Windows RT Jailbroken!Allows Unsigned Desktop apps to run on it!

Microsoft handsomely launched their new Wndows operating system with the release of Windows 8 operating system running on the traditional x86 architecture and the new ARM supported operating system with the introduction of Windows RT on October 26th 2012.

Both the operating systems are Closed operating systems by nature.While the Windows 8 operating system supported the legacy apps along with the new Modern UI based apps from Windows Store the Windows RT version only supported the Modern UI apps with no legacy apps support.

But as reported earlier by Neowin the platform has been Jailbroken.This comes from Surfsec Blog claiming that they were able to run Unsigned Desktop applications on Windows RT.So if the results are indeed true it means that it was rather a marketing decision to limit the desktop apps from Windows RT platform rather than a technical one.

With iOS already popular with its Homebrew development in Cydia Store,is it possible for similar thing to happen with the Windows RT platform? We will have to wait and watch.