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Manufacturers Drop Windows RT Tablets Prices

Microsoft launched the Windows RT platform along with the public release of Windows 8 operating system last year,with many manufacturers including Microsoft pitching in with their Windows RT tablets like Asus,Lenovo,Dell and Samsung.The Windows RT platform received criticism for its limitations about running Legacy Windows apps and the pricing of the Windows RT tablets.

Vivotab RT
Now as reported earlier by Computerworld,many manufacturers including,Dell,Lenovo and Asus have started dropping their Windows RT tablet pricing signaling an attempt to clear out the stock due to lower adoption rates of the Windows RT platform due to its limitations.

After the new price cuts the Dell XPS 10 now costs $449 for the 32 GB model while the 64 GB variant costs $499,down from $499 and $599 respectively.Asus VivoTab RT now costs $382 at Amazon( previously priced at $599)with others like BestBuy and Staples selling it for $549.Talking about the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11 is down to $599 from previous price of $799,while Amazon is selling it at a price tag of $499.99.Though there was no price drop for the Surface RT tablet from Microsoft.

According to the analysts the price drop is due to the poor adoption rate of the platform in worldwide market,this might increase the sells of the tablet,but it’s definitely not a good sign for the Windows RT platform.


Microsoft Indicates No New Windows RT Tablets this Spring

It’s been a Mixed bag as far as the Windows RT platform goes.Ever since its launch last quarter.Some have praised the device for its Energy efficiency while many have raised questions about its application support with no support for the legacy apps.

surface tablet

There were a few devices from Lenovo,Samsung,Asus,Dell and Microsoft,but none of them revealed the number of sales of the Windows RT devices.

Recently Microsoft CFO Tami Reller was interviewed by Bloomberg.Speaking to Bloomberg Reller indicated that there won’t be any new Windows RT based devices this Spring.She said that Microsoft wants to take time to concentrate on bringing more devices of the existing Windows RT tablets in the market before bringing any New models in market.

Acer who is one of the Windows 8 partners for Microsoft have already delayed their plans for Windows RT devices due to the concerns over the future of the platform.Quite recently Samsung who have released their Ativ Tab based on Windows RT decided not to release this tablet in the United States raising more concerns over the future of Windows RT.So unless we see any Dramatical changes in the sales of the platform we won’t be seeing a new device in near future.

Source [Bloomberg],Via[Neowin]

Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Announced,Starts at $499

Dell,one of the prime Windows 8 hardware partners,who has already launched a number of Windows 8 devices at launch last year,has announced yet another Windows 8 device.

This is a stripped down version of their Dell Latitude 10,named Latitude 10 Essentials powered by Intel Atom Processor,running Windows 8 operating system.

Here are the differences between the two Latitude tablets,

The 32 GB version of latitude 10 Essentials will go on sale in US in coming months at a starting price of $499 while the 64 GB version has been released at a price tag of $579.
This would be an interesting price bracket for Windows 8 tablets and would eventually force the other competitors to bring their tablet prices down for Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets.

Source[Dell], Via [Microsoft-News]

Download Windows 8 For Dummies eBook For Free,Courtesy Dell

Dummies is well known for their books on almost everything in day to day life,helping the dummies understand the things better.

One of their latest offering is the Windows 8 for Dummies edition which costs around $15 over Amazon.With the Windows 8 launch last week ,Dell has started offering their special edition dummies book “Windows 8 For Dummies Dell Pocket Edition” to help the early adopters of Windows 8 transition from their old operating systems.

All you need to do is head over to the Dell site and fill up the contact form to start download a free copy of Dummies,which would be very helpful for those who haven’t tried out the beta releases and would like to learn a thing or two about Windows 8 before using it as their primary operating system.

So fill up the form and  Download Windows 8 For Dummies Dell Pocket Edition today.

Official Preorders starts for Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 based PCs

We are 2 weeks away from the official public release of Windows 8,but those who want to PreOrder the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft can do so starting from today.

Image Credits[Microsoft]

As reported earlier on their Windows 8 blog, Starting from today people can preorder a copy of Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $69.99 for the packaged DVD version.In the united states the offer will be available from Amazon,Bestbuy,Staples,Office Depot,Microsoft Store and many other sources.

If you prefer buying the digital version of the upgrade Via Windows.com via the Windows 8 upgrade assistant With an upgrade price of $39.99.This offer is available upto 31st January 2013.There is also a special upgrade offer of $14.99 upgrade for eligible Windows 7 PC buyers who have bought the hardware from June 2nd upto 31st January 2013.

Those who are eagerly  waiting to get their hands on upcoming Windows 8 based hardware can also preorder their devices of their favorite OEM’s like Dell,HP,Acer,Asus,Samsung and Sony.

Source[Windows 8 Blog]

Windows RT Surface Tablet $199 Rumors Giving Nightmares to Other Partners

A couple of days ago we reported about a recent rumor floating around the web about Microsoft supposedly pricing the Windows RT based Surface Tablet for a $199 price tag for the October 26th launch.Though that is still a rumor,but that’s reason enough for the other manufacturers to start raising concerns about it.

As reported earlier by Digitimes,the other manufacturers who will be bringing their own version of Windows 8 based tablets at the launch,are worried about this rumor and if it turns out to be true,then they will be wiped out from the tablet and notebooks competition.

According to their sources, Microsoft is trying  and therefore is trying to achieve  at least 30% share in the tablet PC market and a $199 price tag would definitely help them to achieve that goal.They added that,if the rumor turns out to be true,then the manufacturers who have a vested interest in the Windows RT based tablets like Dell,Samsung,Lenovo and Asus will eventually stop making ARM based products and leave that segment to the Software Giant.

Currently there are two tablets in the same price range with Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire,so if the rumor turns out to be true then,it would definitely affect their sales as well as the other Windows RT based tablets sales would be affected .

Samsung,Dell and Lenovo Windows RT Tablets Coming Soon !

So far we have known two of the Windows RT based tablets coming this year,One from Asus with their Asus tablet 600 and the other one from the Software Giant itself with the release of Surface Win RT based tablet launching with the public release of Windows 8.

Apart from that there weren’t any official word on any other manufacturers playing the Windows RT Card.But there were rumors about some of the leading hardware partners of Microsoft are prepping their version of ARM tablets for Windows 8.

Now,in a recent post at their Building Windows 8 Blog Microsoft has confirmed that Samsung,Dell and Lenovo are all set to bring their version of Windows RT based tablets soon.Though the article didn’t go into detailed specifications or the pricing details of these ARM based devices but these are targeted for a lower price range,while the traditional Intel and AMD based tablets will target the higher price range with the likes of Surface Pro Tablet which will be launched at a later timeline.

 Microsoft has already said that the pricing of  Windows 8/Windows RT based Tablets will be competitive with the existing tablets in the market and with the high end tablets competing with the Ultrabooks with the help of add on Keyboards.

As Many as 20 Intel Based Windows 8 Tablets Will Debut at Launch

Yesterday Microsoft finally announced the public release dates for Windows 8 operating system.But along with the OS release we will also see the release of hardware devices from various manufacturers like Dell,HP,Acer,Asus,Samsung for the launch.

This time around the main competitor amongst the other Windows 8 based device are the tablets coming from these manufactures.Recently Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini revealed that there are as many as 20 tablets in the making for the release at Windows 8 launch.Intel is going head to head against their ARM based counterparts with not just the iPad but also some competition from the Windows 8 platform as well,courtesy the WinRT platform which is tailor made for ARM based processors.

Intel is been busy of late designing the  Clover Trail based Atom processors with low power consumption for the Windows 8 based tablets from various manufacturers like HP,Acer,Dell and Microsoft itself will bring the Intel based Surface tablet(though 90 days after the ARM tablet release).



Dell’s Windows 8 Business Tablet More Details Revealed

Dell’s Windows 8 tablet plan is an open secret,a few weeks ago we reported about the Dell Tablet.Now some more details about their new upcoming Windows 8 business tablet has been leaked recently courtesy internal slides.

As reported earlier by Neowin recently leaked slides from another company insider revealed some more of the specifications of Dell’s upcoming Windows 8 Business Tablet.As you can see from the above slide,We can see some specifications like Intel’s Clover Trail 1.5Ghz Dual Core Processor,with upto 128GB Solid State Drive and 2GB of RAM.

A 10.1″ HD display with capacitive touch screen would also feature Gorilla Glass,with option of 2 or 4 cell battery and other connectivity features like Bluetooth,Wifi etc .There is also an optional Dock which would feature 4 USB ports along with Ethernet and HDMI Ports.

The article also notes that this is not the only tablet which Dell would release by the end of the year,there are also talks about a WinRT based tablet which is expected to hit the markets by the end of the year,but there are some issues to be sorted out before they can introduce it to the world.


Dell’s Windows 8 Tablet Revealed

Its an open secret that many of the biggies are gearing up for their own version of Windows 8 based tablets which are slated to be released in the second half of this year.Companies like HP,Dell,Acer,Asus are working hard to get the best out of their creative minds this holiday season.

Image Credits[Neowin]

We haven’t seen a lot of leaks as far as the Windows 8 tablets goes.But now Neowin has now got hold of the specifications of Dell’s Windows 8 Tablet,according to their tipster,the upcoming Dell Tablet would feature a 10.8 inch screen with the  resolution of 1366×768 pixels, powered by Intel’s Clover Trail Platform based Dual Core Atom processor, fingerprint reader, Intel integrated graphics , 2 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD.

Talking about the battery life,the tablet would feature a removable battery with 2 capacities of 6-8 hours for the smaller one and the larger one would last upto 10-12 hours.By a glance at the specifications they look deceptively similar to the Dell Latitude ST.

No word on the price range of this Windows 8 tablet  yet,but we can expect a lower price to start off with the race with iPad and the android based tablets.The tablet is expected to be released in the later half of the 4th quarter(nearing the November time frame),which is quite the expected date since the launch of Windows 8 operating system is expected during the month of October.