[ISuppli]Initial Surface RT Sales Around 60 Percent of Shipments

After almost 4 months of the public release we are yet to get any official word about the Surface RT sales from Microsoft for the last quarter.

surface tablet


Though according to ISuppli a Market Research Firm,around 1.25 million Surface RT devices shipped last quarter of which only around 55 to 60 % of the devices were sold,bringing the sales number in the range of 680,000 to 750,000.

Though these are not the official numbers,if we consider the early shipment delay issues and mixed word of mouth with the reviews Surface RT was expected to get a slow start and the early distribution strategy didn’t help the cause,which forced Microsoft to expand their distribution through non Microsoft channels.

It remains to be seen whether the Surface Pro which launches on February 9 which runs on Windows 8 Pro would get a similar respnse from the consumers or would it get a better response due to the legacy apps support.We have to wait and Watch.