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Panasonic announces AX Series Windows 8 Hybrids

Panasonic has recently revealed their upcoming version of Windows 8 devices with their AX series of notebook+tablet hybrid devices.These devices will hit the stores along with the public release of Windows 8 on October 26th and will be initially available for consumers in Japan.

Image Credits[Engadget]

The Foldable Hybrid devices will feature a 11.6″ display With 1366×768 resolution,sports two USB 3.0 ports along with HDMI,Ethernet Jack,SD Card reader,the keyboard is Similar to the one’s found in business laptops these days.

The device will be available in 3 variants, with 1.7Ghz or 1.8Ghz  based i5 processor or a 1.9Ghz based core i7 processor.Though other specifications like 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD are common for all the variants.

While the faster version of i5 and i7 based devices will be bundled with extra cells and the top end hybrid will also sport a projector for business use.Though the pricing is not available at the moment,but since it will release by the public release which is almost 3 weeks away from now,we can expect a word on that sooner rather than later.


Windows 8 theme: Nightfall and Starlight panoramic theme

Microsoft has been continuously releasing themes for Windows 7, today Microsoft has released a theme for Windows 8 as well. This theme can work on both Windows 8 developer preview and on Windows 8 consumer preview. The theme is named as Nightfall and Starlight panoramic theme and consists of 9 very beautiful wallpapers. Being Panoramic images these images would extend on both the screens if you are using dual monitors of same resolution. If you are using a single monitor, the central part of the wallpaper is shown.

Here are the details of the theme-

“Designed to extend seamlessly across dual monitors with identical resolution settings, this dramatic free theme for your Windows 8 Consumer Preview desktop also shifts your glass color to match each stunning, wide-angle image. Explore distant galaxies, verdant meadows, steep mountains, and serene seas without ever leaving your chair”

You can download this wonderful theme from here


Windows 8 consumer preview wallpapers leaked

We have earlier seen some new wallpapers in Windows 8 consumer preview from build 8220, finally these wallpapers has been leaked and is available for download on various sites. Without further writing about it here are the set of wallpapers-

You can check all the other wallpapers here, further a Windows 8 theme from build 8220 has been leaked and is available for download. For more information about Windows 8 consumer preview visit this page.

Use BluePoison To Theme Your Windows 8 Start Screen And Unlock Hidden Features

Theme Your Windows 8 Start Screen With BluePoison
Theme Your Windows 8 Start Screen With BluePoison

BluePoison is an ingenious app developed by the good folks over at Windows 8 Italy. This app allows you to transform your Windows 8 start screen and apply themes to it. Moreover, it also allows you to unlock hidden features.

The new start screen on Windows 8 has become the most debated feature of Windows 8. Since it has completely replaced the Start Menu that we are all used to, it has drawn a lot of criticism, as well as praise. Despite Microsoft’s explanation earlier that this is just the Developer Build and the following versions will have more customization options, users want those options right now. This demand is what the developers of BluePoison probably anticipated and hence made this app.

Currently at version 2.1, this app has been around for quite some time now and the news of its existence has only just spreading. It comes with 10 pre-defiend themes for Windows 8 and also has a hidden feature unlocking option that can unlock certain features in the Developer Build that are not available otherwise. There’s also a download section for Windows 8 related direct download links. Best of all though, this app is completely free to download, install and use.

Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to have administrator level access on your Windows 8 system in order to install. Right click on the file and choose ‘run as administrator’, which will then prompt you to enter your admin password. This will launch the app. You will see the themes, the unlock hidden features and the download options on top. The 10 themes will need to restart your machine in order to take effect and are not customizable. You cannot change anything about them. But it is good to have them as options.

As for the unlocking feature, you can unlock hidden features inside Windows 8 like the Application Folder,  Aero Snap and the Immersive start menu. You can choose to unlock them one by one or everything at once. You can also lock them back up one by one or in one go.

In the downloads section you will find direct download links to the 32bit and 64bit Windows 8 Developer Builds. You will also find the link to Office 15. Office 15 is on an official release by Microsoft and hence you should try it at your own risk. It has not been released officially for general users and hence may be extremely buggy or damaging for your system.

The Windows 8 Italy page where you can download this app is here. The website is in Italian and hence you might need to translate it. The download link is at the bottom of the page. There have been no reports of the app causing any major problems with Windows 8 installs. However, it should be noted that this is a third-party software and comes with no guarantee whatsoever. It will change very deeply embedded settings inside Windows 8 and if something goes wrong you might end up with a non-functioning OS. However, users have so far not had such troubles with it and are generally happy to have it.

Get Windows 8 Metro style UI in Windows 7 using Mosaic

We have earlier posted that you can get Windows 8 metro UI in windows 7 using Omnimo 4 , recently another utility has been released on net named Mosaic which allows you to get Windows 8 style tiles on Windows 7 desktop.

Mosaic (previously known as Metro Home 2) is an application that brings Metro UI to your desktop. It is a set of live widgets that shows some content from the web or from your PC.Mosaic supports WPF and HTML widgets. Currently HTML widgets has some restrictions: they are visible only in fullscreen mode, there are some problems with input.Currently some widgets are just link to something (e.g. video or desktop or control panel) but in future they could get more functions.


Currently Mosaic is in alpha stages and is very unstable, here are the some tips for using it-

  • To open Mosaic menu move mouse cursor to the right border of screen and click. This could not work if your taskbar placed on the right or left or you have more than one monitor.
  • To add widgets open Mosaic menu click on the Widgets… icon and choose widget
  • To remove widget click on widget icon in Widgets menu again
  • By default widgets are shown over your windows and can be covered by them. There is fullscreen mode in the Mosaic options which makes Mosaic to cover whole screen
  • If your widgets covered by windows just click on the right border of screen and they will quickly bring to front
  • Some widgets has options which can be accessed through context menu
  • If widgets animation annoys you, you can disable it in Mosaic options
  • "Me" widget shows your avatar from Windows. You can change it by dr

Download Here

Transform Windows 7 in Windows 8 with Windows Metro IM Theme

Windows 8 is fantasizing PC users with its new looks and UI, and everyone wants to grab their hands over it as soon as possible for them. As we all know Windows 8 is currently under development, so a deviantart user Jaycee13 has created a Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 users called as Windows Metro IM Theme.

The theme is currently available for 32 bit version of Windows 7. The theme will convert the current Windows Aero theme looks in to Windows 8 Metro UI style design. The theme is much recommended for those who love the interface of MetroTwit, Zune and a little bit of Windows 8.

Here is How to install the Theme

  1. In the Packages folder, open the “Uxtheme Patch” folder.
  2. Right click on “UniversalThemePatcher-x86″ and Run it as Administrator.
  3. Click on all 3 buttons with the name Patch from the Top to Bottom.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. In the “Theme” Folder, Select “Windows Metro IM” and “Windows Metro IM.theme”.
  6. Copy both files in C:/Windows/Resources/Themes.
  7. Double Click to the “Windows Metro IM” file and you’re now have the Windows Metro IM theme on your computer.

Download Windows Metro IM Theme | Official Page

Download Windows 8 theme for Google Chrome

There has been lot of news about Windows 8 and we have seen couple of leaks as well. The folks are busy creating wallpapers, themes and many other graphical stuffs for Windows 8. Our friends at Compixels has found a Windows 8 based theme for Google Chrome. The theme uses the Windows 8 Betta fish wallpaper giving a bluish look to the browser. Here is how the browser looks with Windows 8 theme-

chrome for Windows 8

You can download the Windows 8 theme for Chrome from here

Download Windows 8 Glimpse theme for Windows 7

After the release of Windows 8 based theme for Windows 7, our friends at Windows Valley has released another Windows 8 related theme for Windows 7. This theme contains 8 high-resolution (1920×1200) shhh… let’s not leak our hard work wallpapers in different colors.

Windows 8 theme

The theme also has the in built sound and 3D Text screensaver with the tag line Be What’s Next.

You can download the theme from here.

Download Windows 8 based theme for Windows 7

As more information about Windows 8 is being leaked, guys have started creating concept wallpapers, themes for the next version of Windows. Even our friends at Windows Valley have created a wonderful Windows 8 based theme for Windows 7. The theme has 4 wallpapers displaying the leaked Windows logo with Microsoft tag line “Be what’s next.”

Windows 8 theme

You can download the theme from here