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[Rumor] Huawei Working on Windows 8 Tablet and Windows Phone 8

We already know that there would be an array of windows 8 tablets from  some of the biggies and also from some small vendors when Windows 8 launches later this year.

Now there apparently will be one more entrant in the list of Windows 8 tablet makers,Huawei is said to be working on their version of Windows 8 tablet,which is said to be a 4G LTE device,though there are not much details available at the moment,like if this tabalet would be a x86 based device or based on the ARM architecture based processors.

Not restricting their reach to only the tablet business,but according to WPDang,they are also working on Windows Phone 8 handsets,not one but two different devices are expected from the company when Windows Phone 8 update releases later this year.Of which one is said to cost around $315  based on their existing android based  hardware device specifications,while the second one would be a bigger one with over 4″ display size.

It would be interesting to see companies like Huawei which is known to make devices with great hardware specifications available for lesser costs than the biggies,it would definitely give the biggies like Nokia,HTC and samsung run for the money.

Via [IntoMobile]

Skype 1.0 Released For Windows Phones,With Issues Running On Low End Devices

Skype has just released the full version(earlier it was in beta) for Windows Phone over the Windows Phone Marketplace.The popular VoIP app is available for download for free over the marketplace.

Currently Microsoft has Tested and verified the following Window Phone Devices whch can perfectly run the Skype 1.0 app without any issue,here is the list of  certified devices,


• Nokia Lumia 710
• Nokia Lumia 800
• Nokia Lumia 900
• HTC Titan
• HTC Radar
• Samsung Focus S
• Samsung Focus Flash

At the moment the low end Tango based devices which run  on 256MB devices,as reported earlier on their blog post,that Skype would require atleast 512MB of memory to install and Run Skype on a Windows Phone devices.
As we know Microsoft updated their Hardware Specifications for the lower end Windows Phone Devices with minimum 256MB RAM,after which we saw the release of devices like the Nokia Lumia 610,ZTE Orbit with these new low end hardware specifications.So there are known issues wihlow end devices running the Skype app.
But according to Nokia that is not the case,in fact Nokia itself came forward and reported to Engadget,about the app which ran perfectly wellon Lumia 610,stating that there were some initial challenges running the app on it.Though they didn’t  went into detailing what challenges they faced while making it run on the lower end windows phone.
At the moment there is no word on other low end devices being able to run the skype app,we can expect the upcoming version of the app to be compatible with the low end devices .

First Kinect For Xbox 360,Then Kinect For Windows,Now Kinect For Windows Phone 8 ?

Kinect Sensor was an instant hit when it was released a couple of years ago for the Xbox 360,which wrote the success story for the console right from the launch of the Sensor.Then came the hacks from the enthusiasts who tried to stretch the usability  of Kinect to try out some interesting stuff and then a couple of months ago Kinect for Windows was released to bring the Kinect Sensor to Windows platform.

In the past we have seen a lot of demo videos featuring the Kinect Integration between the Xbox Live Services and Windows Phone devices.But have you ever thought that the Kinect itself would make an appearance in the Windows Phone itself ? Well your wish might come out to be true.

According to recent reports from VR-Zone,Microsoft is planning big for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 release with a possible Kinect Technology integrated directly onto the Windows Phone 8 Devices,claiming that Microsoft is working hard to bring the Kinect Natural User Interface (NUI) to Windows Phone 8 which would make it  an exciting and one of the most innovative features on a smartphone device.

According to their sources, “Kinect NUI is being closely tied to Microsoft TellMe, since Kinect allegedly captured more voice patterns than Apple Siri”.So along with Kinect we can also see advanced voice recognition feature in Windows Phone 8.Tough at this stage this is tagged as a rumor but it would be an interesting feature and could possibly be beneficial for Windows Phone platform which is still to prove its mettle in the smartphone market.


Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 80,000 Apps

Windows Phone was a late entrant in the smartphone industry,years behind the giants like the Apple iOS and the Google Android OS.Both of which had a huge app base with their respective app stores.

With the launch of Windows Phones we saw the launch of Windows Phone Marketplace.If we take a look at the current app scenario in the competitive market iOS stands out with over 550,00 apps securing the first place,then comes Android with over 450,000 apps and within a year and a half of its launch Windows Phone Marketplace has emerged as the third biggest app store with over 80,000 apps now.

As reported earlier by AllAboutWindowsPhone,Windows Phone Marketplace crossed the 80,000 apps mark  yesterday,with the rate of 340 apps per day.Currently there are 82,234  published apps with almost 30,000 of them were being added in the last quarter(Q1 2012).The number of developers have now passed the 20,000 mark.


The category wise app division is as shown above,the Entertainment section leads with 19%  of the apps,second to follow is the Tools+productivity apps with 14 % and Games category finishing third with 13 % of the total number of apps in the marketplace.


Image Credits[AllAboutWindowsPhone]

The Free apps percentage for the marketplace has grown from 65% to 67% since February.The number of paid apps stands at 22 % of the total apps while number of paid apps with Trial stands at 10%.

So by the launch of Windows Phone 8 AKA Apollo update the next major update after Mango we can expect a huge app base of over 150,000 apps with this rate,which would be a huge boost for all those new buyers who are going to buy the Windows Phone 8 based devices.

Windows Phone SDK Updated to 7.1.1,Adds Support for Windows 8 and New Lower End Devices

Windows Phone SDK was recently updated to the version 7.1.1.This update adds two of the new and important features for the developers.

Firstly it adds support for Windows 8,so that developers who are using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview can now develop the apps using the new updated SDK.Other new important feature is that now the SDK supports the lower end Windows Phone devices which were introduced recently with new updated chassis specifications which includes only 256MB of  Onboard Memory unlike the usual 512 MB Memory of the first generation devices.

So this means that developers can develop the apps for the devices like the Nokia Lumia 610 which run on such specification with the Tango update onboard.

Here’s what it actually updates on your original install,

  • The Visual Studio IDE is patched to enable selection from a list of emulators, and launching it (note that the WPSDK can only support connecting to one at a time, though)
  • The Windows Phone [512 MB device] emulator image is updated to use build 8773
  • A second, new emulator device image is included, allowing you to emulate running your app on a 256 MB device
  • The Microsoft Advertising SDK is updated to the latest version (previously only available as a separate install), which fixes some issues devs were encountering at runtime
  • IntelliSense now supports specifying the 512 MB device requirement in your manifest file, should you choose to opt your app out from running on the new 256 MB devices
  • Language support is again consistent both in the IDE (the 7.1.1 Update supports all 10 of the WPSDK 7.1 languages) and in the emulator OS (Malay and Indonesian have been added)

Though the update adds support for Windows 8,its not officially supported until the RTM of Windows 8,One more thing is that if you have Hyper-V enabled the performance of emulator will be degraded.

Checkout the official blogpost for more details on developing apps on 256MB devices and much more.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Ep II To Integrate Windows Phone and Xbox 360

Microsoft has been working hard to bring all their platforms closer with Windows Phone+Xbox 360 and even the Windows operating system together.Making attempts like bringing the Kinect hardware  to Windows as well as the much awaited Windows Phone to Xbox 360 integration.

It looks like we are ready to get our hands on such type of integration for Windows Phones and Xbox 360 with the next version of Sonic Game Sonic the Hedgehog: Ep II.The game will allow a user who is playing that game on his/her Windows Phone to pause it on the phone and then later on he/she can continue playing the game(resume) on their Xbox 360 on the big screen.It will be the first Xbox Live game to support this feature.

As demonstrated earlier by Official Xbox Magazine for the game which is slated to be released this Spring on multiple platforms like  Xbox 360, Playstation, iOS and Windows Phone. Talking about the unique  feature of the game Ken Balough, Digital Grand Manager on Sonic Episode II, said,

“one of the cool things about it is that the Windows Mobile 7 (sic) and the Xbox are going to be able to work in tandem in ways that are completely new. So when you pick up the Windows Mobile 7 and you’ll be able to play Sonic Episode II, save it, stop, boot up your Xbox 360 and pick up right where you left off. And that’s a really cool thing Microsoft has going between the devices and I’m a huge fan of it”


With this release we can expect some more such games to bring this feature in their upcoming editions for Windows Phone and Xbox 360.

Checkout the Video in Action:


Windows Phone 7 Apps Will Be Compatible With Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 codenamed “Apollo” the next major update after Windows Phone Mango(7.5) is expected to be released in the later half  of this year.Many of the assumptions have already started floating around about the code base of the next release,rumored to be based on Windows 8.Raising a question of compatibility of the existing Windows Phone apps with the next major update.

Eldar Murtazin well known for his predictions for upcoming smartphone technologies and their rumors tweeted about the incompatibility of Windows Phone 7 apps with the Windows Phone 8 apps,saying” WP8 os isnt compatible with wp7 on app level (u need to rewrite all apps). Thats another os core with metro ui”.To Clarify that this is not the case Director of Developer Experience Brandon Watson replied to Eldar’s tweet.

So when the Windows Phone 8 Apollo releases we will be able to play all the games and apps on the update seamlessly without any need for the developers to recode the application for the next version of Windows Phones.Though he has cleared the doubts about the compatibility issues for the upcoming platform,details on the Windows 8 based codebase Windows Phone 8 still remains under the wraps.Lets hope we will get more details about the same in near future.

Source [Winsupersite]

Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 60,000 Apps

It was less than a month ago that we reported about the 50,000 app milestone for Windows Phone apps and within a month of reaching that mark Windows Phone has leaped up with a 10,000 more apps to get that tally up to the 60,000 marks giving the marketplace a perfect kick-start for the year.

As reported Earlier by AllAboutWindowsPhone the marketplace is growing at an astounding rate of over 400 apps per day,which was around 265 apps per day when it reached the milestone 50,000 figure.It took the marketplace 40 days to reach the previous 10,000 apps leap i.e from(40,000-50,000).

So if all goes well it wont be surprising to see the 100,000 apps mark at the start of the Second Quarter of 2012.With the coming updates for Windows Phone like Tango and the next major update Apollo,this might really turn out to be the year of Windows Phones with the new hardware devices lined up for release later this year from the biggies like Nokia,HTC and others.

Image Credits[AAWP]

[CES 2012]Galaxy Nexus and 20 More Phones Get Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge

So at CES 2012 it was time to face the music with the Microsoft’s #SmokedbyWindowsPhone challenge.The open challenge put forth by Ben The PC Guy for any smartphone platform which can compete with his Windows Phone device with a small challenge.100$ at stake if the Windows Phone looses to the competitor in the challenge.

Almost all the phones which took the challenge(except two) got smoked by Windows Phone’s challenge.One of them was captured in a video by Neowin was Samsung’s latest and greatest offering from the android platform,the Galaxy Nexus up against Ben’s Windows Phone.In this specific challenge Ben Challenged the guy with the Galaxy  Nexus to post a message to Facebook and the Galaxy Nexus ended up on the loosing side.

According to Ben’s Latest Twitter updates,the stats read,21 Wins for Windows Phone 2 losses( by a hair) while one was a tie.By far the Windows Phone was able to smoke a few biggies which includes,Galaxy Nexus,Galaxy SII,iPhone 4,iPhone 4S devices while one of the iPhone 4S and Motorola Atrix got better of Windows Phone by a Marginal difference.

Checkout the Galaxy Nexus v/s Windows Phone Challenge in Action:

Video Courtesy[Neowin]

HTC Titan 2, first Windows Phone LTE device announced

Today at the CES 2012 during the AT&T keynote, the new HTC Titan 2 was announced. HTC Titan 2 is the first LTE Windows Phone which would be released in coming months. The phone has the biggest touchscreen of 4.7 inch and has a 16 megapixel camera almost double than the previous Windows Phones.

HTC Titan 2 would be running on a 1.5 gigahertz Snapdragon processor and also has a front 1.3 megapixel camera.The rear camera features a fast wide-angle lens, autofocus, and dual LED flash. Shutterbugs will appreciate extras like red eye reduction, image stabilization, a panorama mode for landscapes, and a burst shot mode for sports or kids and can also record 720MP HD videos