Windows Store Crosses 40,000 Apps Mark

It’s been a while since we last updated the Windows Store app count,last time we checked it had over 35,000 apps almost a month ago and we expected that to exceed 50,000 apps by the month end.

But it seems that the app submission has slowed down a bit.According to MetroStore Scanner site which tracks the Windows Store apps stats currently Windows Store has 40,158 apps.So within a span of 30 days the store has managed to add just over 5000 apps to its kitty which is on a lower side if we compare it with the kind of start it had.
Currently there are Over 28,000 apps in the China Windows Store region while the United States Windows Store regional apps count is just over 26,000 apps.Though there seems to be a drop in the number of apps for the month we can expect better number by the next month end eying the launch of the Surface Pro tablet which is slated for February 9 launch.

Source[MetroStore Scanner]