Microsoft Sold around 1 million Surface RT’s Last Quarter according to UBS

Microsoft handsomely launched their first hardware tablet device i.e Surface RT with the public release of Windows 8 and due to early distribution issues there were problems with the Shipments of the tablet eventually forcing Microsoft to change their distribution strategy to allow Non Microsoft channels to sell the devices.

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Though we haven’t got any official numbers for the sales apart from the 60 million Windows 8 Licenses sold by Microsoft,according to UBS Analyst Brent Thill Microsoft has managed to sell just 1 million Surface RTs last quarter which is down from his previous estimate of 2 million tablets for the same.

According to Brent primary reason for this is that in the same quarter Apple sold over 20 million iPads so people still choosing iPad over Surface RT and also one of the reasons is the earlier distribution stragegy of not allowing non Microsoft retailers to sell the tablet,though he still feel that with the launch of Surface Pro which runs on a full fledged Windows 8 operating system would help the sales and would give a tough competition to iPad.

The Surface Pro is slated for release later this month with a starting price of $899 for the 64 GB version.


Windows RT Jailbreak allows Mac OS to run on Surface RT!

Last week we reported that Windows RT platform has been Jailbroken and allows the unsigned ARM compiled desktop apps to run on the platform.But it doesn’t stop just there.

Image Credits [Steven Troughton Smith via Twitter]

According to The recent reports by TheVerge an Irish Programmer Steve Troughton-Smith has jailbroken his Surface RT device with the Jailbreak tool and was able to run Apple’s OSX Server operating system on the Surface RT!

This is just the begining.With some of the XDA developers taking interest in the Windows RT platform we might soon see a Homebrew community growing for this new platform and it would be also interesting to see if Microsoft goes against it or does something like their previous attempts with the Chevron WP team for Windows Phone platform.

Source[XDA Forums]

Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Announced,Starts at $499

Dell,one of the prime Windows 8 hardware partners,who has already launched a number of Windows 8 devices at launch last year,has announced yet another Windows 8 device.

This is a stripped down version of their Dell Latitude 10,named Latitude 10 Essentials powered by Intel Atom Processor,running Windows 8 operating system.

Here are the differences between the two Latitude tablets,

The 32 GB version of latitude 10 Essentials will go on sale in US in coming months at a starting price of $499 while the 64 GB version has been released at a price tag of $579.
This would be an interesting price bracket for Windows 8 tablets and would eventually force the other competitors to bring their tablet prices down for Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets.

Source[Dell], Via [Microsoft-News]

Panasonic Announces FZ-G1 Windows 8 Toughbook Tablet

We have seen many a tablets ranging from the likes of Acer W510 to the Asus tablet to the Microsoft Surface touted about the build quality of the Surface RT testing it with a stage drop at launch as well as the all Skating thingy former Microsoftie Steven Sinofsky did.

But this time around there seems to be a solid competitor in the making from Panasonic,who recently announced a Windows 8 tablet under their Toughbook range.The FZ-G1 Windows 8 toughbook tablet is 4 foot drop resistant,dust trsistamt and water resistant!
Apart from all these amazing features the device also sport good hardware specifications like Intel Core i5 processor and upto 8 GB of RAM support,with storage options of 128GB and 256GB SSD,to go with a Stylus for the capacitive touch screen.

Though this would be a pricy affair when it releases later this year in March with a starting price of $2900.


60 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold

It’s been a joyride for Windows 8 for the past few months,since its launch on 26th October 2012.We already got where it was headed when we got the news about 4 Million upgrades in 4 days of its launch and then over 40 million license sold within a month of general availability.

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Today as announced At the 11th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech Forum at CES2013 the software giant has managed to sell over 60 million Windows 8 licenses till date.This number includes The sales of Windows 8 OEMs for new devices and the upgrades.

Talking about the Windows Store,as the store inches closer to the 50,000 apps mark,the store has already reached 100 million apps downloads within just two months of General Availability.

Source[Blogging Windows]

Windows RT Jailbroken!Allows Unsigned Desktop apps to run on it!

Microsoft handsomely launched their new Wndows operating system with the release of Windows 8 operating system running on the traditional x86 architecture and the new ARM supported operating system with the introduction of Windows RT on October 26th 2012.

Both the operating systems are Closed operating systems by nature.While the Windows 8 operating system supported the legacy apps along with the new Modern UI based apps from Windows Store the Windows RT version only supported the Modern UI apps with no legacy apps support.

But as reported earlier by Neowin the platform has been Jailbroken.This comes from Surfsec Blog claiming that they were able to run Unsigned Desktop applications on Windows RT.So if the results are indeed true it means that it was rather a marketing decision to limit the desktop apps from Windows RT platform rather than a technical one.

With iOS already popular with its Homebrew development in Cydia Store,is it possible for similar thing to happen with the Windows RT platform? We will have to wait and watch.


[Rumor]Surface Pro to be Launched on 29th January?

Microsoft launched the Surface RT devices along with the Windows 8 Public Launch on 26th October last year.There were initial distribution issues and shipping delays for the Surface RT’s ,but after the change in distribution strategy by the software giant helped the tablet to extend its reach.

The big brother of Surface RT i.e the Surface Pro powered by Intel based processor running Wndows 8 Pro version of the operating system was announced with $899 starting price in late November,but there was no announcement about a specific release date of Surface Pro.

But now according to recent reports by Softpedia the tablet would eventually launch on 29th of January,if their source close to redmond campus is to be believed.

The Surface Pro would be available in 2 versions,cheaper one with 64GB of SSD would cost $899,while the highesr end version would cost $999 with 128GB of SSD storage.Both the versions do not include the Touch/Type Cover,so those who want to buy a keyboard for the Surface Pro would have to buy the Tuch/Type Cover separately (around $120).

Though there is no official announcement about the release date,we can expect that to be announced in coming days ,as we already knew that it would be coming in the month of January.

VLC For Windows 8/RT/Windows Phone 8 Kickstarter Ends at £47,056

Finally a Month long KickStarter program has ended for the VLC Player for Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 version of the highly popular Media application.

The campaign goal was £40,000 but due to immense response by the users the Campaign ended with £47,056 in 30 days with 3080 backers and it seems like they are already working on the application,as a messege on the KickStarter page saying,

Dear backers,

This is the end of our Kickstarter campaign.

Just one thing: thank you!

We’ll keep you posted about our developments very quickly!

VLC is already available as a Desktop application for Windows 8 as The operating system supports all the legacy applications in the Desktop Mode,but due to the limitations of the Windows RT platform there was a Need for the Modern UI based application for the VLC Player.This is a good sign for the ecosystem as this will encourage more developers to port their apps to Windows RT platform along with Windows 8.


[Report] Windows 8 Now Runs on 1.72% of PCs Worldwide

It’s been just over a couple of month since the official release of Windows 8 and it has been reaching new milestones right from the start of the release with 4 million upgrades sold in 4 days and then 40 million licenses sold within first month of the release was a clear indication that Microsoft has a winner in their hands.

Recent findings from Net Applications indicates that Windows 8 now has surpased Linux in worldwide Marketshare with 1.72% of PCs running Windows 8(at the time of writing)with the list topper its Predecessor Windows 7 with over 45% of Worldwide PC marketshare followed by Windows XP(39.08%) and Windows Vista with 5.67%.

We can expect Windows 8 to surpass the Mac OSX versions which hold a little over 2% of marketshare and inch closer to the marketshare of Windows Vista in coming months with lucrative upgrade offers and new devices lined up for release(Surface Pro).


Windows Store Crosses 35,000 Apps Mark

A few days ago we reported that the Windows Store crossed 30,000 apps.

Now as reported by MetroStoreScanner site,which tracks the apps over Windows Store,the Store crossed 35,000 apps worldwide,inching closer to the 50,000 apps mark.

With the US Store having over 22,000 apps in their region,while the China store still leads with over 24,000 apps in their region for Windows Store.

The Store is growing rapidly with quantity as well as quality apps coming to the platform.Of the 35,000 apps almost over 95% apps are ARM compatible and all of them compatible with x86 and 64x platform(Intel based processors).
As we predicted,with this rate we can expect the 50,000 apps mark by the end of January or even before that,as the apps approval process gets faster after the holiday season.