Windows Blue is Windows 8.1?

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the Windows Blue update which is supposed to be released in the second half of the year.Last month also saw the first leak of Wndoes Blue build leak and many of the blogs tried out that build on their systems.

Windows blue dubbed as Windows 8.1

Recently AngelWZR who closely follows the Windows Blue builds posted a screenshot which suggests that Windows Blue is dubbed as Windows 8.1 update,which is quite similar to the Windows Phone naming conventions which followed similar update numbering conventions.

Though we are yet to hear anything solid about Windows Blue features from Microsoft,we can expect them to shed some light on the same during the upcoming Build conference which is to be held in the month of June.The Windows Blue update is expected to hit RTM in the month of August.

Source[AngelWZR on Twitter]

Windows 8 Worldwide Marketshare Reaches 3.17% in 5 Months

Windows 8 was launched on 26th October along with the public launch of Windows RT.Last month the Operating System reached 2.67% of Worldwide PC Marketshare.

Windows 8 market share 3.17
Today after a month it stands at 3.17% of Worldwide PC Marketshare as per the recent updates from NetApplications which keeps a close watch for market share of PC Operating Systems,Browser and some other internet technologies regularly.

Though it is not a brisk growth,It is good to see the growth of nee operating system from Microsoft at a cost of Windows XP which is down from 38.99% last month to 38.73% and Windows Vista which is down from 5.17% last month to 4.99% this month(March end).But Windows 7 is still keeping up with its popularity growing from 44.55% last month to 44.77% this month.

So it’s only a matter of time till we see Windows 8 in the Top 3 surpassing Windows Vista’s PC market share in a month or two.


Razer Starts Shipping Their Windows 8 Gaming Tablets

Razer,a well known entity in the gaming industry,has finally started shipping their First set of Windows 8 Powered Gaming Tablets.

Razer starts shipping Windows 8 tablets

As reported earlier on Official Facebook Page of Razer,They have started shipping their First batch of Devices ordered in the month of March to the consumers in the United States and Canada.Currently They are providing two versions of Windows 8 Tablets,one is Razer Edge which is powered by Intel Core i5 processor,4GB DDR3 RAM,Intel HD4000 (DX11) NVIDIA GT 640M LE (1GB DDR3, Optimus Technology) Graphics to go with a 10.1? Display  and a 64GB SSD making it a gamer’s treat at a price tag of $999.99(excluding taxes) and the Razer Edge Pro version which is a high end Tablet featuring Intel Core i 7 processor,8GB DDR3 RAM,Intel HD4000 (DX11) NVIDIA GT 640M LE (2GB DDR3, Optimus Technology) Geaphics ,10.1? Display with storage options of 128GB SSD and 256GB SSD.The pro version starts at $1299.99 (excluding taxes).

So if you are willing to buy one for yourself,then head over to the Official Razer site to order one today.


jQuery Adds Support for Windows 8 Apps!

jQuery Adds Support for Windows 8 Apps!

As reported earlier on the Microsoft’s Interoperability Blog, popular open source JavaScript web framework jQuery is going to add support for Windows 8 apps with launch of their jQuery 2.0 release,courtesy the recent contribution from appendTo with technical support from Microsoft’s Open Source Technology department.

jQuery adds support for Windows 8 apps

Dave Methvin, president, jQuery Foundation said,

“The jQuery team is excited about the new environments where jQuery 2.0 can be used. HTML and JavaScript developers want to take their jQuery knowledge with them to streamline the development process wherever they work. jQuery 2.0 gives them the ability to do that in Windows 8 Store applications. We appreciate the help from appendTo for both its patches and testing of jQuery 2.0 and MS Open Tech for its technical support.”

This is indeed a great news for the developers who have been developing apps on the JavaScript platform,allowing them to introduce some new JavaScript based apps for the Windows Store based Windows 8/RT applications.Here’s hoping for  some great jQuery and HTML5 based apps over the Windows Store in near future.

Source[Interoperability Blog]

Windows 8 Tablet Minimum Resolution Requirement Reduced to 1024×768!Smaller Tablets Imminent?

We have a bunch of Windows 8 based tablets available from manufacturers like Dell,Samsung,HP,Acer and Microsoft with their Surface Tablets.But all the Windows 8 tablets are 10″ and above.

surface tablet

Over the past few months we have been hearing about smaller form factors making their way to the Windows 8 tablet market and as per  some recent changes in the Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet Resolution requirements which are now set to a minimum of 1024×768 resolution for the devices(down from 1366×768 which was the previous minimum requirement),we might very well see some smaller Windows 8 tablets,like a 7 or 8″ Windows 8 tablet in near future.This change in the resolution would allow the Windows 8 manufacturers to introduce smaller and low cost Windows 8 tablets with a display size of 7″ and 8″,just like those Nexus7′s and the iPad mini’s.

Along with that announcement Microsoft also reduced the Maximum Tablet size to 17″ ,Above that size, touch systems without batteries and attached accessible keyboards don’t need to meet all of the tablet requirements.

Though this change in minimum resolution would disable the Span feature which allows the users to run two Windows Store apps simultaneously side by side so this is a drawback of the change in resolution,so if the manufacturers go on making the 7 or 8 inchers in the future they would have to clarify users on this absence of the feature.

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Updates for Windows 8 Mail,Calendar and People app now Available

As promised earlier,Microsoft has released major updates for their core Windows 8 apps like Windows 8 Mail app,Calendar app and the People App.

Windows 8 core apps update available

So users can now update their Mail,Calender,People and Messaging app via the Windows Store app’s Updates option.These updates are available for Windows 8 as well as Windows RT platform users.The updates brings lots of new features for the apps.Mainly for the Mail app.

The app now adds the Flagging feature to the Mail app,so now users can Flag the important mails,also the app now allows users to modify(create,delete and rename) the Email folders right through the app.The Messaging app now allow users to directly  post messages to their Friends Facebook Wall.The calendar app is now visually improved to allow easy reading with solid blocks gone and the colors are now reflected in a small bar on the left of each appointment.

So head over to the Windows Store and update the Mail Calendar,People and Messaging app to enjoy the latest features and improvements on your Windows 8 and Windows RT device.

Windows Blue, build 9364 leaked

We have been writing about Windows 8 since long and as we have exclusively posted news about Windows 8, it’s time to post about future Windows as well. We know that Microsoft would be releasing Windows blue this year which would sought of be an upgrade and Windows 9 next year. Now coming to the news, we have just posted on our another site windows9beta that first Windows blue build 9364 has been leaked and so thought of sharing it here as well.

Here are the details of the build-


Size: 2,63 GB

HASH: 179B588DFC21CCF4B76B7E9BE505A51D00F52D6F

We would soon try to post more screenshots for this build, and for more information related to windows 9 do visit

Windows Store Crosses 50,000 Apps

It’s been a while since we last updated the Windows Store Statistics for the number of apps available for Windows 8 and Windows RT Platform.Last time we reported almost two months ago when the Windows Store crossed 40,000 apps mark.
windows store crosses 50,000 apps


Now as per the apps tracking site for Windows Store,MetroStore Scanner,the Windows Store has crossed 50,000 apps in the store (current count being 50304)with close to 35000 apps in the regional store of china which if followed by United Stares store which has almost similar number of apps in the store.

The store was growing at an astounding rate right from the launch of the Windows 8/RT last year,but over the past 2 months the growth rate has fallen considerably with the next 10,000 apps taking almost two months of time to be added to the store.Also there are many apps missing from the store.So it remains to be seen if the developers show interest in the platform in coming future or not.


[Rumor]Windows 9 to be released by November 2014!

We are just 5 months into the release of  Windows 8 and we are already getting rumors about the Supposed Windows 9 release date.

windows 8 RTM

Some of the recent reports coming from Win8China suggests that Windows 9 could be released as early as November 2014.While the Beta release of next version of Windows OS is expected to be released as early as January 2014,the Operating System is expected to have a better touch screen support.

While the Windows Blue update is expected to be released in the second half of this years,so we presume that the next major OS update would eventually follow the Windows Blue update by next year.Though this is too early to predict anything right now.So we file this under rumoured category.


Bloomberg Reports,Microsoft Sold 1.5 million Surface Devices till date!

Microsoft Released the Surface RT 5 months ago and the Surface Pro version last month,but they haven’t shared any numbers about the sales of either of the devices.

surface RT

But according to latest reports from Bloomberg,who have sources with the knowledge of Microsoft’s Surface devices said that the company has sold around 1.5 million Surface devices including 400 thousand Surface Pro devices which were released around a month ago.So the Surface RT sells numbers are around 1.1 million mark.Which is no way close to phenomenal or outstanding.

But if we consider the Surface Pro sells,it is an encouraging sign with 400,000 sells in 1 months time,but the same can’t be said about Surface RT,which has been on the receiving end of the criticism for it’s limitations.

The Surface RT had initial issues with Distribution,but then it was rolled out through non Microsoft channels and more countries.Surface Pro which is currently available in United States and Canada and quite recently in some more markets,which is a good sign for the Surface Pro and we can expect at least the Pro version to put better numbers than the RT version.