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Windows RT May Soon get Thousands of Android Apps Courtesy BlueStacks

As we already know,Windows Store is growing at an astounding rate with close to 25,000 apps in the Store.

There is a great news for all the early adopters and those who are willing to buy a new Windows RT system.BlueStacks a company which is well known for Their Bluestacks player allowing hundreads of thousands of Android apps to run on platforms like MacOSX Windows is considering an App for the Windows RT platform,which would bring over 700,000 apps to the platform as indicated by an employee reply to a users post on their support forum.
This would surely encourage more and more people to the platform which will allow users to experience the best of both worlds.Windows 8 users can enjoy this app right now,since the platform supports the legacy Windows Apps,so they can try out the Bluestacks beta app.


BlueStacks Public Beta App Released for Windows

As all of us know Windows 8 has got its own version of store for Windows based Metro apps the “Windows Store”,but a company named BlueStack which is been working on bringing the large app base of  Android Apps to Windows Platform courtesy their  Layercake technology.

The Alpha version of the BlueStacks app which was released at the end of 2011 but with a limited app selection. In three months of its alpha phase it attracted over a million users in more than 100 countries such as the US, Korea, Brazil, Germany and China with Over 4.5 Million apps were opened using the app.

A couple of days ago BlueStacks officially announced the availability of its Beta version of the app with new improved features.Layercake technology  enables Android apps to run seamlessly on x86-based PCs,especially the apps which were tailor made for ARM based processors like the Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja,it also enables the apps which run on hardware acceleration.

The developers of the games and apps like Fruit Ninja, SliceIt!, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Townsmen, Evernote, Defender and StumbleUpon have partnered with BlueStacks  and will have their  apps pre-loaded in the beta-1 version.It would be interesting to see if BlueStack brings a special Metro style version of the app for Windows 8,it would be a huge boost for Windows 8 in terms of app base including both Android and Windows Store apps.

Head over to the official download page to download the BlueStacks Beta 1.

Checkout the BlueStacks Beta Video In action:

Run Android Apps on Windows PC Courtesy BlueStacks

Did you ever imagine running Android apps on your Windows PC?Well this has indeed been achieved thanks to this latest application to hit the market from BlueSatcks.The BlueStacks App Player for Windows PC is a free ware that allows Android users to run their favorite apps on Windows PC.

BlueStacks running on Windows 7

The applications can run full screen on a desktop PC using a new type of virtualization.It allows Windows users to run a maximum of 10 pre-loaded applications.According to the company,it took ten engineers, two years to build this technology.It also allows graphically advanced games like Angry birds and Fruit Ninja (built for ARM) to run full-screen without any special developer porting for the first time.

Bluestacks is aiming to accumulate around 1 million customers downloads and is founded by former McAfee CTO and Cloud.com board member Rosen Sharma. The BlueStacks App Player will also interact with the company’s Cloud Connect software for Android.On installing a gadget onto a Windows 7 desktop the App Player can be operated. The gadget then provides access to the variety of  inbuilt Android applicationsand the ability to download additional apps.

This approach by BlueStacks has attracted some strong initial partners too. Pre-loaded applications in the alpha release of the software include Bloomberg, LivingSocial, Huffington Post and Creative Mobile. Furthermore,the company hopes to attract more developers in future thanks to its unique proposition. A lot of app developers will see this as an opportunity to get their Android apps into the hands of millions of Windows users.

This is an early look at the company’s work but the firm is looking for substantial  feedback for future software updates. There’s also a Mac version of the application in process. “The openness of Android is enabling innovation around the world. We are grateful to Google and others for their contributions. This is also a social equalizer in the US and countries like Brazil, India and China, where a large percentage of the population who can only afford smartphones can now enjoy and benefit from the ubiquity of apps on the Android platform,” said Rosen Sharma, President and CEO of BlueStacks. “We look forward to getting feedback from our users on the alpha release.”

Download the first alpha release of the software at bluestacks.com.


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