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[Rumor] HTC Prepping 2 Windows RT Based Tablets!

[Rumor] HTC Prepping 2 Windows RT Based Tablets!

It’s raining rumors as far as the Windows 8/RT platform is concerned,over the past few days we reported about Asus prepping Windows 8 tablet with smaller display size and today about the confirmation of Acer W3 8.1″ Windows 8 tablet.

windows 8 RTM

It’s time for Windows RT platform. According to some recent reports coming from Phonearena HTC is prepping not one,but two Windows RT based tablets For Q3 2013 launch.One with a 7″ display and the other with a larger 12 ” display.

The R7 which is supposedly a 7″ tablet running Wndows RT would feature a Full HD display and would be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad core processor to go with 2 GB of RAM.Other speculated features include 16GB of Internal memory with Micro SD slot,13 megapixel rear camera, WiFi,Bluetooth 4.0,NFC etc.

The R12 with a 12″ display would feature a display with 2048×1536 resolution and better connectivity options than it’s smaller brother.Expected launch date of these devices is slated for Mid October which coincides with the rumored Windows Blue launch from the software giant.Stay Tuned for More Coverage.


Windows Phone 8 Issues come up: Random Reboots and Battery Problems

Its been a couple of weeks since the launch of Windows Phone 8 and the users have already started reporting a few issues with the newly launched hardware!

As reported earlier by TheVerge,Many of the users over WPCentral forums have reported about their HTC 8X’s random reboot issues and the trend continues over the Microsoft Support forums with users reporting reboot issues .

The issues are not restricted to HTC hardware but some of the Nokia Lumia 920 users are also reporting Freezing issues and Battery issues reported in Nokia forums.

So there are definitely some initial issues which are needed to be sorted out by Microsoft,we will keep you posted about the future updates on that front.


HTC To Reveal Their Windows Phone 8 Devices Next Month ?

As we inch closer to the Windows Phone 8 release we are getting some interesting tidbits about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices from various manufacturers.

According to the latest reports from WPDang [Translated Page],HTC is all set to reveal their Windows Phone 8 offerings in 3rd week of September.Apparently there will be 3 devices will be revealed,namely Rio,Accord and Zenith.

The Rio Windows Phone 8 device which seems to be a lower end offering from HTC will feature a 4″ display with WVGA resolution (800 * 480),14.4Mbps HSPA support,it will sport  a 5 Megapixel Camera with 720P video recording,it will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus processor family, the MSM8227,to go with 512MB memory.

Talking about the other 2 devices slated for mid and high range,The Accord device will feature a 720p resolution 4.3-inch Super LCD2 display, 42Mbps HSPA + network support.The device will support 1080P video recording courtesy the 8 Megapixel camera,NFC support,1GB Memory and will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor i.e MSM8260A.

While the Zenith device will feature 720p resolution 4.7-inch Super LCD2 display,42Mbps HSPA + network support,1080P Video recording again with the 8 Megapixel camera.The processor for this device is unknown at the moment but it is said to be a quad core processor from the snapdragon family.

The article also suggests that the displays of Zenith and Accord will have a pixel density of 300 ppi nearing the retina display of the iPhone 4s.Talking about the release dates the Rio and Accord will be released in October time frame,while the Zenith will be released some time in the last quarter of the year.


Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 60,000 Apps

It was less than a month ago that we reported about the 50,000 app milestone for Windows Phone apps and within a month of reaching that mark Windows Phone has leaped up with a 10,000 more apps to get that tally up to the 60,000 marks giving the marketplace a perfect kick-start for the year.

As reported Earlier by AllAboutWindowsPhone the marketplace is growing at an astounding rate of over 400 apps per day,which was around 265 apps per day when it reached the milestone 50,000 figure.It took the marketplace 40 days to reach the previous 10,000 apps leap i.e from(40,000-50,000).

So if all goes well it wont be surprising to see the 100,000 apps mark at the start of the Second Quarter of 2012.With the coming updates for Windows Phone like Tango and the next major update Apollo,this might really turn out to be the year of Windows Phones with the new hardware devices lined up for release later this year from the biggies like Nokia,HTC and others.

Image Credits[AAWP]

T-Mobile:Windows Phone 7.5 Based HTC Radar 4G to be Launched Soon

In its press release a couple of days back,T-Mobile officially announced that the HTC Radar 4G will be the first Windows Phone to take advantage of T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network.T-Mobile claims that the network has download speeds of 10 Mpbs on average with peak speeds of 27 Mpbs.

The HTC Radar 4G is elegantly crafted with an aluminum unibody design for a sleek and stylish appearance. Sporting a large 3.8-inch LCD touch screen display with a virtual QWERTY keyboard and powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon™ processor, the HTC Radar 4G delivers an efficient mobile communications experience at 4G speeds. The smartphone provides a comprehensive productivity experience with fully integrated Microsoft® Exchange and calendar as well as Microsoft Office Hub and Internet Explorer® 9 for a fast, beautiful Web experience.  Additionally, the new smartphone is equipped with dedicated camera button for easy access to the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash so you never miss a photo opportunity, even if the phone is locked.

T-Mobile has yet to give a specific release date for the HTC Radar 4G other than it will be out “in time for the holidays”. Pricing for the smartphone has not yet been announced. HTC has also previously announced another Windows Phone 7.5 device, the HTC Titan, that has a much bigger 4.7 inch display and a faster 1.5 Ghz processor.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ9JOC3LuIA&version=3]

HTC:Windows Phone will give its competitors “a run for their money”

The Windows Phone platform is steadily but surely growing its market presence, with HTC Singapore manager Melvin Chua stating today at the Singapore Mango launch that 30% of their unit sales are made up from their Windows Phones.

He further goes on to mention that “we believe that Windows Phone 7 will eventually be better than other platforms and will give Android a run for its money” – worth noting though is the current market share of windows phone platform is very low as compared to Android. He also mentions that Windows Phone has one of the fastest growing mobile app marketplaces, and that the “growth momentum of marketplace will be stronger with the launch of Windows Phone 7.5.”

HTC is soon planning to launch two brand new Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” handsets into the wild: the HTC Titan and HTC Radar. These new smartphones will add to HTC’s growing list of Windows Phone devices, which already seen five devices being sold worldwide. Windows Phone will also grow as a platform later in the year as Nokia comes closer to releasing their first of many WP7-powered devices as we all know that the first device is still pretty much on the cards for the Q4 2011 launch with more devices to follow in the first half of 2012.

Also, a reminder to my friends who use  HTC Windows Phone, the WP7.5 Mango update would be available right now for all devices world-over, so check your phone for an update if you have not done so already and enjoy the experience.

Windows 8 Reincarnates HTC Shift

Four years ago, HTC introduced their first UMPC(ultra-mobile personal computer)-HTC shift.A quick reminder, the UMPC was Microsoft’s attempt to bring mobile computing to market.UMPCs have enough processing power to support audio, video, and gaming, in addition to having rich support for browsing the internet as well as for other communication and networking applications.

However,the UMPC had two major drawbacks,the UMPC’s number one problem is weight,and another problem would be battery life.These taken into consideration,HTC offered most of the features like other manufacturers and also added a few of their own,like,a fairly large slide-and-shift keyboard and the ability to dual-boot into Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Vista.

But,with the introduction of new developers build of Windows 8 i.e the Windows 8 Developer Preview which was released a few days ago at the Build Conference  with its  highly optimized Metro UI  tailor made for tablets that can be installed on the Shift,its certainly looking good for the shift owners.Although,the Windows 8 installation process is long,and also the users will have to install a lot of HTC Shift specific drivers manually, at the end users will be satisfied.

You can download the Developer Preview from Here

Checkout HTC shift running Windows 8



Microsoft to bring in Modular phones in near future

Image Credits[Microsoft]

Will it be cool  if you were able to get rid of or swap some of the components of your smartphones? Well this could all be true with the realization of  Microsoft’s new patent labeled “Mobile Communication Device Having Multiple, Interchangeable Second Devices” which will allow you to customize your device by swapping interchangeable parts as per your needs.

The patent, filed back in March 2010 but published this week by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, describes a future phone that would have a detachable slider. Such a phone could have a feature that would allow it to accept one of several different accessories. Microsoft suggests that those secondary parts could include a battery, a virtual keyboard, one or more game controllers and one or more devices that can operate as mobile phone handsets. The first device can remotely communicate with more than one  device simultaneously.

Microsoft offers some other alternatives for future smartphone designs. One of them could allow for two displays to connect two separate devices. The separate devices can be attached and the two displays can be used as an integrated display or the devices can be detached and the devices can communicate remotely with each other.

However, Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to release a mobile device of their own, and so we expect they will use their new patent to lure OEM’s such as HTC to create such Windows Phone handsets.


Rumor:HTC to develop Windows 8 ARM-based tablet

Launch of  Windows 8 is at least a year away but,that hasn’t stopped the  rumor mills from running of the  possible Windows 8-based products. Today the Twitter page of Eldar Murtazin, the editor in chief of Mobile-Review.com, claims that HTC is developing its own Windows 8 tablet that will run on ARM-based processor. Similar rumor has also appeared on TFTS which suggests  the ARM processor will be made by Qualcomm.

If any of this holds truth, this would be the second device that would be running Microsoft’s next operating system. Other giant in industry,namely Samsung has already released a tablet running the developers preview version of Windows 8 to the attendees of last week’s BUILD Conference.And very rightly so, those very first  Windows 8 products are already up for grabs on eBay. HTC would seem to be  natural to manufacture a Windows 8 tablet since the smartphone maker has already released and will continue to ship smartphones based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system.

However,if the tablet does run on an ARM-based processor, then it also means that any application that runs on the device will have to work  with the processor. Last week, Microsoft has also confirmed that Windows 8 won’t be able to run any applications made for x86 processors, made by companies like Intel and AMD, on an ARM-based product. The two processors have considerable number of architectural differences that would prevent this kind of cross-development. Also,Microsoft wanted to keep the malware programs from being able to infect both versions of Windows 8.