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Windows 8 Faster Boot Speed than Windows Phone 7

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 both are the hot topics these days as far as the Enthusiasts goes and we are seeing many leaks floating around the web for the new builds of Windows 8 every now and then.

Windows Phone 7 too is almost ready with the major update release of mango,so this is about time for yet another video of Windows 8.This time around it comes from a fellow MVP Manan Kakkar.Manan Demonstrated simple Booting video of  his Windows Phone 7 i.e The Samsung Focus (running on the Mango Beta Build) which he compared it with the Windows  8 and shockingly Windows 8 booted faster than the Windows Phone 7 OS on the Focus.

Checkout the Video:



Microsoft Releases Minesweeper For WP7

Microsoft has finally unveiled their own minesweeper for WP7 a couple of weeks back under the Xbox Live Flagship,one of the rare  Free releases under the Xbox Live Titles.


As its commonly known minesweeper field is far larger than a phone’s screen however,it’s pretty easy to play thanks to the simple touch controls.You can zoom out if you need to, but you can usually remain zoomed in all the time. The double-tap feature on an open square to uncover the surrounding empty mines has been carried over from the Windows Vista/7 version and works just fine on the phone.You can also switch between flag or digging mode, but you can typically stay in flag mode the whole time thanks to this feature..hence its like playing the game at the same rate as on a computer.
Different difficulty levels make this game a tedious one for sure and it’s definitely hard.
A new feature is the Speed mode, where you race against the clock.There’s also a scoring system, and power-ups, and other stuff..

However, the only problem with this game is the amount of time it takes for loading!!
It certainly checks your patience.

Price: FREE
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Download Now : Minesweeper


Nsquared shows of WP7+Surface2.0+Windows 7 Tablet+Kinect+Wall Seamless Integration

NSquared who is a big name in User Experience industry.This time around they have created an application for integrating various Microsoft devices to work with seamless integration with each other.So this application integrates Windows Phone7 ,Windows 7 Based Tablet ,Surface 2.0 and the Kinect unit to work together which is of great use for the architects for showing up the 3D structure.

See the video in action :-

30000 apps windows phone marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 30,000 Mark,Slower than iOS,Faster than Android

Windows Phone Marketplace has been growing with an astounding rate from past few months or so,it was faster than iOS when it hit the 25,000 mark but in the last month seem to have lost some momentum in terms of number of apps released .

The total number of apps at the moment in the windows phone marketplace is  30,039 according to the WindowsPhoneApplist.Currently there are 47 % Free Apps with around 20 % paid apps with Trial available and 33 % pure paid apps(without Trial ).If we have a look at the category wise count, Games populating the 17 % of  applications  while the other dominant categories being Ebooks ,news and weather.

With Mango coming up in a matter of few days and games lined up for release for the Xbox Live Flagship we might see another landmark hit the marketplace soon with next time hopefully being faster than the App Store.




Fujitsu Launches Worlds First Mango Device

So finally we have a new generation Mango based Device up for grabs ,well at least for the Windows Phone enthusiasts in  Japan its a great news.Fujitsu Toshiba Launch it’s first Windows Phone  IS12T powered by the latest update codenamed Mango ,which began shipping from yesterday , courtesy  KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.

We earlier saw some of it’s features in the earlier posts,the phone is powered by Qualcomm MSM8655 chipset, 3.7 ” Display (WVGA),32 GB of  built in memory,13.2 MegaPixel Camera and some of the interesting features which makes this phone a bit different from the other Windows Phone is that the phone is Water resistant and Dust resistant.The phone comes in colors like Citrus,Magenta and Black.

Other Windows Phone manufacturers HTC ,Nokia,LG and Samsung are also gearing up for the release of the new breed of the Windows Phones powered by Mango.


Checkout the PressRelease Here



Published WebOS Developers Can Get Free Windows Phones,Tools and Training

Microsoft is trying every trick in the hat to lure the developers to the Windows Phone platform,first we saw Brandon Watson offering Free Windows Phone devices to internet Celebrities then we saw Student Developers contest to win the Windows Phone.

Now Brandon is spreading the Developer love for the Published WebOS Developers to bring them to the Windows Phone Developer team by giving away free Windows Phone devices along with Training and free Developer Tools for the same as he tweeted earlier about the same yesterday.Windows Phone Marketplace which is growing with an astounding rate with over 25,000 apps already within first 8 months of it’s launch will only benefit from this move by Brandon and this is a win win situation for  the developers the company and the consumers to bring the new Ecosystem ahead .




New Xbox Live Titles Announced for Windows Phone 7

X box Live Flagship is one of the USP’s of the Windows Phone 7 platform with it’s unique Achievements and other features to boost the users enthusiasm towards the game.Recently Microsoft officially announced as many as 14 new Xbox Live Titles for the upcoming months over the Windows Phone 7 platform.

The titles in this list contains highly popular games from Xbox 360 like Kinectimals Mobile the mobile version of the popular Xbox 360 one also this list contains the successors to some existing titles like Chickens Can’t Fly which is now under the Xbox Live Flagship after the success of it’s Chickens Can Dream.


Here’s what you will get to see in near future for the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Lineup.

  • Beards & Beaks: Cave Area
  • Bug Village
  • Burn the Rope
  • Chickens Can’t Fly
  • Collapse!
  • Gravity Guy
  • Farm Frenzy 2
  • Fight Game Rivals
  • IonballEX
  • Kinectimals Mobile
  • Mush
  • Orbital
  • TextTwist 2
  • Toy Soldiers Boot Camp


So we can expect a humungous response from the users with the new generation phones coming up less than a month from now which will definitely increase the user base of this platform as well as the growing number of applications and game titles like these in the Marketplace.


Windows Phone “Mango” To Be Released on 1st September ?

We have already seen the Mango being RTM’ed a few days ago and a few leaks over the web with some Windows Phones running Mango RTM spotted in the wild.Though we are  yet to see any official release date from the software giant itself the rumors are already floating around about what is supposed to be the release date of the Major Windows Phone Update codenamed Mango.

As reported earlier by pocket lint we might very well get to see Mango on our handsets by the 1st of September which is just  half a month away.According to the reports the release was preponed  due to the highly popular consumer electronics show in europe the IFA in Berlin which is the best way to showcase the upcoming OS on the new generation of devices from the makers like HTC,LG,Samsung etc.

Though this is still kind off a rumor but you never know whats in the mind of the Software Giant !!!


DFT Releases Mango Custom ROM(7713 build),Only for HTC Windows Phones

It was just a week ago that Dark Forces Team Released a Custom  ROM Tool for First Generation Windows Phone Devices(restricted to only HTC Windows Phone devices ).So it was only a matter of time till we hit a Custom ROM News.

Now just a few days later we have a Custom ROM Mango Build (7713 build) which is at the moment only supported for the HTC’s First Generation Windows Phones like HTC 7 Mozart ,HTC surround ,HTC Trophy,HTC 7 Pro WMPU reports .

So if you are willing to risk the Warranty for trying out this beta  Mango ROM  onto your Windows Phones Head over to XDA Forums.I would personally not recommend to do so,since the official update is right around the corner :)


Nokia to Launch Sea Ray On 17th August ?

Nokia Microsoft deal was one of the big news of this year and we already saw the Nokia Sea Ray The first Windows Phone from Nokia which was leaked a while ago over the web.Apart from few spotting here and there about this one from Nokia as well as from the other manufacturers like HTC ,Samsung there’s nothing much concrete about any launch dates of these devices.

But now as reported earlier by TheUnwired we might very well see the first Mango Device launch even before September.Microsoft and Nokia has sent out an invitation for this years GamesCom which is to be held in Cologne, Germany . Quotingexciting actions and surprises”, which “will make it an an evening to remember”.

So as far as i can make out from the invitation image ,this might very well be the announcement for upcoming Nokia Windows Phone Devices.Whether it’ll really be a launch event or something else is anybody’s guess !