Microsoft Earns Record $ 21.46 Billion Revenue in Q2 2012!

Microsoft Recently announced their earnings for the last quarter(Q4 2012) with a record number of $21.46 billion with a nett profit of $6.38 billion,a tad bit lesser than the profits for the same quarter last year(Q4 2011) which netted $6.62 billion.


These numbers are courtesy the Windows 8,Windows Phone 8 and the Surface tablet launch last quarter.Though they didn’t share any specific details about how many Windows 8 devices have been sold,they mentioned about the Windows Division earnings for the last quarter reaching $5.9 billion which is up 24% For the same quarter a year ago,might give us an indication of where the things are going for Windows 8 and the devices,as we already know that Windows 8 has sold over 60 million licenses till date courtesy the Lucrative upgrade offer from Microsoft.

With their popular Office suite and Surface Pro nearing the release dates we could see even larger profit numbers by the next quarter earnings announcement.

Checkout the Press Release for More details.