Microsoft Sold around 1 million Surface RT’s Last Quarter according to UBS

Microsoft handsomely launched their first hardware tablet device i.e Surface RT with the public release of Windows 8 and due to early distribution issues there were problems with the Shipments of the tablet eventually forcing Microsoft to change their distribution strategy to allow Non Microsoft channels to sell the devices.

surface tablet

Though we haven’t got any official numbers for the sales apart from the 60 million Windows 8 Licenses sold by Microsoft,according to UBS Analyst Brent Thill Microsoft has managed to sell just 1 million Surface RTs last quarter which is down from his previous estimate of 2 million tablets for the same.

According to Brent primary reason for this is that in the same quarter Apple sold over 20 million iPads so people still choosing iPad over Surface RT and also one of the reasons is the earlier distribution stragegy of not allowing non Microsoft retailers to sell the tablet,though he still feel that with the launch of Surface Pro which runs on a full fledged Windows 8 operating system would help the sales and would give a tough competition to iPad.

The Surface Pro is slated for release later this month with a starting price of $899 for the 64 GB version.