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IE9 Mobile Demoed on Windows Phone 7

As of now most of us might be knowing that the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile is due to release on the Windows Phone 7 devices come Mango update later this year which also promises to bring the HTML 5 support to the device.Though there are some rumors that we might get to see the IE9 on our Windows Phone 7 devices well before the Mango update courtesy interim updates.


Keeping the release dates aside for a while why not see what the Internet Explorer 9 got in store for us ,lets have a look at the video posted by TheNextWeb .The video demoes the Internet Explorer 9 running on Windows Phone 7 devices.Talking about the differences from the Internet Explorer  Mobile 7  to Internet Explorer Mobile 9 ,in the later the Address Bar is on the bottom side of the display rather than the usual top side.The video also shows off the HTML 5 capabilities of the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile.By the looks of it,the browser indeed sounds to be a bigger improvement from the existing one on the Windows Phone 7 devices.Can’t wait to update my Mozart 7 browser to IE9 Winking smile.


IE9 for WP7 to be released prior to the Mango update?

We are eagerly waiting for the NoDo update which  is only days away from the release for the Windows Phone 7 which will bring Copy Paste feature and as announced in the Mobile World Congress about the future updates we will see some more features like Twitter Integration to People Hub and Internet Explorer 9 with lots more to be added in the long run.

According to earlier reports Internet Explorer 9 was expected to be released with the Major update codenamed “Mango” scheduled for holiday 2011,but now as per the news coming from wmpoweruser one of their prime tippers who reported about the Pre NoDo update have just tipped them with this news.According to him Internet Explorer 9 might well be available even before the Mango updates and will also include Silverlight and HTML 5 support.

If we have a look at some of the other news of this week  that some of the OEM’s were giving the Copy Paste update which wasn’t actually the “NoDo” update but kind of an interim one,this one  might just prove to be true.We’ll keep you posted on more stuff about the upcoming updates.