mango update later this year which also promises to bring the HTML 5 support to the device.Though there are some rumors that we might get to see the IE9 on our Windows Phone 7 devices well before the Mango update courtesy interim updates.


Keeping the release dates aside for a while why not see what the Internet Explorer 9 got in store for us ,lets have a look at the video posted by TheNextWeb .The video demoes the Internet Explorer 9 running on Windows Phone 7 devices.Talking about the differences from the Internet Explorer  Mobile 7  to Internet Explorer Mobile 9 ,in the later the Address Bar is on the bottom side of the display rather than the usual top side.The video also shows off the HTML 5 capabilities of the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile.By the looks of it,the browser indeed sounds to be a bigger improvement from the existing one on the Windows Phone 7 devices.Can’t wait to update my Mozart 7 browser to IE9 Winking smile.