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Sony Prepping Windows Phone 8 ?

This rumor has been in the blogosphere for quite a while now,with Windows Phone devices spotted in the wild with the Sony Ericsson branding which is said to be the early prototype of the Windows Phone which Sony Ericsson was a part of,but later on due to the Xbox Live announcement for Windows Phone,it didn’t happen.

Now that Sony and Ericsson has decided to go separate ways,the rumor for a supposed Windows Phone in the making from Sony has yet again started floating around the web,as reported earlier by Neowin.

[Old Leaked Picture OF Sony Ericsson Windows Phone ]

Sony is apparently planning to release Windows Phone Apollo phones by the end of this year,according to multiple sources.It remains to be seen if Sony makes any official announcement about the same in the near future,but then again the same question arise with the Xbox Live Services on Windows Phone will Sony make a compromise just to be one of the manufacturers of Windows Phone ?For that we will have to Wait And Watch.



Windows Phone 7 Apps Will Be Compatible With Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 codenamed “Apollo” the next major update after Windows Phone Mango(7.5) is expected to be released in the later half¬† of this year.Many of the assumptions have already started floating around about the code base of the next release,rumored to be based on Windows 8.Raising a question of compatibility of the existing Windows Phone apps with the next major update.

Eldar Murtazin well known for his predictions for upcoming smartphone technologies and their rumors tweeted about the incompatibility of Windows Phone 7 apps with the Windows Phone 8 apps,saying” WP8 os isnt compatible with wp7 on app level (u need to rewrite all apps). Thats another os core with metro ui”.To Clarify that this is not the case¬†Director of Developer Experience Brandon Watson replied to Eldar’s tweet.

So when the Windows Phone 8 Apollo releases we will be able to play all the games and apps on the update seamlessly without any need for the developers to recode the application for the next version of Windows Phones.Though he has cleared the doubts about the compatibility issues for the upcoming platform,details on the Windows 8 based codebase Windows Phone 8 still remains under the wraps.Lets hope we will get more details about the same in near future.

Source [Winsupersite]

Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 60,000 Apps

It was less than a month ago that we reported about the 50,000 app milestone for Windows Phone apps and within a month of reaching that mark Windows Phone has leaped up with a 10,000 more apps to get that tally up to the 60,000 marks giving the marketplace a perfect kick-start for the year.

As reported Earlier by AllAboutWindowsPhone the marketplace is growing at an astounding rate of over 400 apps per day,which was around 265 apps per day when it reached the milestone 50,000 figure.It took the marketplace 40 days to reach the previous 10,000 apps leap i.e from(40,000-50,000).

So if all goes well it wont be surprising to see the 100,000 apps mark at the start of the Second Quarter of 2012.With the coming updates for Windows Phone like Tango and the next major update Apollo,this might really turn out to be the year of Windows Phones with the new hardware devices lined up for release later this year from the biggies like Nokia,HTC and others.

Image Credits[AAWP]