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Windows 8 consumer preview build 8250 screenshots emerged

We know that Microsoft would be releasing Windows 8 consumer preview on February 29 and according to various sources the consumer preview build would be build 8250. Today couple of screenshots has been posted on the Chinese site PCBETA showing that build 8250 has been compiled. Here are the screenshots of build 8250

Various sources are indeed claiming that Windows 8 build 8250 has been compiled though the complete build string of this build is currently unknown. Also according to various sources Microsoft has provided this build to various major OEM partners.

Windows 8 consumer preview build 8220 new screenshots leaked

We have earlier posted lot of screenshots about the Windows 8 consumer preview build 8220, now Canouna has extensively posted about it on Winunleaked and showing most the new features in this build.

According to him the following new features is available in this build-

  • new Immersive UI icon set
  • new background set for the Start Page
  • new shortcuts for the Charm Bar
  • new Apps menu template
  • no more Microsoft Confidential watermark, neither on the desktop or in the WinVer
  • no security hash
  • no start button
  • a lot of bug fixes
  • new Ribbon organization
  • new branding : « Windows 8 Consumer Preview »
  • new organization for split touch keyboard
  • And of course lot more

As we already know that Start orb has disappeared from this build, but you can access the start meny by just taking the cursor to the bottom left corner and the menu would appear. Finally he has posted lot of screenshots which we are posting here as well-


Installation Screenshots

Start Page

Windows 8 Apps

Split touch keyboard

Side by Side PC Settings/Desktop

IE 10 Immersive


Charm Bar

Windows 8 consumer preview (Beta) installation screenshots leaked

We have earlier posted today that the latest build compiled is Build 8222 which belongs to the beta branch, now recently Italian site WindowsBlogItalia has posted the installation screenshots of Windows 8 consumer preview.  The screenshots is believed to be from Windows 8 build 8192 which belongs to the Beta escrow branch and so we won’t see much changes in the build which would be released to public and this build. Here are the screenshots-

These screenshots have also cleared our doubts regarding the naming of the next public release and we can now safely call them as Windows 8 consumer preview. Further the public release of Consumer preview is expected to be in the second half of February.

We would be posting more information about this build as soon as available.

New Screenshots Show Charm Bar In Windows 8 Build 8158

PCBeta has posted images of another leaked build of Windows 8, build 8158. This time around they have displayed an updated “Longhornesq” charm bar on the right side of the screen, and unlike the Windows Developer Preview, it’s brought out by bringing the mouse to bottom-right of the screen.


As you can see from above screenshot, now you can get on with your work while updates of IE are being installed with the addition of new fetaure “Install new versions automatically” option. However, there are still doubts of whether it will require any restarts after successful installation.

The fact that the Control Panel icon has been placed on the desktop by the leakers of these screenshots, could mean that accessing it from the Start button is still a tedious exercise for desktop users, perhaps indicating that it still links to the Metro styled “apps” screen.


Images credit: PCBeta

Windows 8 Build 8064 screenshots leaked

It has been long since we posted screenshots of Windows 8 builds. Today a couple of screenshots of Windows 8 Build 8064 has been leaked by the Chinese site PCBeta. The build string of this build is 6.2.8064.0.fbl_eeap.110806-1000 which states that the build was compiled on August 6. Microsoft has renamed WINMAIN branch to FBL_EEAP after Build 7989.Further according to the info, the build belongs to the Milestone 3 Escrow branch.  This build is believed to be fully locked and cannot be modified like earlier leaked builds. Microsoft has further stopped providing generic keys. Here is what has been posted on the Chinese site-

IntelDistrib would like to announce the immediate availability of Windows 8 x86 Client Build 8039 for testing at Intel.

There are two changes to the EEAP builds starting with this EEAP that you should be aware of:

  • All OS installations using these builds will now require the unique key for the Windows Developer Preview. Installation with previous generic keys will no longer be supported. PRODKEY.TXT files containing generic keys will no longer be included in the build packages. You will have to get the New Product Key provided on the product site. This is a special key as part of the partnership Intel has with Microsoft.
  • The name of the EEAP builds in this package contain "FBL_EEAP" instead of "WINMAIN". This change is a name change only, and will not affect your ability to download or use these builds in your testing.

Here are set of changes being found in this build-

  • New wallpaper
  • Blue BSOD
  • Internet Explorer 10 (Developer Preview)
  • New Installer
  • New boot screen (without Beta Fish)
  • Some new Immersive UI applications
  • Removed Windows DVD Maker and Media Center
  • User Avatar changes
  • Few new icons
  • Few changes in Control Panel’s applets




Windows 8 build 7989 screenshots leaked, betta fish bootscreen emerges

It has been long since any screenshots has been leaked, today members at BA forums has posted some of the screenshots of Windows 8 build 7989. The complete build of this build is 7989.winmain.110421-1825 and it also belongs to Milestone 3 branch. These screenshots shows the return of Betta Fish in Windows 8. The new wallpaper has also been shown in these leaked screenshots. Here are the set of screenshots-



Canouna at MDL forums mentioned some of the new features which is found in this build-

  • New bootscreen
  • New Aero
  • AeroLite Glass
  • Few change in Ribbon
  • New mode in Account User called Touch Logon

According to the information available this build would be leaked soon.We would keep you updated once leaked..

Windows 8 build 7985 shown in demo

Microsoft has earlier previewed Windows 8 build 7867, today at the Computex 2011, build 7985 was demoed.The complete build string of this build is 7985.fbl_core1_kernel_cptx.110503-1501 which states that the build was compiled on May 3.From the screenshot below it can be clearly seen that this build has completely overhauled Ribbon interface with the ability to collapse automatically. The Immersive Browser in this build is also pretty mature as compared to the one in Windows 8 build 7955. No other significant changes has been found in this build as it also belongs to Milestone 3 branch.

The latest known Windows 8 build is Build 8011 and the latest build that has been leaked is build 7959


[Image Credits- MyDrivers via AngelWZR]

Windows 8 new Installation interface and theme images surfaces

One of our friends from China has recently send us a tip showing some of the new Installation interface and a new theme reportedly from Windows 8 Milestone 3. Here are the images of new installation interface in windows 8-

installation interface_1 Installation Interface 2

Similarly he has also send us a image showing a high contrast theme in Windows 8.The theme gives Metro like feel and also more personalization options has been added.

metro theme

We would be posting more it as we get info from our sources, though the original source of these images clearly is PCBETA but we weren’t able to find it on their site.

Windows 8:Aero Automatic Colorization

We have earlier seen the Logon screen, the Ribbon UI in windows Explorer and the PDF reader unveiled by Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott. Today they have unveiled a new Personalization interface in Windows 8, which allows users to customize their desktops.This feature automatically changes the color of Aero elements like the Start Menu, Windows Explorer windows, and the taskbar based on the wallpaper.

In Windows 7 when, the colorization option is limited to selection of a single color while a new option has been added in the grid of window color swatches in Windows 8 named as Automatic. This might be a small feature, though very useful for those who like to keep their own set of wallpapers as desktop backgrounds and rotate them frequently.


[via Within Windows]

Windows 8 inbuilt PDF reader and Internet Explorer Immersive UI revealed

Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera have today revealed a couple of Windows 8 features which includes the PDF Reader and Internet Explorer Immersive UI. Both the features extensively use Metro like interface which seems to be the alternate of Aero interface in Windows 8.

With the addition of the default PDF reader, it seems that the days of Adobe Reader are finish. He added that the application itself is simple enough and it displays PDFs in full fidelity.The ability to zoom in and out, and a page scrubber on the side of the application window for document navigation has been added. The PDF reader also supports the side by side page views. This is the first app which utilizes the new AppX application package type .

w8_modernreader_10 w8_modernreader_12

They have also revealed the immersive version of Internet Explorer which very much looks like the Windows Phone 7 Internet Explorer.” There isn’t much to see yet, though the browser does work. Browser history is implemented similarly to tabs in IE Mobile, with square, simple thumbnails. But IE Immersive picks up some nice site colorization functionality from desktop IE 9 while displaying those tabs in the tabs screen.”

Check out the some of the screenshots here-