Microsoft Indicates No New Windows RT Tablets this Spring

It’s been a Mixed bag as far as the Windows RT platform goes.Ever since its launch last quarter.Some have praised the device for its Energy efficiency while many have raised questions about its application support with no support for the legacy apps.

surface tablet

There were a few devices from Lenovo,Samsung,Asus,Dell and Microsoft,but none of them revealed the number of sales of the Windows RT devices.

Recently Microsoft CFO Tami Reller was interviewed by Bloomberg.Speaking to Bloomberg Reller indicated that there won’t be any new Windows RT based devices this Spring.She said that Microsoft wants to take time to concentrate on bringing more devices of the existing Windows RT tablets in the market before bringing any New models in market.

Acer who is one of the Windows 8 partners for Microsoft have already delayed their plans for Windows RT devices due to the concerns over the future of the platform.Quite recently Samsung who have released their Ativ Tab based on Windows RT decided not to release this tablet in the United States raising more concerns over the future of Windows RT.So unless we see any Dramatical changes in the sales of the platform we won’t be seeing a new device in near future.

Source [Bloomberg],Via[Neowin]