Panasonic Announces FZ-G1 Windows 8 Toughbook Tablet

We have seen many a tablets ranging from the likes of Acer W510 to the Asus tablet to the Microsoft Surface touted about the build quality of the Surface RT testing it with a stage drop at launch as well as the all Skating thingy former Microsoftie Steven Sinofsky did.

But this time around there seems to be a solid competitor in the making from Panasonic,who recently announced a Windows 8 tablet under their Toughbook range.The FZ-G1 Windows 8 toughbook tablet is 4 foot drop resistant,dust trsistamt and water resistant!
Apart from all these amazing features the device also sport good hardware specifications like Intel Core i5 processor and upto 8 GB of RAM support,with storage options of 128GB and 256GB SSD,to go with a Stylus for the capacitive touch screen.

Though this would be a pricy affair when it releases later this year in March with a starting price of $2900.