[Report] Windows 8 Now Runs on 1.72% of PCs Worldwide

It’s been just over a couple of month since the official release of Windows 8 and it has been reaching new milestones right from the start of the release with 4 million upgrades sold in 4 days and then 40 million licenses sold within first month of the release was a clear indication that Microsoft has a winner in their hands.

Recent findings from Net Applications indicates that Windows 8 now has surpased Linux in worldwide Marketshare with 1.72% of PCs running Windows 8(at the time of writing)with the list topper its Predecessor Windows 7 with over 45% of Worldwide PC marketshare followed by Windows XP(39.08%) and Windows Vista with 5.67%.

We can expect Windows 8 to surpass the Mac OSX versions which hold a little over 2% of marketshare and inch closer to the marketshare of Windows Vista in coming months with lucrative upgrade offers and new devices lined up for release(Surface Pro).