Windows Store Crosses 60,000 Apps !

Windows Store Crosses 60,000 Apps !

Last month we reported that Windows Store has crossed 50,000 apps over the store for Windows 8 and Windows RT Platform.Less than a month after that the store has crossed another 10,000 apps.

Windows Store crosses 60,000 apps

According to the latest stats from MetrostoreScanner,the Windows 8 and Windows RT store now accounts for 61,313 apps for the new emerging platform from Microsoft.The United States regional Windows Store now accounts for 42,084 apps in their regional store while the China regional Windows Store has 40,102 apps in the store.

If we take a look at the Store apps category wise the Entertainment category still leads with over 8200 apps closely followed by Books and Reference category with over 8,000 apps and Games category with over 7,800 apps in the Windows Store.

Microsoft recently had opened up a lot of initiatives for the developers and for enthusiasts to help them bring their apps to the store with programs like Ideapress which converts the WordPress blog into a full fledged Windows Store app.

With Windows Blue rumors floating around the web and some reports suggesting that the company is planning to unify both Phone and PC Operating Systems,we can expect a flood of apps making their way to both the Windows Phone and Windows Store platform in coming months.