Facebook MAU Data Indicates a 10 Million Windows Phone Devies for Q42012!

We have been hearing a lot of  numbers these days,first we got the news about over 4 million licences for Windows 8 and then over a month of launch of Windows 8 we got the 40 million licenses sold update for Windows 8.

But all this time the one Microsoft product that was missing was their Windows Phone.Though Steve Ballmer indicated earlier that Windows Phones are selling 4 times faster than last year’s fourth quarter,there wasn’t any number sharing for the same.

Image Credits[WMPU]

Now according to the recent Facebook’s Monthly Active Users data gathered by WMPU,indicates that this might very well be the record breaking quarter for Windows Phones.According to the stats,there are over 627,000 monthly active users after October 1,2012,which is coincidently 4 times greater than last years figure of around 150,000 MAU.

According to last years Gartner Survey,Actually sold devices(not including shipments) were around 2.759 Million for the Q4 2011.This data suggests that there are already over 7 Million Windows Phones being sold as of now and by the end of the quarter the figures may reach 10 million count.

If these numbers do translate into reality,then this would be a record breaking quarter for Windows Phones and a sign of things to come.


Tomorrow’s Patch Tuesday to Bring Important Updates for Surface RT?

Surface RT was released over a month ago along with the public launch of Windows 8 and has been selling moderately all over the world.So it’s about time for some patches for the device.


According to Ms_Nerd  this Patch Tuesday would bring some of the important updates to the newly launched Surface RT.As per his tweet about the same,this update is important for getting the Surface ready for the Next Step! But has detailed any of the updates.

We can expect some important security updates for the device and updates for some of the services running on the device along with the performance improvements for the Surface RT.


Microsoft Could Push Surface RT Through Non-Microsoft Retailers to Increase its Reach

Over the past few days,we have been hearing about low Surface Sales due to the Distribution strategy  of Microsoft.

But now it seems according to recent reports  from Paul Thurrott suggests that according to his most trusted sources,that Microsoft could push the Surface RT devices through Non-Microsoft Retail channels sooner rather than later in countries other than the United States,Canada and Puerto Rico,but no specific mention of the countries.

In the second phase of the rollout which starts off with the Surface Pro devices running Windows 8 which would start in January 2013,the software giant will include retailers like Staples,BestBuy.Though there is no official word on the rollout strategy as the company doesn’t comment or rumors and speculations,so we would have to wait for an official word on that front.


Rumors Suggest that Windows Blue Could Bring Smaller Windows Tablets in Picture

Things are heating up with the rumors floating around Windows Blue which is supposedly the next Windows update after Windows 8.

Latest one was spotted in a big article  from TheVerge which talks about  dropping the Windows Brandname spotted earlier by Neowin.The article suggests that Windows Blue would be optimized to run on a smaller form factor tablets which would add 7 and 8 inch Windows tablets in picture and that would eventually mean that the hardware partners are readying themselves for the same.

All the existing Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices are of 10 inch or above screen size and if this is true then we would see a wide range of Windows tablets (Surface 7″ anyone!)with smaller screens and cheaper alternatives to their bigger brothers and would give a tough competition to the likes of Nexus 7 and the new iPad Mini.


Dropbox Modern UI Windows 8 app Ready for Release

Dropbox is one of the most popular File hosting service,cloud storage and other features.Tough there is a desktop app for Dropbox for Windows which can be used in the desktop mode of Windows 8,the Modern UI app was missing from the Windows Store.

Now the wait is over!As reported earlier by TNW,Dropbox is all set for the Windows 8 Modern UI app release and has submitted the app for review.We can expect it to release this weekend or early next week on the Windows Store after the approval process.

This app will work with both Wndows 8 and Windows RT platforms For their Photo,file and other storage features.So that users with their Windows RT based tablets like Microsoft Surface RT and other Windows RT offerings can use Dropbox on their devices.



Nokia Announces Lumia 620,Most Affordable Windows Phone 8!

If you thought that you couldn’t buy a new Windows Phone 8 device below $300 and would have to pay a buck load of money to have one in your pocket? well not anymore.

Image Credits [Nokia]

Nokia has just revealed their latest Lumia entry level release and no it is not like those cheap Lumia 510′s and the 610′s .The Lumia 620 runs on a Qualcomm S4 1GhzDual core processor with a 3.8″ Clear Black WVGA display with 800 X480 resolution  and it runs Windows Phone 8, sports a 5 Megapixel rear shooter and a fromt facing VGA camera,8GB of memory(with a Micro SD slot).All this at a cost of $249 making it the most affordable Windows Phone 8 device till date.

The device will be available in 7 exchangable covers with matte and gloss finish.The device will start shipping in January in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East initially and then European Countries and other regions will be added to launch list.

Source [Nokia Press Release],Via [The Verge]

Surface RT May Hit 1 Million Sales in its First Quarter

It’s been over a month and a half since the public release of Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet,Microsoft’s Own tablet entrant into market.

Though apart from revealing the number of licenses sold in the Timespan Microsoft have not released any numbers of the Surface RT sales.But according to researcher IHS iSuppli the tablet could reach over a million device sales in the first quarter with almost 4 weeks still left for the new year.

According to them,the sales could reach approximately 1.3 million mark by the end of the fourth quarter.But according to Boston-based brokerage firm Detwiler Fenton,the Surface RT sales will not reach the 1 million mark this quarter and will fall short of the mark”.

Microsoft has released the surface in 8 launch countries including United States,UK,Australia,China,Canada,France,Germany and Honk Kong through their online Microsoft Store and through physical stores with 31 Microsoft Stores and 34 smaller Holiday Speciality Stores.

Source [CNET]

Windows RT May Soon get Thousands of Android Apps Courtesy BlueStacks

As we already know,Windows Store is growing at an astounding rate with close to 25,000 apps in the Store.

There is a great news for all the early adopters and those who are willing to buy a new Windows RT system.BlueStacks a company which is well known for Their Bluestacks player allowing hundreads of thousands of Android apps to run on platforms like MacOSX Windows is considering an App for the Windows RT platform,which would bring over 700,000 apps to the platform as indicated by an employee reply to a users post on their support forum.
This would surely encourage more and more people to the platform which will allow users to experience the best of both worlds.Windows 8 users can enjoy this app right now,since the platform supports the legacy Windows Apps,so they can try out the Bluestacks beta app.


Windows Store Reaches 25,000 Apps Mark

It was a few days ago that we reported about the Windows Store crossing 20,000 apps mark  within a month of Windows 8 public release.

Now as per a new Apps Tracking site MetroStore Scanner has reported that the store has crossed 25,000 apps mark on 3rd december,with 25,539 apps ( at the time of writing this post).Windows Store in the United States sporting close to 16,000 apps in the regional store,while China is still leading with over 17,000 apps in the store.

The site lets you track the apps with filters like,country,type and sorting Of the new and changed apps in the store.Store is surely growing at an astounding rate and we can expect the store to reach close to 50,000 apps mark within a month or so.

Source[Metro Store Scanner]

Surface Pro may have around 4 Hours of Battery Life!

A few hours ago Microsoft revealed the official pricing details for its Intel based Surface i.e the Surface Pro,with the 64 GB version starting at $899 and the 128 GB version at $999.

The device features many improved features( being a pro device) like the core i5 Processor,1080P screen and other connectivity features.But as tweeted earlier by Microsoft’s Surface General Manager Panos Panay ,answering a persons query on Twitter about the battery life comparison between the Surface RT and Surface Pro.He said that the Surface Pro’s battery would be approximately half of the Surface RT.So it puts Surface Pro with around 4 hours of battery life and drags the device back to the old Laptop era with the 4-5 hours battery life devices.

With its competitors providing double the battery life for a lesser price tag(iPad devices and the Nexus tablets) this surely puts Surface Pro under a lot of pressure and a raises  lot of  questions regarding the choice of battery and the processor.

Even in comparison with its own platform puts the Surface Pro at a sales risk.Since there are already a lot of Windows 8 tablets floating around witha better battery life with the likes of Acer w510 (running Intel Atom processors)with 9 hours of battery life( doubles up to 18 hours with the keyboard)  and its bigger brother W700 with the core i3 Processor giving upto 9 hours of battery life and this is the trend for the other Windows 8 devices as well.