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Windows Server 2012 Hits General Availability

After its RTM on 1st august alongside the Windows 8 RTM release,Windows Serever 2012 has finally released for public as per the schedule.

As reported earlier on Official Microsoft Blog,calling the latest Server operating system offering from the Software Giant the “Cloud OS”,a reimagined operating system which enables those smart, modern apps across a company’s datacenter, a service provider datacenter, or the Windows Azure public cloud.

 Satya Nadella,in his blog post talks about the Cloud OS,

In building the Cloud OS, we are focused on four key things. First is the transformation of the datacenter. We want to bring together all of the resources provided by a traditional datacenter – storage, networking and computing – into one platform that scales elastically with an organization’s needs. Second is offering the APIs and runtimes to enable developers to create modern applications – for mobile, social and big data. A third important aspect of the Cloud OS is ensuring personalized services and experiences, so that any user on any device can access all of their data and applications. Lastly, data of any size or type, stored anywhere and processed in any style, must be a first-class citizen of the Cloud OS.

So this marks the first of it’s major public release With a bunch of other releases slated for next couple of months with Windows 8,Windows Phone 8 ,the Surface tablets and much more.

Windows Server 2012 to Hit RTM by August First Week,General Availability by September

It was yesterday at the Worldwide Partner Conference that Microsoft officially announced the release dates for Windows 8 RTM with First week of August and the General Availability of Windows 8 by the end of October.But there was nothing announced about the upcoming server edition from the Software Giant.

But within a span of hours they have revealed the launch dates for Windows Server 2012.As announced on the  Official Windows Server Blog,Windows Server 2012 RTM will be released in the first week of August,while the General Availability will be a month earlier than the desktop version,that is Windows Server 2012 will be available by the month of September.The Pre release version of Windows Server has been downloaded over 500,000 times,which is much more than any other previous version of Windows Server.

A couple of days ago we also reported about the editions,Data Center,Standard,Essential and Foundation Editions, which will be available at the launch.

Source:[Windows Server Blog]


Windows Server 2012 Editions Announced

Microsoft has officially announced the 4 editions of the upcoming Windows Server 2012.The versions are namely Data Center,Standard,Essentials and Foundation.With the Small Business Server getting dumped this time around.

This is the first time around that Microsoft has simplified the editions for as small as 4 number of editions for the Windows Server 2012.We also saw a similar change in the SKU’s for Windows 8  desktop operating system with smaller number of  SKUs.

The Data Center edition which is targeted towards the bigger data centers with highly virtualized private & hybrid cloud environment,with full Windows Server functionality.The Standard model is  suitable for non virtualized environments.While the Essentials edition is made ideally for the Small business environment.While the 4th edition which is Foundation edition has been designed for economical server usage and is only available to OEM’s.

Though the general availability is yet unknown at this time,but it is expected some where in the time frame similar to Windows 8 public release.


Windows Server 8 Beta screenshot leaked, build reaches 8180

Windows 8 Beta is expected to be released in February 2012 and the build string is expected to be 8200, but today Winunleaked has posted couple of screenshots showing the differences between the Windows Server 8 beta build and Developer Build. The screenshots being from the server build functions like Immersive PC Settings, aero cursors, wallpaper pack aren’t available. First of all the locked screen of Windows Server 8 beta was posted. Here is how it looks-

Next the difference between the login screen of Windows Server 8 developer build and that of Beta has been posted. You would see Windows Server 8 on the screenshots while earlier Microsoft refrained itself from using ‘8’ in the builds. Here is the screenshot showing the difference-

Windows Server 8 Beta
Windows Server 8 Developer

The screenshots depicting the difference in the dashboard of Developer and Beta build has been shown, you would notice that you can now manage File and Storage services directly from the dashboard in beta build. Here are the screenshots-

Windows Server 8 Beta


Windows Server 8 Developer

Another addition to Windows Server 8 beta is that they have made it compatible with the new Windows File System (Refs)

Also according to the source Windows 8 has reached build 8180 with complete build string as 8180.0.winmain.120109-1245 which states the build was compiled on January 9.

HP ProLiant ML110 G7, first Windows 8 server from HP?

Microsoft has recently discussed about Windows 8 Server at WPC 2011 which was held from July 10 to July 14, and according to the video available on net from the conference Windows 8 would have more than 100 new features including the next version of Hyper-V Hypervisor and support for more than 16 virtual processors per machine. Recently probably after the conference HP has upgraded the technical specifications of one of it’s entry level servers HP ProLiant ML110 G7 and has included Windows 8 Server as one of the operating system.


You can download the full specification from here.

We already know that Microsoft would be releasing the beta builds of Windows 8 client and server during Build conference which is scheduled to be held in September and now we don’t see any builds leaking soon, so wait for the Build where we definitely would have lot of info to talk about.

Microsoft talks about Windows Server 8 at WPC 2011

Microsoft has earlier talked about Windows 8 on the first day of WPC 2011, while on the second day the emphasize was on Windows Phone 7, cloud computing and Windows Server 8. reports that Microsoft gave the first glimpses of Windows Server 8 at WPC 2011.

Here are some of the points mentioned by Mary Jo Foley on ZDNet-

  • Windows Server 8 would contain more than 100 new features
  • Will have next version of Hyper-V Hypervisor and will support more than 16 virtual processors per machine.
  • Hyper-V Replica feature will allow asynchronous virtual machine replication

Windows Server 8 has already been leaked months back though expect for the new Hyper-V no other important features were discovered in that build. Windows Server 8 would be released alongside Windows 8 client and according to information available we may see the Beta version in September during BUILD and RTM version during April 2012.

Improved Server Manager found in Windows 8 Server Build 7959

We have earlier posted that Windows 8 Server build 7959 has been leaked, though the changes in Windows 8 build 7955 and Build 7959 are very less still the enthusiasts at BetaArchive forums have managed to find the improved Server Manager in this new leak. The Server Manager eases the task of managing and securing multiple server roles in an enterprise.

Though Server Manager has already been available in Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft has considerably improved the features and UI in Windows 8 Server.

Here are the screenshots of the Server Manager in Build 7959-




If you are running Windows 8 Server Build 7959 you can run Server Manager by running


Windows 8 build 7959 x64 server edition leaked

It has hardly been a week since Windows 8 build 7955 has been leaked, today BetaArchive has again leaked another build and this time it’s Windows 8 build 7959 Server Edition. This is the first 64 bit build to be leaked.

Here are the details of the build-

Microsoft Windows 8 (”Windows 8” 6.2.7959.0) (Enterprise) (m3)
ISO Size: 2.87GB (3,229,550,592 bytes)
ISO MD5: 99375D7782027CBF2E70F5D0F8648406

The build is currently available on BetaArchive FTP but would hit the torrent and file sharing sites soon.

Also there has been rumors that Windows 8 build 7971 may leak soon. We would keep you updated on the same

Windows 8 build 7959

Windows 8 build 7959_1

Windows 8 Server to include a new PowerShell Automation platform

A new job post has been posted on the Microsoft Career site,stating that a new Powershell Automation platform would be added for managing Windows Servers.

Here is what the job posted on Microsoft Career site read-

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 707889 10199
Product: (Not Product Specific)
Division: Server & Tools Business

Windows Server is the top-selling server operating system and is growing share in a growing market. Central to the success of Windows Server is the experience of IT Professionals managing Windows Server. For our next release, we are taking that experience to the next level by helping to make IT Professionals more effective and more productive by shipping a product they will love to use.
We work closely with a passionate PM & Test team to deliver world-beating next generation of PowerShell for managing Windows Servers. For Windows 8 Server, we are planning, architecting and building a new PowerShell Automation platform around themes that are key to the success of the entire Server product line.
We are looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer to help design, implement and deliver the next generation of this Automation Platform. In this role, you will deliver new features for the Windows Server Management which will help in the data center automation. You will work closely with many other teams delivering in Windows Server. You will take on the challenge of bridging the existing with the new and have an understanding and appreciation of lower level protocols and higher level user interaction design, using the automation platform as a middle tier. You will also have a record of technical leadership, good planning, and shipping world-class software.
• BSCS/MSCS (or equivalent)
• At least 5-7 years of experience as a commercial software developer in C++ or C# (C# preferred) in all phases of a product cycle.
• Ideally familiar with PowerShell language.
• Prior management technology experience is an advantage.
• Experience in Windows Workflow Foundation, WS-Man, RBAC and/or repository technologies (SQL, AD) are an advantage.
• Experience in development of a scalable service is highly preferred.
• Experience with other IT management products like System Center is a plus.
• Delivery of several business-impacting components for which you were directly responsible.
• Passion for quality. A core belief that all members of the feature team share the responsibility for the quality of the product.
• Technical Leadership. Track record of building and leading world-class product design and architecture.
• Ability to work with partners and drive cross-group initiatives.
• Execution. Proven track record in project definition, articulation, planning and delivery.
• Can-do entrepreneurial attitude with experience working in a team with industry-leading, innovative, and high-quality releases.
• Deep understanding and passion for IT Professionals as customers.

Windows 8 Server due in 2012

According to the Italian Windows Server presentation the next version of the Server would be available by 2012.The next server release is indeed going to be one of the major releases and as usual their is a three year gap between the current and the future Windows server release

Windows 8 Server Roadmap

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