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Microsoft Details Pinning Sites On Windows 8

The main highlighting feature of Windows 8 has been the Metro Interface.The Metro Interface consists of Live Tiles which shows us the new and updated content.

In a recent post on the Internet Explorer blog Microsoft described in detail about  IE10’s pinned sites and their availability on the Windows 8 Start screen which features  site-centric visuals and badge notifications.With badge notifications, site tiles come alive with up-to-date information which helps us in case there is an updated content.

The post guides the website developers so that  they can utilize the  pinned sites feature to a better effect with their users and promote their site’s brand directly in the Windows start screen.

If you are a developer you can  provide your sites Favicon that IE10 uses throughout the browser to represent the site, in the address bar, on the new tab page, and on the Start screen. standard large site icon (32 x 32 pixels) is used to identify the site which is pinned using the website pinning feature on the Start Screen.IE10 will automatically extract the dominant color from the icon and will automatically use it as background color for the Start screen tile.

Windows 8 can  use the polling method for updates for pinned tiles on the Start screen. This works perfectly well with the lightweight notifications like a new messages has been received  from other users (email & social networking), new discounts on a shopping site, news articles  etc.

Image Credits[Microsoft]

The jump list in the Windows 8 Pinned sites is as shown above ,it appears whenever the user launches the site from the Start screen, the pin button shows that there are jump lists available for this site.One can add static tasks to the site’s jump list via page markup  or dynamically based on user interactions,using the jump list users can navigate through the sites various links.

There’s been a lot of improvement in the user interface front as well as in terms of rich features as far as Windows 8 is concerned from day one and as we inch closer to the Release Candidate we can expect some more changes to the existing features and some of the new innovative features.

Cut the Rope Now Available to Play Online for Free Courtesy Microsoft

At CES 2012 apart from talking about Windows 8 operating system and revealing some new Windows Phones from HTC and Nokia,Microsoft also announced the HTML 5 version of the highly popular game Cut the Rope,bringing the highly popular game over iOS and Android platform to the Desktop’s running Internet Explorer 9,taking the advantage of Internet Explorer 9′s hardware acceleration.

The app works exceedingly well on the Internet Explorer giving the same experience of the Native game on the mobile platforms.The game has been successfully ported to HTML 5 courtesy  PixelLabs, ZentoLab and the Internet Explorer team.The game has sold over 70 million copies over the mobile platform till date.

Officially supported browsers for the game are Internet Explorer 9,Chrome,Safari and Opera,i personally checked it on my Firefox 9.0 and it works perfectly fine on that too.Though the game is available for multiple browsers,Internet Explorer 9 has a slight advantage over others since it has some exclusive additional levels which the other Browsers doesn’t have.

So what are you waiting for? Point your browser to  and enjoy the HTML 5 gaming  experience with Internet Explorer 9.

Japanese version of Internet Explorer 9 to be released on April 26

We have earlier reported that because of massive earthquake in Japan and so as to reduce the load on network bandwidth, the Microsoft Japan team is postponing the release of Japanese version of Internet Explorer 9, today Microsoft has confirmed that they would be releasing the Japanese version on April 26.

Here is what the translated version of press release reads-

Microsoft(r) Internet Explorer 9 for Japan language version provided on
April 6, 2011

Japan Microsoft due to the earthquake disaster of the latest browser, Internet Explorer (R) 9 consideration to offload to the network line has become a key communications infrastructure, as had been scheduled for March 15, (Tuesday) 1: 00 pm (Japan time) on postponement of the Japan language version product edition offers, but we’ve been offering, this time a new April 26 (Tuesday) at midnight (Japan time) was decided to attention, please. Intends to implement progressively at a later date for automatic updates for users, to reduce the load to the network, on the same day in download only, on the same day that implementation had originally planned beta and release candidate.


[ via MS News Flash ]

IE9 Mobile Demoed on Windows Phone 7

As of now most of us might be knowing that the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile is due to release on the Windows Phone 7 devices come Mango update later this year which also promises to bring the HTML 5 support to the device.Though there are some rumors that we might get to see the IE9 on our Windows Phone 7 devices well before the Mango update courtesy interim updates.


Keeping the release dates aside for a while why not see what the Internet Explorer 9 got in store for us ,lets have a look at the video posted by TheNextWeb .The video demoes the Internet Explorer 9 running on Windows Phone 7 devices.Talking about the differences from the Internet Explorer  Mobile 7  to Internet Explorer Mobile 9 ,in the later the Address Bar is on the bottom side of the display rather than the usual top side.The video also shows off the HTML 5 capabilities of the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile.By the looks of it,the browser indeed sounds to be a bigger improvement from the existing one on the Windows Phone 7 devices.Can’t wait to update my Mozart 7 browser to IE9 Winking smile.


Internet Explorer 9 Final Hits 2.3 Million Downloads in 24Hrs!!!

On Monday we saw the release of the Final Version of Internet Explorer 9 as we have reported earlier and within just 24 hours of it’s release the downloads crossed 2.3 million  mark.That is  at the rate of over 27 downloads every second.

So the numbers speak for themselves,if we have a look at the history of Internet Explorer family releases in the past,Internet Explorer 9 beta which was released last year got 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours and excels the RC build download mark by a huge margin as well.

Those who are still using the older version of Internet Explorer should head over to the Internet Explorer 9 download page and enjoy the beauty of the web with a brand new browser with the some amazing features.

What’s new in the Internet Explorer 9 Check Out Here


Internet Explorer 9 RTW available for download

Today Microsoft has officially released the much awaited final version of Internet Explorer 9.The build number of the final RTM version as stated by us earlier is 9.0.8112.16421. If you are using Internet Explorer 9 RC you wont find much changes in the RTM version expect the visible change is that they have added "Go to pinned sites” option on the settings drop down menu.

Internet Explorer 9 RTM

Download Here

Windows 7 x64

Windows 7 x86

Windows Vista x64

Windows Vista x86

You can download all the versions of Internet Explorer 9 from here

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 for WP7 shown at SxSW

Windows Phone Web Platform Program Manager, Joe Marini has just tweeted that he is showing Internet Explorer 9 running on Windows Phone 7 at the Microsoft booth in SxSW, so if you are in Austin and are keen to see IE 9 on WP7 be sure to visit Microsoft booth and find Joe Marini with his phone.Also there has been rumors that Microsoft may release IE 9 for Windows Phone 7 much before the Mango update though no confirmation regarding it.

windows phone 7

[ via LiveSide ]

Microsoft postpones the release of Japanese version of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Japan team has just published a press release stating that because of the massive earthquake in Japan and so as to reduce the load on network bandwidth, they are postponing the release of Japanese version of Internet Explorer 9.They haven’t mentioned the date when it would be released though we are hoping that they would be releasing it soon. Here is the translated version of the press release-

To everyone affected by the earthquake off northeastern Taiheiyou this time, I would like sincere sympathy.
Microsoft Japan, this time due to the earthquake, and to reduce the load on network bandwidth has become a critical communications infrastructure, including consideration of saving the company activities, March 15 (Tuesday) at 1:00 pm (Japan time) had been scheduled to date browser, Internet Explorer (R) decided to postpone 9 of the Japanese version of the retail offer. (Other than the Japanese version will be available as scheduled)
The new date for delivery as soon as I guide decision while watching the recovery status.

In conjunction with this, March 17 (Thursday) We also postpone or cancel the decision of the retail offer commemorative events are scheduled. We also guide decisions about again.

And apologize for any inconvenience that the great determination this time to everyone, thank you for your cooperation and understanding of everyone understanding.

Recovery as soon as possible, We wish.


Internet Explorer 9 RTW Build 9.00.8112.16421.110308-0330 compiled

Microsoft has already confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 would be released on March 14 at SWSX in Austin. Well we have got some more info about it, according to our couple of sources the Internet Explorer 9 RTW build is  9.00.8112.16421.110308-0330 which according to the build string was compiled on March 8. Our friend sp3ciali5t has even posted the image of this build on Twitter


Microsoft confirms Internet Explorer 9 RTW to be available on March 14

There was confusion on the RTW date of Internet Explorer 9,earlier MSDN India has tweeted that Internet Explorer 9 would be launched on March 24th but the tweet was immediately deleted.Today Microsoft has officially announced on the Exploring IE Blog that Microsoft would release Internet Explorer 9 on March 14. Here is what the team blog reads-

I mentioned last month that we would be down in Austin, TX for SXSW. Since then there has been plenty of speculation and interest as to what might be happening. Exactly twelve months from the first Platform Preview of IE9, on Monday March 14th we will celebrate the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us.  We will release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 for download beginning at 9 p.m. Pacific.