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The 128GB version of Surface Pro eats up 45 GB for OS and Preinstalled Software!

Microsoft Surface Pro which runs on Windows 8 Pro operating system goes on sale from 9th February.Since its the Pro version,it features a minimum of 64 GB of SSD as compared to the RT version which had 32 GB offering for its entry level version.The Surface Pro will be available in 64 GB and 128 GB SSD version.

Though the actual usable memory for the users would be lesser due to the Operating System space and the preinstalled apps on The Surface Pro.According to a recent post from Softpedia,Microsoft has told them in a statement that,the 128GB version of Surface Pro would have 83GB Of free available space with the Operating System and Preinstalled apps eating up around 45 GB of memory,there is no information about the available space in the 64 GB version but if it follows the same pattern Then the entry level Surface Pro would have just 19GB of free space for users.

On a positive note,the Device has expansion slot as well as support for USB 3.0 devices so users can hook up an external hard drive to their Surface Pros or use the SD cards to increase storage capacity.