Reminder:Windows 8 Upgrade Offer Ends in 3 Days!

It’s been over 3 months for the launch of Windows 8.Initially Microsoft had some lucrative offers going on eying the mega launch of their new operating system.

There were two upgrade offers,one with a price tag of $14.99 for those who have bought their Windows 7 based PCs starting from June 2nd 2012 could avail this upgrade offer to Windows 8 Pro and the existing (those who have bought their windows based system before 2nd June )Windows 7 ,XP and Vista users could avail the $39.99 upgrade offer.

This offer is about to expire on 31st January(3 days from now). so if you haven’t yet upgraded your PC with Windows 8 Pro this is the right time to do it,because from February 1 the Windows 8 upgrade will cost your pocket $119 while the Windows 8 Pro upgrade would cost you $199 !

So head over to Windows Upgrade Offer website and get your Windows 8 Pro license right now?