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Internet Explorer 9 RC Escrow leaked

According to the information available the Internet Explorer 9 RC escrow build 8073 has been leaked and the x86 version is available on various torrents and file sharing websites. The complete build string is 9.00.8073.6018 (WIN7_IE9_Partner.110121-2300 ) .

Here is the screenshot of the latest Build-

ie9 rc 1

and here is the screenshot of digital signature-

IE 9 digital signature

This version of Internet Explorer includes some minor UI enhancements and the download manager has also been updated.Further adding to it, Microsoft would release the RC version of Internet Explorer 9 publically soon and Internet Explorer 9 RTM is expected in March 2011.

IE9 RC to include “Do Not Track”

In the first Release Candidate version of Internet Explorer 9 (which is scheduled to be released in first quarter of 2011), Microsoft is rolling out two options that enable the users to be proactive in deciding which websites are allowed to track them and to what extent they are allowed to track.

Microsoft explains the new functions in the following YouTube video:

The two new tools are Tracking Protection Lists and Tracking Protection. Tracking Protection is simply an opt-in function that enables users to be more vigilant in discovering who or what is tracking their activity and visits to any given website. A Tracking Protection List is a publically shareable list of websites that your browser will not request data from unless explicitly requested from the user. For example, when you visit abcd.com, content from 1234.com may be tracking you via an embedded image. If 1234.com is in your TPL, this content will be blocked, and will not be allowed to track you. However, the list doesn’t block the actual website from being browsed. You can still can still browse 1234.com directly if you wish to.

Microsoft emphasizes that, while these privacy measures are definitely a step forward in the never ending dialogue of browser privacy, “the web lacks a good precise definition of what tracking means.” In other words, they aren’t trying to create any kind of standard here. This is more of an experiment to see of such functionality would meet user needs and wants when it comes to opt in options for privacy on the web.

[via Neowin.net]

Internet Explorer 9 Beta build 9.0.8027.6000 leaked

IE9-beta-logoAccording to the information available the latest version of Internet Explorer 9 beta has been leaked on the net and is available for download on various torrent and file sharing sites.The Build number of this leak is 9.0.8027.6000 and according to the digital signatures it was compiled on November 19. Some improvements on stability and some bugs have been fixed but there isn’t any considerable change in UI.

?IE 9 beta

The Internet Explorer 9 RC is expected to be available soon and even according to some unconfirmed sources,the RC build has already been compiled.

Sixth IE9 Platform Available for Developers

In the six weeks since the release of IE9 beta there has been an outstanding 10 million downloads. This shows the popularity and massive improvements that IE9 brings.  With easy to use features such as pinning site’ s  directly to the windows task bar,  and websites being able to program jump lists and offer notifications as other windows programs do.  The web standard markup (HTML, CSS, and script) in pages runs faster and smoother, taking advantage of the latest PC hardware.

The designers have had an extensive impact on IE9 due to the popularity and overall exposure of the beta test.  The first five platform downloads were downloaded over 2.5 million times.  

The sixth Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9, available now, reflects feedback and delivers better performance as well as more standards support, like CSS3’s 2D transforms.

You can many find more examples from the larger community of what’s possible with a great HTML5 implementation at http://kexparchive.org/ and http://10k.aneventapart.com/. Each of these examples shows how the web becomes richer and more immerse with HTML5, and how using the power of the whole PC is increasingly important to deliver the performance consumers expect.

Get your free Rewards from Microsoft’s Bing Rewards!

Microsoft recently launches Bing Rewards Preview, which you can earn credits and exchange them for a variety of rewards, such as movie tickets, computer & office tools and equipment, gaming consoles etc, directly from Microsoft!


(Excerpt from Microsoft Bing Rewards’ : How Does It Works)

What is Bing Rewards?

Bing Rewards allows you to earn credits and redeem for rewards through surfing the Internet, search information you want by using the Bing search engine, and many more. From charitable donations to computer, gaming consoles, office equipment, you can choose what kind of rewards you want and have them to be shipped to your house, for free!

How do you (member of the Bing Rewards) get the credits?

Its simple. By trying out new features of Bing, setting homepage to Bing, search information using Bing, and many more, and then you earned credits. An amount of 250 credits bonus  is credited to your account upon first time sign up. When you accumulated enough credits, you can redeem your rewards then.

I want to sign up. Does it cost a penny?

Nope. Joining  as a member of Bing Rewards Preview is totally free of charge and anyone with a Windows Live ID can join it instantly. Click here to register one.

So, if you want to earn some free stuff, joining for Bing Rewards is the best way to redeem a free gift. What’s more, its from Microsoft, so you won’t be afraid for cases such as fraud.

What are you waiting for? Visit the website below to register one!



A toolbar (“Bing Bar”) will be installed to your Internet Explorer browser as part of the program. Because additional toolbar has the potential to slow down your system performance and surfing speed, so install with caution and make sure it is totally safe and it is downloaded from the official publisher of the toolbar program.

The Live Mesh beta is coming to an end‏

We have got a mail from the Windows Live team stating the Live Mesh beta will not work after March 31,2011. So if you are using Live Mesh Beta, be sure to backup your files stored online because you won’t be able to access them after March 31st.

Here is what the mail reads-

Dear Live Mesh beta participant,

You’re receiving this message because you used the Live Mesh beta from Microsoft. On March 31, 2011, the beta of Live Mesh will end, and the Live Mesh beta will stop working. After March 31, you won’t be able to access any files stored online in your Live Desktop or connect to your PCs remotely using the Live Mesh software. Your files will also stop syncing between your computers and your Live Mesh online storage. Please read below for actions we recommend you take.

With the new release of Windows Live services, we’ve made a series of changes and improvements across the products. We realize they will have an impact on you and we want to make that as easy as possible for you. We thank you for your continued support of Windows Live services.

Why is this happening?

To deliver a better product for all our customers, we combined several services into a new product called Windows Live Mesh. Windows Live Mesh has several performance and reliability improvements compared to the Live Mesh beta, and with Windows Live Mesh, you can also sync your program settings for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Learn more.

What you need to do before Live Mesh beta shuts down

To prevent loss of any of your files, please sync all files from your Live Desktop so that you have them on your computer when the Live Mesh beta service is shutdown. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On your Live Desktop, right-click any Live Mesh folders not yet synced with your computer, and then click Sync with this computer. Make sure all the folders on your Live Desktop have desktop shortcuts.
  2. Select where you want each folder to sync, and then click OK. If a folder has a lot of files, this might take a while. Open each folder and make sure all the files are downloaded.

6 million IE9 downloads in 2 weeks

Internet Explorer 9 beta has had 6 million downloads since released to the public two weeks ago as reported by Microsoft today, in fact it is so popular that it has already managed to take 0.25% of the browsers market share just in these two weeks.

The Senior Director of Internet Explorer Business and Marketing wrote, “Two weeks after IE9 Beta launch, we continue to see great reactions from our customers. As of today, IE9 Beta has been downloaded 6 million times, which is two and half times what we saw with IE8 Beta in a similar timeframe”.

Want to see more stats and information? Check out Neowin.

Inside Internet Explorer 9 beta

Internet Explorer 9 beta is now available in wild and the guys at istartedsomething have posted a great article discussing about the features in this new browser.

Here are the new features of Internet explorer 9 and how Microsoft managed to Give Internet explorer 9 that massive boost

So first whats the thought behind the new address bar and tabs display, well the team decided that they should take away the two-line configuration as it was too distracting for users and replace it with their new single line design, they also decided that it isn’t that important to show the window’s title bar as the websites name is shown on the tabs anyway and finally Microsoft wanted to get away from that bulky heavy appearance and wanted it to be “light”. Another big new feature of the upgraded address bar is that they have merged to search and address bar in one (as in chrome).

Next tabs, since IE9 was first leaked a month ago one frequent question was how will Microsoft’s new browser deal with lots of tabs, well Microsoft have found out that in 90% of the browsing sessions they analyzed, most people had 4 or fewer tabs open and never more than 8. As such, on a reasonably sized display, there is more than sufficient room for tabs used by most users, so there isn’t really much changes with the tabs.

Now for the new download manager, if you are like me and you absolutely hated the download manger Internet explorer used to use you are in for a treat, IE9′s new  download manager is now more secure and is now easier to use and has a built in search so you can go straight to your required download.

Next the “new tab” page, this page now includes the pages you explored recently instead of their old new tab page which was pretty useless.

Also there is the feature that lets you pin sites to your windows 7 taskbar for single click access.

Now the part you have been waiting for, how did Internet explorer manage to boost the speed of their browser so much well its pretty simple today’s websites and browsers only use about 10% of the processing power your PC has to offer. Internet Explorer 9 unlocks the other 90%, they also have decided to take advantage of your gaphics card to make smoother , truer colors, clearer graphics, and more responsive websites. Also combined with their new JavaScript engine, the web now performs like an application installed directly on your computer.

Want to learn more about all the features of Internet explorer 9 beta? check out the Beauty of the web.

Internet Explorer 9 to work with Windows 7 RTW

internetexplorer9logoThere were speculations in the blogosphere that Internet Explorer 9 would work only with Windows 7 SP1. But according to the mail sent to Neowin by Microsoft,the upcoming browser would support Windows 7 RTW as well

I want to follow up to let you know that the TechNet FAQ has been updated to provide further clarification about requirements for Internet Explorer 9.  Internet Explorer 9 will work on Windows 7 RTW and Windows 7 SP1.  When you install Internet Explorer 9 on a system that has Windows 7 RTM installed, additional operating system components are included as part of the installation of Internet Explorer 9.  Those “additional operating system components” will be part of Windows 7 SP1.  Either way, this will be a seamless process for the user.  Just wanted to make sure you had the latest.


In fact here are the list of OS supported by IE 9-

  • Windows 7 or later versions
  • Windows Vista SP2 or later versions
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later versions
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later versions

Internet Explorer 9 plans and overview

According to the leaked information ,On terms of discussion IE 9 has been divided into 4 parts :

  1. Performance
  2. GPU-Powered HTML 5
  3. Standards – Same Markup
  4. User Experience

1. Performance of IE9 is expected to be magical since it have new javascript engine ,integration with DOM elements ,layout optimisation.Here is the rating

2.GPU powered -HTML 5

3.Standards – Same Markup

4.User experience

They have been monitoring about the add-on feature.

The leaked also gave and idea that IE9 beta will be out by August 2010 and that will be first release of IE with full functionality. How does it sounds?? Looks nice to me.