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Asus Windows 8 ARM Based Tablet Confirmed for 2012 Launch

As all of us know that Windows 8 is not going to be just a x86 based operating system,Windows 8 will extend its support for the ARM based hardware as well.

We would see an array of devices from both the Architectures as with the release of Windows 8 later this year.Now Asus is confirming that their Windows 8 ARM based Tablets would hit the markets by the end of this year,which was confirmed at a press event in Taipei.They would most probably use a newer design than the 2011 design,as reported earlier by Netbooknews.

Asus won’t be the sole ARM tablet producer,we can expect some more manufacturers to pitch in with their ARM based Windows 8 Tablets.As we all know that the CES 2012 is going to be the last CES for Microsoft ,we can expect some exciting stuff from the Microsoft representatives at CES.With the launch of Windows 8 beta nearing we can expect some new builds of Windows and Windows Phone stuff.


IDC Predicts Windows 8 to be Irrelevant to PC Users

IDC is well known for its industry research has just released their Predictions for the upcoming year 2012.The same company which predicted the new born baby from Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to be the No.2 operating system in coming years has now predicted that the successor to highly  popular Windows 7 i.e Windows 8 would be irrelevant to the PC users when it releases in the second half of the next year,reports ZDNet.

IDC recently released ” Worldwide System Infrastructure Software 2012 Top 10 Predictions “,of which one of the predictions made about the Windows 8 goes like this,as stated in the IDC prediction document:”Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to the users of traditional PCs, and we expect effectively no upgrade activity from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in that form factor”.

Talking about the Windows 8′s Tablets future they predicted that ,

“(T)here will be intense scrutiny on Microsoft’s ability to deliver a successful tablet experience aboard both x86-based tablets and on devices running ARM processors. This is a tall order for Microsoft, and while the x86 tablet strategy makes sense as a transitional solution for today’s PC users, it will be the ARM-based devices that need to shine and clear a high bar already set by Apple.”

The ARM port and the supposed Metro Only Apps concept has  been the central point of discussion for the past few days after a rumor about the same started floating around the web,so it might be one of the reasons inspiring this prediction for Windows 8 tablets future,Though there haven’t been any confirmation about the same from Microsoft.

No matter what the prediction says,the ultimate success or failure of Windows 8 will solely depend on what Choices does the Software Giant makes,we’ll have to wait and watch.