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Windows 8/RT Internet Explorer 10 update to Run Flash By Default

Windows 8/RT had the Internet Explorer 10 as a default browser for the platform.After yesterday’s Automatic updates for Internet Explorer 10 both the browsers would run Flash by Default as per the latest blog post on IE Blog.

IE10 flash default

This decision of running flash by default on both the platforms is for the compatibility with a majority of sites which run Flash content,so that the Internet Explorer 10 users get to view flash content by default on their browsers.The Desktop version of Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 had Flash as a default option by default right from the launch of the Windows 8 operating system.

So after this update all the Tablets and PC’s running Windows 8 and Windows RT would get Flash by default on the Immersive IE as well as the Desktop IE version of the browser.



Windows 8 To Run A Plug-in Free IE 10 Browser, Sounds Death Knell For Flash

IE 10 on Windows 8

Microsoft has announced on their B8 Building Windows 8 Blog that Internet Explorer 10 or IE 10 will be a completely plug-in free browser on Windows 8. This means that the world’s most common browser plugin will soon loose it’s place in the world’s most common operating system. This decision does not come as much of a shock and is more of a good news for the future of the Internet.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Feature List: Highlights Of The New Windows OS From BUILD 2011

As BUILD 2011 prepares to roll in to the second day, here’s an overview of all the features that we revealed from the first day. Windows 8, as you should know, is a complete overhaul of what Microsoft has done so far. Not since the historic Windows 95 have we seen this much change from one version of Windows to the next. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what to expect.

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Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 available for download

Microsoft has recently released the RTM version of Internet Explorer 9. Today at MIX 11, the Redmond company showed Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1.The build string of this platform preview is 10.0.1000.16394. Here is what the official blog says about Internet Explorer 10-

We’re about three weeks into development of IE10, and based on the progress we’ve made, we want to start engaging the development community now. At the MIX conference today, we showed the new browsing engine along with several new browser test drives that anyone on the Web can try out. You can run these at to see emerging standards like CSS3 Multi-column Layout (link), CSS3 Grid Layout (link) and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout (link), CSS3 Gradients (link), and ES5 Strict Mode in action. We also demonstrated additional standards support (like CSS3 Transitions (link) and CSS3 3D Transforms (link)) that will be available in subsequent platform previews of IE10, which we will update every 8-12 weeks.

Internet Explorer 10

You can download the Internet Explorer 10 platform preview 1 from here

Internet Explorer 10′s hint code found inside IE9!

We have already mentioned that here that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is going to be the default browser in Windows 8.

Now, rumor is roaring more! Initially a dialog was discovered by the Russian website This dialog box was found only in the RTM version, while it’s wasn’t available in the RC version of IE 9. We further scrutinized the source code resources for IE10 in English language and got:

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It has also been speculated that IE10 will be previewed at MIX11 in April. The above mentioned discovery supports the assumption that IE10 is already under development. Here is screenshot too:


IE 10's hint code found inside IE9


Windows 8 to have Internet Explorer 10 as default browser

Microsoft has just released the RTM version of Internet Explorer 9 and the news of the next browser IE 10 have started coming. Earlier there has been news that Microsoft may show Internet Explorer 10 preview at MIX 2011 in April.

Today the Chinese site win7china has posted the Windows 8 may have Internet Explorer 10 as the default browser. They have further added that Microsoft has already added Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 Milestone 3 though we don’t have any confirmation regarding the same.The Chinese site also states that Internet Explorer 10 would support Windows touch features.

We still believe that Microsoft would be releasing Internet Explorer 10 after atleast 2 years and going by the Windows timeframe, the next version of Operating system is expected to be released before October 2012.