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Cut the Rope Now Available to Play Online for Free Courtesy Microsoft

At CES 2012 apart from talking about Windows 8 operating system and revealing some new Windows Phones from HTC and Nokia,Microsoft also announced the HTML 5 version of the highly popular game Cut the Rope,bringing the highly popular game over iOS and Android platform to the Desktop’s running Internet Explorer 9,taking the advantage of Internet Explorer 9′s hardware acceleration.

The app works exceedingly well on the Internet Explorer giving the same experience of the Native game on the mobile platforms.The game has been successfully ported to HTML 5 courtesy  PixelLabs, ZentoLab and the Internet Explorer team.The game has sold over 70 million copies over the mobile platform till date.

Officially supported browsers for the game are Internet Explorer 9,Chrome,Safari and Opera,i personally checked it on my Firefox 9.0 and it works perfectly fine on that too.Though the game is available for multiple browsers,Internet Explorer 9 has a slight advantage over others since it has some exclusive additional levels which the other Browsers doesn’t have.

So what are you waiting for? Point your browser to CuttheRope.ie  and enjoy the HTML 5 gaming  experience with Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9 plans and overview

According to the leaked information ,On terms of discussion IE 9 has been divided into 4 parts :

  1. Performance
  2. GPU-Powered HTML 5
  3. Standards – Same Markup
  4. User Experience

1. Performance of IE9 is expected to be magical since it have new javascript engine ,integration with DOM elements ,layout optimisation.Here is the rating

2.GPU powered -HTML 5

3.Standards – Same Markup

4.User experience

They have been monitoring about the add-on feature.

The leaked also gave and idea that IE9 beta will be out by August 2010 and that will be first release of IE with full functionality. How does it sounds?? Looks nice to me.