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AT&T Will Show off Windows 8 4G LTE Tablet in CES 2012

We are just days away from the CES 2012 show where all the major companies will show off their upcoming products.This is going to be the last CES for Microsoft as it was officially announced earlier they won’t be appearing from the next year’s CES.

So we are expecting something big this time around from Microsoft in their last CES Event.At this moment what we can expect is demonstration of the Windows 8 beta or at least some close to beta builds as we inch closer for the beta and the Windows 8 store release.Though we don’t have any official word on what will be shown off in the CES event from Microsoft,there’s been a developing story about a Windows 8 tablet supporting AT&T’s 4G LTE technology might be shown in the event.

The news comes from Mobiletechworld which reported earlier that AT&T is all set to show off their Windows 8 4G LTE tablet at the event next week.If the reports are to be believed the Tablet is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait SoC,apart from that no other details are available at the moment.

Along with the tablets we can also expect Microsoft’s Windows Phone Manufacturers like Nokia and others to show off their upcoming Windows Phone devices that are rumored to be revealed at the event with the likes of Lumia 900.

Watch this space for more CES 2012 coverage next week.

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3 More Windows Phone Models Coming On November 7 At Microsoft Windows Phone Event

Microsoft has announced a Windows Phone event on the 7th of November. The news post on MSN also confirms that the event will see the launch of 3 additional Windows Phones running the Windows Phone 7 Series Mango update (7.5). I wonder whether Lenovo’s recently leaked phone is also going to be there. It look quite functional in the photos.

The November 7 Windows Phone Invite, Click to Enlarge

Redmond tech giant made no secret of the official launches though. The 3 phones that are going to be released are — the HTC Titan and the Focus S and Focus Flash from Samsung. The post also lets in on the specs of these phones. The Focus S will be following up the original Samsung Focus that was released last year on AT&T. It will have a 4.3inch Super AMOLED display and a 8MP camera. The Focus Flash will have the same display but smaller at 3.7inch. The aptly named HTC Titan will have the largest display of them all — a massive 4.7inch Super AMOLED display. All phones will apparently be able to shoot videos at 720p, which is great news. All three of these handsets will be exclusively available on AT&T and hence they will be available on special plans.

Amongst the officials present would be Andrew ‘Andy’ Lees (President, Windows Phone Division, Microsoft), Joe Belfiore (Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program, Microsoft) and several important members of the Windows Phone team. They will be on hand for those who have received backstage passes for interacting and (hopefully) answering questions. So we can expect some nice Windows Phone tidbits to come out from the event. As usual, we would be covering it right here on Windows 8 Beta

According to the MSN news piece, the invites also carry a tag line that says the 3 Windows Phones are not the only thing that Microsoft has in store for the attendees. Apparently, industry speculations suggest that there will be a newer version of Mango on these phones. Since the Mango updated was released just mere weeks back, it cannot be an actual upgrade. So it has to be a new feature that only these phones will have when they launch on November 7. 4G is already old hat and there’s already the HTC Radar 4G out there. So it has to be something else. You have to give it to the Microsoft event planners — a Window Phone 7 event on November 7th. I wonder if they will play on the number any further.

This is a ‘backstage’ event, meaning it is very exclusive and it will be more like a formal meeting than a presentation.

So far, other than Windows 8, Windows Phone has nothing really big coming up. May be better Xbox integration and that companion app we a month or so back.